What do you think you're doing here,
you think you have any right to sneer?
These cats and vixens staring at the shadows in my eyes.
What do you think is going on,
to where I'd feel I'd need to sing this song,
to do this dance, take upon this battle-stance?
Why are the only days I remember the ones that feature
Steel and Embers,
Clashing weapons made from all our angst and avarice?
Is it too late to yearn for something simple, something peaceful
Something beyond my grasp? It seems entirely too clear
That I don't belong anywhere but here.
What I'd give to lay upon the grass, somewhere quiet and safe
And look up at the stars as they shine, uninterrupted;
But I think I'd find that maybe my flame would stand to aim
at falling stars
How much more far do I have to go, before I've hit the bottom?

Why do you speak of yourself this way?
What makes you think it does any good?
These words do nothing but cause in you more pain.
Why can't you see what's going on?
You know you can sing a different song,
You don't have to dance; Put your fists away.
There are days of sunlight and laughter for you to look to,
Feathers borne from every fault and every sigh.
It's not too late to find a simple, peaceful life;
nothing is beyond you, so long as you try, its pretty clear
That you belong here
What I would say, to get you to stay where you're safe,
And look at the stars while I lay beside you.
And maybe one day, you'll look back and say
"Hey maybe this life wasn't that bad"