The Rules were clear, one child per family. My mom and dad had me first so they kept me as their only child. I never went to school, I wasn't very smart, my mom and dad couldn't risk letting me go to school they were too worried to leave me alone. I was spoiled. I loved my life; I loved my family. Like I said, "Loved" my family, "Loved" my life, past tense.

I was 13, only 13. My life was going good I got everything I wanted, and I didn't have to share anything. My mom was pregnant, and trying to hide it. I didn't know what she was going to do; she wasn't aloud to be pregnant. I was their one child so she'd be killed. She didn't care if she'd be killed - she wanted a baby. After nine months of her pregnancy she had the baby.

The baby was a boy. They kept the secret for a long time, taking away my food so they could feed the baby. I was forgotten. After a month of keeping the secret, our neighbor saw him in the back yard. She knew the secret, my mom and dad had to do something. They knew exactly what to do but they wouldn't tell me. I wanted to know so badly, I kept asking but they only told me things like, "We cant tell you but it's the best idea ever!" or "You'll see soon." Then one day we all packed up in the car and drove away from our house.

"We're going to run away! That's a great idea!" I was so excited I couldn't wait. We drove for about two hours, the longest two hours ever. Then, we stopped in the middle of the woods and got out into the pouring rain. "Its beautiful, are we going to stay here? Its so cool here!"

" No were not, you are." My father said, he shoved me on the ground and ran into the car leaving me in the mud and rain. Then my mom got in buckled her and my brother up. My dad drove away, speeding.