Study in Anxiety

Just a blank:

an open window

on the page,

what I'm drawing;

conjuring the perfect

portrait of vacancy.

I need the cards

to align like star

crossed lovers;

so my ill-fated

answer dies in

my head. Why

can't I pull it

out, make it take

shape before me?

The pools are too

murky and I splash

fruitlessly, diving for

that incandescent

pearl and getting

nothing but mud. My

fingers scrape against

my scalp to

squeeze my brain,

make it submit

to the tyrannical power

of this question.

Encountering the

hollow nothingness

like a jack hammer

in my skull. So

help me God,

I cannot get the

answer. The space

that stares into me

with a thousand

pins in my eyes

is a taunting smirk.

I can't stop

from screaming