The Gameplay

by Sarah Anne Harrington

When you said "I like you,"

You sounded so sincere.

You didn't even bother

With the words; "As a friend."

I never should have believed you.

My mistake, I know.

You mean the world to me,

But I feel the absence of the longed-for echo.

They tell me, "You'll find him,"

"When the time is right, you'll know."

But I thought I did know.

...I thought you felt the same.

I love you, and I can only hope for

The best your life has to offer you,

Whatever that may be.

(But obviously, it isn't me.)

A/N: I wrote this after the guy that I like told me that he liked me back, leaving out the words "as a friend." I made the mistake of misinterpreting that, and so this poem is the outcome. Not my first attempt at a poem, but my first attempt at one of this genre. I literally came home, sat down at my computer, and typed this out. Well, um, please review!