The Lover's Sea

A lady walked along the rocky shore

She made a man love her

And then she walked away

Their love, a falling star

It streaked across the sky

Lighting the world

And then burnt out

Spiralling to the ground

He walked along the rocky shore

Praying for sweet release

The icy sea heard his mournful supplication

Her frozen froth lapping at his tears

She carried him away

Across her moonlit surface.


The lamenting lady looks for her late lover's eyes in the sea's mirror

And finds it empty

The wind stirs her hair

The rain stirs the sea

The sea stirs her skirt

Water crashes over the rocks

The air falls calm as the storm prepares to break

Tides are coming in

Threatening to bring her down

From her lofty blameless grief

A leafless elder tree reaches out with skeletal branches

It tries to bring her back

Or maybe push her in

But her guilt is overwhelming.

She seeks escape

But her guilt is overwhelming.

Lightning strikes the sea

Its beauty draws the eye

But her guilt is overwhelming

And she says goodbye

For the very last time

To the circling birds,

The steady rocks,

The rustling elder,

To the perilous shore.

She bids farewell

And joins the sea…