Transliteration ii (Heartlines)

Rhythm of uncertain

fate, the facets of

a crystal structure

edged with taut thread,

woven through her

footsteps leading back

to where she was—

now vanishing

without a trace.

The falter of a heart

beat is mimicked

in her breath;

no longer a sleep

walk but a daydream

in her eyes.

The sketch of

her capillaries is

illegible, the melody

in her pulse

is of a different time

signature, one with

which she is not familiar.

She's trying to read

poetry in another

language of running

ink and shakes

her head but the words

of beauty are leading

her anyway in their

blessing. Suddenly there's paint

streaming across the page,

blotting out her mind

but she doesn't mind.

There's a prayer of

bewildered desperation

on her lips: to know

this language and why

she's taken with its

rhyme. It's kissed

off her every time

until all she can

remember is the burn

of snowflakes over her

skin. Blinking won't

budge her new reflection.

The caged bird who's song

she's never heard before

is fluttering in her chest

and for all her wonder

the tears won't give

an answer.