Luminosity. I like that word. Yep. It's an amazing word. I use it every chance I get, even when it doesn't make sense. Yep. I'm just awesome like that. Awesome is a pretty cool word too. But I like luminosity better. Yep. Lots better. I look up at lights when I get bored and mention things about their luminosity because I like the word so much. It's because I'm awesome. I like to let myself know that at least five times a day so I know that I still care about me. Sometimes I don't think I do, but then I think about luminosity and I'm all, how can I not love me? I'm awesome. Luminosity. Yep. Awesome.

Sometimes I lay in bed at night and think about things. Things like luminosity and how awesome I am. I bathe in my own awesome and lay there. Bathing in awesome. Yep. I bask in it sometimes, but I find that bathing in my awesome leads to more thoughts of luminosity. And I like luminosity. So it all works.

I also like food. Food fuels my awesome, and it fuels my brain, so that way I can think about the luminosity more and bathe some more in more awesome. I like using the word more. Not as much as I like using the word luminosity though.


I hate driving. I have no reason to, but it's just my awesomeness hating on it. Haters be. Yep. Haters. But I'm not a hater. I'm awesome. Awesome isn't a hater, it's just awesome. Like me. I'm awesome. Yep.

I like sci-fi though. I live, eat, and breathe sci-fi when I'm not swimming in awesome and luminosity. Which is never and all the time. Ooh. Mind fuck. Yep. I just mind fucked you. Yep. But not really.

Zombies are awesome, like me. But not the jailbait kind. That's gross. It makes me want to read though. But not really. Only kind of. Zombies. Yep. Awesome. Like me. Yep. Zombies are awesome. I already said that but you won't say anything about it because I'm just that awesome. Luminosity. See? All the time. Yep. Zombies. Shotguns kill zombies. But sometimes they don't. But usually they do. Just like my luminosity. Yep.