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Training part two

"Hello, I'm Mr. Bean and this is weapons class. You will be learning how to use lots of weapons, our goal is to get you to be able to use any weapon because let's say you break your bow, and then you should be able to pick up a sword and use it just as easily. Today you will be learning how to use a sword." Mr. Bean said. He had us do drills over and over, it was hard work, but it was worth it. Soon we all could you a sword and Mr. Bean let us use practice swords to fight each other. I was practicing with Nathan, Blake with Mr. Smith, and Bailey with Jade. I quickly swung a right hand strike at Nathan, He managed to block it. I was probably the best out of our group. So far weapons class was my favorite, but soon weapons class ended, at least self-defense class was next.

Karate class wasn't even near being half way over and I was already sweating hard. We had just been taught different kinds of punches, kicks, and blocks now we were fighting each other. Ow! I thought as I got hit once again.

"Remember Cole, the blocks are just as important as the hits," Mr. Smith said. I nodded as punched Blake back, who also forgot to block.

"Block Blake," Mr. Smith said. Blake nodded and attempted to kick me, for once I blocked, and it was a perfect block too.

"Good block, Cole," Mr. Smith complemented then walked over to where Nathan and Bailey were fighting, Jade was waiting since the three had been rotating every three minutes. By the end of class I had gain a lot of thing knowledge, bruises, confidence, experience, and a good block, but manly bruises.

We walked out and headed to our next class.

"What's next?" Nathan asked.

"Transportation, it's in extra one. Any idea what transportation class is?"

"Nope," Blake said "It sounds boring,"

"It is boring, but very important," a friendly voice said, causing us all to turn around. "Hi I'm Mr. Evan the transportation teacher," He turned and opened the door to extra one, we followed him in.

"In here you are going to learn about different messaging places, each of them is hidden well. You can stop and send messages to people; the messages are going to be sent by owls that are trained to deliver the message where you need them to go. You can also receive messages there. There are hospitals at the messaging places for if you are injured." Mr. Bean said then passed out maps that marked the locations of the places. So transportation was more of places-you-will-have-to-know-about-when-you-travel.

"I was right, that was boring," Nathan whispered to our small group.

"Agreed," Blake said "Now what class do we have?"

"Elements, in the main room, with Mr. Bean again," I replied.

Once we entered the main room Mr. Bean was holding… a wand? Yes, that was a wand.

"You all have special powers; the main powers are the elements: fire, water, wind, and earth. There are many more powers though. The powers make us stronger, almost immortal, the power also makes it so you can live through more than an average human. Today you are going to figure out which powers you have. See this wand? Well when someone holds it, it says the person's elements. So how about you go first." He said, handing the wand to me. As I grabbed the wand it said "psychic, and dream bender," in a computer voice.

"As a psychic you can tell the future manly from dream, you can also read minds and sometimes can control people, but not until you are more trained. As a dream bender you can control your dream and go into other people dreams. Being both you will probably dream the feature a lot, now give it to Blake," I nodded and handed it to Blake

"Fire and animal morph," the computer voice said.

"Since you are fire you can control fire and you can't be hurt by fire. Being an animal morph makes it so you can transform to animals, the more powerful you get the bigger animals you can transform to, you can also talk to animals without transforming. Bailey is next," he said going by age, Blake handed it to Bailey.

"Water and telekinesis," the computer voice said.

"You can control water and breathe underwater. For telekinesis you can teleport yourself up to ten feet and you can teleport objects anywhere, you can also levitate you and other objects, Nathan's turn," He said. Nathan took the wand.

"Wind and super speed," The voice said.

"As you expect, you can control the wind and you can run super-fast. Jade is next," Ask Jade got the wand it said:

"Invisibility and time travel,"

"You can make yourself and other objects invisible. You also can go back in time or forward in time," Mr. Bean said. Then Mr. Bean put us to work training. Blake tried to control fire on a torch, Bailey tried to levitate a pen, Nathan tried to control the wind, Jade tried to become invisible and I tried to read minds.

"Okay, I'm thinking of a food," Mr. Bean said. I focused for a minute before replying.

"You are thinking of chocolate ice cream with caramel, chocolate, and red sprinkles." I guessed.

"Yes," He said.

Next we practiced our other powers except I made predictions on what people would eat for lunch, since I couldn't practice dreaming. However Mr. Bean did give me a journal to write down my dreams in. Next was random class and that was in this room still.

"Hello, I am Mrs. Kar and in this class will we be doing different things each day. Today you can practice anything that you learned in other classes, go ahead and start," Mrs. Kar said. We decided to work as a group, we started with weapons then self-defense finally we practiced our powers again.

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