The sound of birds chirping playfully outside her room caused Regina to wake with a new sense of tranquility. Until she remembered her dream of course... If it was a dream.

And even if it wasn't a dream, Gabriel could still be hurt... or worse. Regina pushed the quilt off of her legs and slid her feet onto the carpeted floor. She realised she had no clothes other than her dress from the previous night. Walking into the bathroom she turned on the shower and waited a while for the water to heat up before hopping in.
She revelled in the warm water running over her body and washed her hair with the Inn's own shampoo and conditioner. It smelt faintly of grapefruit. She stepped out, wrapped a towel around herself and then spotted something on her bed. Her black hair was dripping as she moved slowly into the bedroom and saw a large brown suitcase lying next to the rumpled quilt.

She opened the case and saw that it was filled with all sorts of gothic styled clothing. Just the way she liked it.
She pulled out some lacy underwear and pulled on some fish-net tights, a red and black layered skirt that flared out to the knees and a tight black top that read 'Devil's Bitch' across the back in white writing.
She left her room without any shoes and with her hair still slightly damp and locked the door behind her. It was a frosty November day but the heat inside the Inn was stifling. She reached the reception but Cynthia wasn't there... Not that Regina had seen any guests yet, so the place seemed rather deserted.

It was when Regina was trying to remember when the last time she had eaten that the faint smell of bacon and eggs wafted into the lobby. She wandered into the lounge and noticed, now that the room was lighter, a small door was situated next to the stage. She passed the tables and chairs and as she approached the door the smell became stronger. She knocked on the door hesitantly and a small "Come in" was spoken.

Regina eased open the thick wooden door and seemed to find herself in a completely different place. She was now in a large metallic kitchen with all sorts of expensive looking modern cooking utensils. She had imagined the kitchen to also be dark, with large black old-fashioned cookers. Two men with aprons and hair nets were standing over the stove cooking what looked like a fried breakfast. The smell was orgasmic.

The men looked identical, as if she was seeing double. They both turned to look at her, their strangely violet eyes looking into hers as if they were reading her soul. She wondered what their names were.

"We're the Gale twins." The men spoke simultaneously.

"I am Jabari." Said the first.

"And I am Jaser." Added the second.

Jabari and Jaser both had tanned skin, messy copper hair and violet eyes streaked with honey. Both had firm jaw lines and dimples on either side of their mouth; the only difference between them was the fact that Jaser had a scar in his left eyebrow and Jabari had slightly fuller lips. Jabari turned back to the oven and poured some more oil into the pan, shaking it around a bit. The oil sizzled as the eggs cooked.

Regina thought that the way they moved so fluently as if they were somehow spiritually united was a bit unusual but smiled at them nonetheless.

"We're psychic. Our powers our stronger when we are together... So I suppose we are linked in spirit. No need to be puzzled Regina." Jaser explained, walking over to a metal cupboard and grabbing some pepper corns which he then grinded over the hash browns.

"You can read my mind?" Regina said aloud for the first time since seeing them. She walked around the guys to peer at the food and felt her stomach growling in anticipation.

"Only when we want to." Jabari stated, not looking up from his task.

The thought that they wouldn't always be reading her mind comforted her, but she still felt wary that they could know her deepest secrets... Not that they really were secrets.

As if they both knew that it was time for the food to be served Jaser walked to one of the metal cupboards and pulled out two dazzling clean white plates that he laid on the side. Jabari hurried over to them holding a frying pan and tipped an egg onto each plate. Jaser carried some sauces swiftly out of the kitchen and placed them on the table nearest to the door and returned to get a knife and fork which he also put on the table.
By the time Jaser had finished preparing Jabari had placed all the food onto the two plates and told Jaser to deliver one of them to Cynthia.

"Yes, it's for you." Jabari answered her thoughts as he placed her breakfast on the small table they had set up for her in the lounge. She followed him and he tucked in her chair as she sat. "There you go. Jaser and I will be in the kitchen if you need us." He stated before turning to walk off. Regina thanked him gratefully so he smiled before exiting through the door to the kitchen. He kept the door open to make serving the food easier and allowing Regina a view of the two men at work.

Overcome by a ravenous hunger Regina dug into her meal, cutting fiercely and shoving one forkful of food into her mouth straight after the other. She drank the glass of apple juice Jaser had put down for her quicker than you could say "Where's my juice gone?"

A few groups of people, definitely human in nature, came into the lounge and took seats to chat or place an order as Jaser went up to them to inquire whether they would like anything to eat or drink. Regina was oblivious to all the guests as she wiped a bit of runny yolk from her chin with a napkin from the table. She scoffed down her mushrooms, bacon and the hash browns and ate the still piping hot beans as quickly as she could manage. Whilst she was mopping the last of the bean sauce up with some buttered bread the chair opposite her was pulled from the table before Cain sat himself down in it.

His skin appeared strangely darker in the day and his eyes appeared a red-ish brown rather than black... It must have been the lack of lighting from last night. He still wore the same outfit, though she could just see the chain of his necklace that she recalled him wearing in his room; though that was probably because she was looking for it now she knew it was there.

"Did you enjoy your meal?" Cain asked, folding his arms on the table. He created an aura much larger than his physical size leaving Regina feeling a little oppressed, but she quite liked the feeling of being dominated for a change.

"Yes, I did thank you." Regina replied; stuffing the last of the bread into her mouth as Cain watched in fascination. "Oh sorry, did you want some?" She asked guiltily, still chewing.

Cain smirked slightly, "No. I don't eat that sort of thing." He responded as he picked up her now empty plate, glass and sauce bottles and put them on a table nearby so that there was nothing left between them. He had said 'that sort of thing' as if the meal was some sort of muck scooped up off the floor.

Jaser walked by, already carrying some empty mugs and picked up Regina's plate and other left overs and took them back to the kitchen. Jaser lent against the door frame once he'd washed up her dishes and watched Cain as he, in turn, studied Regina.
"No, she hasn't rethought your offer." Jaser stated coldy out-of-nowhere and stared into the back of Cain's head.

Regina lifted her eyebrow quizzically as the red-head's face turned scarlett with anger. "I told you to stop reading my mind, Jaser!" Cain fumed, trying not to gain too much attention from the Inn's guests.

Jaser shrugged and thrust his hands deep into the pockets of his faded dark jeans; he was no longer wearing his apron. "Well you shouldn't make it so easy for me then." Jaser stated simply.

Regina watched as Cain's clenched fists uncurled and he dug his nails into the table. As his anger grew so did his nails, turning into deep red talons and scratching the polished table-top. Regina felt hispresence much stronger in that space of time and her fear mounted as shivers ran up her spine and her nerves screamed at her to run. She stayed put.

Jabari, sensing something was up, also appeared in the doorway and laid a hand on Jaser's shoulder.
"Sorry Regina, Jaser always feels the need to challenge Cain. They share a mutual dislike for each other." She heard Jabari's voice echo inside her head.
"Come on, back off brother. We know our place." Jabari spoke aloud and pulled Jaser back into the kitchen, but not before Jaser narrowed his eyes coldly at Cain.

Regina glanced down to inspect the rigid man's hands and saw that his nails were normal again - but the evidence of where they had changed was still indented in the table.

"Let me show you the person you will be singing your duets with." Cain said indifferently, pushing himself up from the seat.

Duets? That wasn't part of the deal, thought Regina.