Unsent Ode to an Unrequited Love

Acacia and cloves grow in my heart

I present you cyclamen in hopes it will bloom

Dogwood blooms still, and zinnia in part

Though when I see you, the scent of gladioli fill the room

Pluck me white clover and see the saxifrage I give

I wish cosmos to you, all the days that you live

And if you wish to solve this mystery

Look to the language of floriography

A/N: Floriography – the Victorian language of flowers. Definitions often vary, but the book I used had these meanings for the following flowers:

Acacia – Secret love

Cloves – I have loved you and you have not known it

Cyclamen – Timid hope

Dogwood – Love undiminished by adversity

Zinnia – I mourn your absence

Gladioli – You pierce my heart

White clover – Think of me

Saxifrage – Affection

Cosmos – Joy in love and life