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Jason Grey, the newly added member to the student council of our school. A suave, dashing guy with intense green eyes. He had just returned from his three months vacation trip to Europe since the beginning of the first year of high school. All the girls would swoon at the sight of him, except me, definitely not me. I have always hated how his dark green eyes sparkle with that much intelligence, which I hate to admit, and seeming to look right through me. That is, I can't really comprehend why my heart always did a double flip whenever I see him, what was it, that kind of uneasiness when I'm near him, and the fact that I was always thinking of him.

My good friend became fast friends with Jason and he had actually 'abandoned' me during lunchtimes and classes. I can't help but glare at him whenever he caught my eyes. "Hey Kell, what's up with you?" he threw me the question finally, after days of suffering from my offended look. "Ugh, you have not a single idea, do you, you ignorant fool?" I stormed off, a little more dramatically than I wanted. "Oh Gods, girl!" he caught my wrist deftly as I turned to walk off, his gentle but firm grip was enough to prevent me from escaping.

"Ump, let me go, Roy!"

"Not unless you tell me why..."

"Well, you would have been better off talking to Grey rather than me, wouldn't it?" I gave him another of my trademark glare.

His expression softened a bit, those grey eyes gazing sorrowfully at me. "Ohhh... Come on, Kelly, Jason's a nice guy. Why don't I introduce you to him?"

Yeah, that was Roy. Roy Toger, son of Leon Toger, inheritor of one of the largest food chain company, TogerFrenchiseCo, and he's the president of our student council. He's kind of a sweet guy and is well liked by everyone in school. Why, no one could have gotten really angry with him for even a second with those pleading eyes. "Well, then you got to have lunch with me today, to make up for it," I told him. "No prob!" he broke off with a huge grin.

The cold was already unbearable, since it's nearing winter. I sat right at the front of the class, with my best friend, Sarah Portman. Well, unfortunately, she's in the student council as well and rich too. Why, all my friends are in student council, is that some kind of a prank? Meaning, they are all the most popular and coolest people in school. Well, I AM popular, I'm rich, I've always had a say in all events, but, I am not in the student council. That's... the only difference. It's really depressing to hang out with all the council people, when I'm not. That is, I'm a perfectionist, if I hadn't said yet; I want to fit perfectly into my cliques. Okay, the quick introduction is over, now my real horror starts.

"Well, well! Good morning class! We have a new student here, Jason Grey. I'm sure all of you here heard of him. Well now, let's get started!" Mr. Atkinson, our math teacher boomed as he walked in.

"First things first, we have to get Jason a seat..." he turned towards me instinctively, eyes sparkling with humor.

"What?" I mouthed at my teacher. He's not going to let me babysit newbies again, NOT Jason.

"Well, Miss. Portman, would you please move over? I would like Kelly Melvory to babysi-um-take care of Jason, since he's new..."Mr. Atkinson said, to my annoyance.

"Owww, actually it's a good opportunity for you guys to know each other better, maybe you won't hate him that much after all," Sarah whispered in my ear. She knew how I felt about Jason. The rest of the class 'ohhed' and 'ahhed' at me. Some girls, especially Rachel Fledge, were looking at me with a dangerous glare, no doubt, they are jealous at me for getting such a cool guy. Well, at least I was able to spite my archenemy, Rachel.

Jason moved over, his every step emitting a kind of aura that silenced the whole class. He had a half smirk on his face, his green eyes eying me all the time. I can't help but stare back at him, in awe, and I was literally paralyzed his intense scrutiny. Snap out of it, Kelly Melvory! I shouted at myself internally. I rolled my eyes in annoyance at him, before averting my gaze from him. My god! He looked super hot! His white uniform was impeccably ironed and straightened, and his navy blue tie smartly attached on it. His presence simply made me unable to concentrate in the math class.

" Um, do you know how to do these sums?" I heard a smooth voice say to me. It was, none other than... Jason. He was staring into my blue eyes, then at my untouched worksheet. "What?" I asked. "Well, you were staring blankly at these sums. You need my help?" he tilted his head to have a better look at me, at the same time, leaning closer to me. Ah, he thought I was so stupid to even not know how to solve these algebra problems? Didn't he know I was a straight As student? Did I need his help? That was the most ridiculous question I had been asked! My mind was only temporarily occupied by... ehm, some worthless thoughts and I wasn't concentrating! "No thanks, " I snapped back at him, looking up just in time to catch his raised eyebrows. "Fiery..."did he said that, or was I imagining it? Owww! If I am going to be stuck with him for the rest of the class, I would be driven mad.

Finally the bell rang, and I'm saved from the torturous experience. Time for lunch! I got up from my seat and walked out of class with Sarah, just in time to see Roy striding up towards us. "He's so cute, isn't he?" Sarah asked in a trance state. She had always had a crush on Roy since the start of the year. I rolled my eyes at her. "Hey, ladies!" he waved back at us. Just as we were about to head for the canteen, the familiar voice that always startles me chimed in. "Hey, you guys going for lunch? May I join in?" Grey stepped beside me, the smirk still on his face. "Sure!" both Roy and Sarah said, to my disappointment. I was the only one who spoke nothing of it.

The threesome turned towards me, Jason gazing at me, with an expression that I just can't understand nor decipher. He was outright Cool, and hot. I was about to protest when I caught the nearby girls staring at me for the answer too, trying to eavesdrop on our conversation. Those girls were simply head over toes for Jason, and Roy, and amongst them, I spotted Rachel. "That's it! We'll have lunch together," I threw a smile at Jason, before leaning in to whisper in his ear: "just for this time." He looked at me suspiciously, and leaned in even closer, close enough for a kiss. There was a collective gasp from the crowd. He eyed me for a long time. I quickly pushed him away when I came back to reality and face my two dumbfounded friends, staring at us with mouth agape. I started to blush; I could hear the blood singing in my ear. Stupid Jason. He totally made me a fool in front of my friends!

"Well, let's go, before Miss Melvory here changes her mind," he said teasingly. What's wrong with this guy, ah!

At the lunch table, we were having a quite peaceful time until the irritating Rachel came over. "Hey Jason, hey Roy, would you like to come over to our table? We are planning on a welcome party for Jason! Isn't that sweet?" she smiled flirtatiously at the two guys, batting her eyelashes, lined with a coat of mascara. I glared at stupid Rachel, before showing both Jason and Roy my blackened face, daring them to join Rachel. It's not as though I am a possessive person who doesn't allow my friends to hang out with others, but, definitely not my enemy. Sarah wasn't happy either. None of us moved momentarily.

"Rache-"I started with increasing annoyance.

"Rachel," Jason cut my line. " Why, that's very nice of you. I would expect a surprise from you soon, wouldn't I? Now, will you excuse us for a moment?" He told her flirtatiously.

"Sure!" she winked at the guys, before going back to her table.

She's so getting on my nerves! And Jason flirted with her. Not that Jason meant anything to me, but it was simply disgusting, but at least, he did help me get rid of Rachel.

"Um, thanks, Jason..."I trailed off.

"Why? I wasn't helping you. I find her irritating myself. What makes you think I was helping you?" Jason looked across the table, his eyes sparkling in amusement at me. That jerk!

"Hmmm, anybody to biology class later?" I asked distastefully after taking the last sip of my orange juice. "Sorry, no," Roy and Sarah both answered. "Well, seems like we have the same class, Miss Mel, "Jason commented as he pulled out his timetable. I took his timetable. Math, Biology, English... Isn't this my timetable? "This is my timetable!" I exclaimed. Jason said:" Well, not unless you are called Jason Grey. It seems that we have the same timetable, coincidentally. " He smirked at me, again. He's totally enjoying torturing me!

"Let's go, Kelly. Bye, Sarah and Roy. See y'all after school!" he said as he grabbed and slung his bag swiftly across his back. I stared at him, how can he be so hot? Kay, never mind, I'm really going crazy. Seeing me staring motionlessly, he came to my side and leaned towards my left ear, one hand on the table, the other casually rested on my left shoulder. "

Mmmmm, done staring?" he whispered into my ear. He was too quick for me to respond. "What do you think you're do-"as I jumped up, startled, he grabbed my bag and pulled my hand along. He chuckled as he did so. "Got to go, guys," he waved a final goodbye to my friends before continuing to drag me. His hand's warm and comfortable, but I really got to stop it.

"Come on! It's not like we are running out of time, Jason! LET GO OF ME!" I squirmed under his grip.

"Sure," turning to face me, he asked "I heard we are gonna dissect cockroaches today?"

"Hmmm, yeah, I guess so," I paused before continuing," it's stupid", rubbing my hurting wrist from the grip.

" Why, you're scared of it?" he's amusement starting to kick in again.

"Morning class! Pair up with your lab partners now!" Miss Anderson's voice rang like a clear bell. Rachel, being in the same class again, walked up to Jason.

"Hey, would you be my lab partner?" she asked.

I rolled my eyes at her and started to walk off from Jason and her. Who can I ask to be my lab partner? Before I can walk further away, the same warm hand wrapped itself on my arm.

" Sorry, Rache, Kelly's my lab partner, aren't you?" Jason turned towards me for an affirmation. God, he knew I was out to spite Rachel all along, he knew I was going to agree with it. I nodded earnestly in reply, linking my arms with Jason as we walked off, totally forgetting his jerkiness. "Thanks, man!" I smiled genuinely at Jason and smacked his arm playfully as I watch Rachel frozen on the spot. She being turned down? That was the first time I witnessed it.

"So, you don't hate me anymore?" Jason flashed me a boyish smile that would have melted a snowman. Owww, he knew I dislike him! Yet he acted so cool about it! "Well, I don't really dislike you, it's just..."I did not know how to continue on. I looked up at him. He put his hands on my shoulders, looking straight into my eyes. "Like it or not, you are going to fall for me," he looked at me innocently, yet, his snicker told me he's just another playboy toying with girls. I'm definitely not going to fall for this kind of hypocrite, I thought as I pushed his hands away from me. I wonder how many girls had been smitten and dumped by this jerk. "I hate you!" I snarled at him, disgusted by his overconfidence. He shrugged nonchalantly, as if nothing happened.

"People! Listen up! Dissect the cockroach and record down whatever observations made! As detailed as possible! Graded work, remember!" Ms Anderson shouted across the laboratory. "You'll dissect it, I make the recordings," I commanded. "Hey, it's a pair work, you gotta get your hands on it," he rebutted. He was definitely making it hard for me. "Shut up, Jason. You're such a jerk! I hate cockroaches and I'm not going to touch it!" I shrieked at him.

"Gotcha! You are terrified of cockroaches!" he said teasingly, before lifting the dead cockroach up. "Ahhh! Put it down!" I screamed into Jason's smiley face, grabbing his left shoulder, hiding behind his back. "Oh, mind you, Kelly, it's not like the cockroach's alive. Let go of me." he copied my line and said it in a high pitched voice. I immediately let go of his warm shoulder, while staring at him grudgingly. "Okay, I'll do it, honeyyyyy,"his eyes twinkling. Shut up, Jason! He's killing me, making my life upside down.

I, Kelly Melvory, am definitely not going to let Jason Grey get off easily, I WILL make his life like hell. Just you wait, Grey! I made a solemn promise to myself.