Chapter 1 - My new life as a rich person

Highly and elegantly, I stepped out of the luxurious Mercedes limousine black car on my five inches tall white Fendi high heels. Beside me, my new servant had successfully shaded me away from the intense rays coming from the sun by holding an umbrella for me. Have I ever told you about my great despise for Mr. Sunny? Oh well, I am a hundred percent sure that models like me would want the sun to always disappear. What is the need of a sun when we have lights? He, Mr. Sunny , do nothing but destroy my smooth, well-maintained porcelain skin.

My current husband, Mr. Alexanda Velazquez, had his arm snaking its way around my naked back, tracing circles on it, thinking that it was romantic to do that. He looked at me and smirked as if he was my lover, I mean he is technically my 'lover' and there's nothing wrong to do that to me but to think that a fifty-three year old man is doing that to a youthful nineteen year old beauty… That really sucks! If it's not for the sake of his money, I would not have tried restraining myself from punching at the man right in the face.

Rich, young and handsome guy…

There's bound to be no one near it.

And that's what I believe in and who I am, Louise Marie Elsen.

Today, Alexander had promised me that he would bring me to see his house and introduce me to his son. I mean, this wedding is sort of a rushed one, so I got no chance to meet his self-proclaimed most marvelous, wanted and dashing son. Along the way, he kept on praising on how wonderful his son had done him proud in academics results and music and what-so-ever. Who else, you tell me, would praise him son like this in front of the other people. And mind you, given Alexander's toad like face, his son would be nowhere better. Fine, he would be somewhere along the boundary between being a toad and frog.

Whatever he looks like, I knew I am going to meet my twenty-two year old son (surprisingly older than me, his new stepmother) in no time. We had arrived at his house and you know what, really, I cannot believe my eyes. I know rich people lives in a few thousand square meters mansion but not something like this. This is not a house! It's a palace. Even its looks are those of a palace. I will leave the details for the next paragraph but here, I will summarize it. It is grand, it is huge. I wonder if I were to stand here, would I look like a little ant compared to the size of the house.

Okay, now, it has quite a number of buildings, all painted in either white or baby pink and in the middle stood the biggest one. According to my husband, this whole house is just one of his many. He had other houses in somewhere else in the country and even out of the country. Well, it is not like I least expected it when they even own islands. And as expected, I still do not know why he told me this when people who had common sense would know, that eighty percent of his assets would go to his son while the remaining twenty percent would go to me, ME! Wow, that is something worth looking forward to and celebrating of.

Anyway, back to the main topic. The house had ancient but tough bridges which connects the buildings together. It had a man-made stream in between the buildings in which leads to the pond on the left and the private hot spring on the right. There's also a little blue flag, having printed the logo of the AU Company, Alexander's company, on the peak of the conical roof of the biggest building.

Alexander brought me to the building that belonged to me now. And the first word I could ever utter when I stepped into the building was 'Splendid'. No exaggeration, the building even had an elevator when it is only a mere three story high. Back in my house, I remembered that I lived at the eleventh floor of a flat which does not even have a lift in it. Pathetic.

Maybe it was because Alexander had made some background check on me that he had actually designed the house in something that I really like. Everything was pink, baby pink, and my favorite color. Even the mugs, the utensils, the toiletries are all pink with white ribbon. I am so going to love this house! I am not going to divorce with Alexander!

So, rich people do not step on floors huh? I have noticed that throughout the journey up to my building, the floor had been nicely carpeted. Rich people are indeed rich. Unlike my house, I don't even have a nice floor to step on. If you are going unlucky on a certain day, PLOUG, there you goes, trapped in a broken floor hole.

The furniture looks luxurious. The chairs are so comfortable that I could sleep in it. The tables are so cute that I even wanted to hug them. The fans are even decorated with my favorite cartoon character, Hello Kitty.

"So where's my room?" I asked Alexander eagerly.

Alexander merely lead me the way to my room, not even wanting to hold my hands. I mean, which married couples do not do this? They are supposed to even f***!

He led me the second floor passing by the library, the music room then finally, my room. The door was closed.

"Open it," he said in a deep voice.

I nodded and gulped in a huge breath. He chuckled. I flushed. No wait, did I say I flushed? No, no! I did not flush! I mean… Fine, I flushed but I have no idea why and don't ask me why I flushed in front of an old man.

Obediently, I opened the door to a palace of mine. Now this is when my eyes sparkled. This is the room I dreamt for – to be able to sleep in a place full of Hello Kitties and pink. I noted a pink wardrobe; half camouflaged into the wall behind, and danced my way to it. I looked at Alexander and he shrugged, as though he really understood my request. I grinned and open the gigantic wardrobe. Approximately a thousand, no, it should be a whole shop. What I mean is the clothes and dresses it contained. There is so many to choose from that I thought I could change into a different one every day. Then, I proceeded to the 'Shoes Area' (a thousand pairs too), then the 'Bags Area' (a thousand pairs too)… There are just too many things to explore in my room in just one day.

It was then I realized something – where is Alexander's belongings? In the whole building, I thought I could only spot feminine things.

"Where're your things?" I asked, lying comfortably on the king sized bed.

"I live in the main building," he told me calmly.

"What?" I exclaimed. I know I should not shout like that but that is something worth exclaimed of.

"We don't live in the same building," he tried to explain but that explanation seemed to be of no help.

"Why?" I prodded.

"You will understand it in the future," he smiled and told me to enjoy my stay in the house. "Oh, and later, I will send your new servants to your building and introduce you to them."

What the hell is going on? Why aren't we married couples not sleeping together? I have already made preparations of losing my virgin to him!

I got no time to ponder over these things and considering how my brain sucks, I thought I should not waste anymore of my precious brain cells and go exploring this huge mansion.

After dressing myself into a white sleeveless summer dress, I tried the elevator and it work as nicely as I thought it would. It had buttons with Hello Kitty's mouth-less face and glass walls, allowing its passengers, mostly me and my servants (oh, I am loving this term), to see what's going on outside. But right now, it serves as a gallery for me, considering how slow it moves.

Once I reached the ground floor, I stepped into the garden and wandered around in it like a thief. It is pretty, with flowers all blooming and bushes nicely trimmed such them each of them form a design. Short bushes, about knew length, were cut into carriages of a train while the first bush, of course, into the shape of the train's head. Taller bushes are cut into other designs like stars, crescents and even a Hello Kitty one. Well, I guess that was specially made for me. Alexander that old grump sure knows how to please a girl.

I trailed my way deeper into the garden, where I found a swing. So, how long had I ever swung on a swing already? It does not matter now when I have a swing myself now. It was tied onto a man-made tree to ensure that the branch does not break off suddenly or so. I swung myself on the swing, relaxing myself, feeling the gentle breeze in the garden and breathing in the fresh air. This place is soooo good to live in.

Just then, I heard a melodious violin playing in somewhere around my vicinity. I stopped the swing and hopped off it, walking towards the violin, enjoying the music that it produces. That was when I realized I had neared a white pavilion where the beauty of the violin came from. There, he stood, the dashing prince charming of my dream in white suit, playing the violin with such elegance that I thought no real man on earth of capable of doing. The way he used the bow on the violin and he way he stood was too dazzling. So dazzling that it caught my fullest attention that I decided to step closer to the pavilion and watch the dashing prince.

He had long legs and is tall. Maybe somewhere around six feet three, I guess. He is those lanky types. Next, proceeding to his face, as I said, he is dashing. He had blue hair, opposite of my mahogany one, long eyelashes, a high pointed nose and pouty lips, as though begging for a passionate kiss. How unlucky that he was closing his eyes while playing the violin that I got no chance to look at the color of them.

I stood against one of the pillars of the pavilion, enjoying the music. If I am not wrong, it was Ave Maria.

Sadly, the piece of music came to a stop after a while. I turned to look at him, only to find him looking at me too.

"By any chance, are you Louise Elsen?" the blue-haired handsome asked.

"I guess so," I answered.

He chuckled. Too bad, he isn't one wealthy guy. As I said, there's no rich and handsome guy on Earth.

""I guess so?"" he mimicked what I said. "Don't you know your own name?"

He continued laughing, causing me to blush deeply. He is too dashing to be considered a living man.

"Then what's yours?" I challenged, placing both arms on my hips and pouted like a children.

"Chandler," he answered.

"I thought that name was more commonly used as a middle name?" I muttered, unknowing that I said it a bit louder than expected.

He shrugged.

"Chandler… On second thoughts, it seems nice though. So then, Chandler," I walked towards him, nearing our distance, lifting a finger to trace an imaginary line down his torso from his jaw line. "Would you mind massaging my back? I It hurts though."

I don't know what gone wrong with me that I actually went such a big round to ask a punk to massage my back. That's insane! I should have invited him to my bedroom and give away my virgin! Well, all said is said and there's nothing much I could do. Anyway, my back really hurts.

"On you command, Mademoiselle?" he bowed, a hand placed on his stomach while the other still holding on to his violin, "But could you hang on for a moment after a put my violin in place?" he winked.

"Well, on account that you are more handsome than the other servants, I would grant you that wish," I said, acting all highly and mighty.

If only I had noticed his smirk…

"Thank you, Mademoiselle," he raised his head, gingerly putting his violin in place. Judging from the casing (since I do not know much about violins), I could tell easily that it is a rather expensive one. For a commoner to own something so valuable, he must have loved his violin very much.

"Chandler, do you like your violin a lot?" I asked, trying to break the silence between the two of us as I see him packing his violin. He left it standing against one of the pillars and moved on to massage my back. Every touch he landed on my skin send tingles and electricity down my spines. I shuddered and unfortunately he noticed that again and chuckled. If it wasn't on the account that he was handsome, I would have long asked for him to be fired.

"Uh-hm. I like it very much. It reminds me of my mother," he answered.

"I see… So, where's your mother?" I asked out of pure curiosity.

Suddenly, as if the surrounding temperature had dropped to zero degree, the was an almost unbreakable silence between the two of us.

"She's dead when I'm six," he answered, his tone was flat.

I knew I had stepped on a mine and there was no way I could escape away from it. There bound to be something that could break this awkward atmosphere and a way to cheer up his broken heart. Not that I wanted, but I had least expected that I had broken someone's heart on my first day in this house. Chandler must have hated me to the core.

"I… I'm sorry…" I said. I could not find any better words to replace them.

He patted on both my shoulders and breathed out a long sigh. "That's alright. I've grown used to not having a mother already," he smiled as I turned to face him.

Although he had said that, through his eyes, I knew he was lying. Those eyes shot out a feeling of loneliness, a feeling of a child who had suddenly lost his mother. Unknowingly, my body reacted itself and went over to hug him.

"It must be hard not having a mother by your side right?" I asked, remembering how my mother had taken care of me. To think that if my mother had left me at such a young age, I would have might as well commit suicide.

Somehow, for some reasons, as if I sympathize for Chandler, my tears flow out without my command. They damped Chandler's white suit, alerting him of my cries, pushing us apart to face face-to-face with me.

"Aren't you supposed to be my Mistress? Why are you crying for your servant?" Chandler asked, using his thumb to wipe away my tears. I looked at him. His eyes are of a beautiful sapphire color.

"I don't know. I just feel sorry for you," I sobbed, wiping away my tears with the back of my hand.

"Well, aren't you a good mistress?" he chuckled again, trying to make me feel better. Well, it really works. I stopped crying and accompany him into laughing.

Meanwhile, in Alexander's room…

Alexander sat comfortably in his armchair, a cigar clasped between his fingers as he blew out a breath of smoke. A man in back suit entered.

"So, how's the situation, my secretary Joe?" Alexander asked the man.

"It seems like mistress is having a good time with him, sir," the man named Joe, answered.

"I see. That's good, that's good," he said, taking another puff from his cigar again before continuing. "Does she know who he is?"

"I'm afraid not, sir. Young master Raymond did not expose his real identity to her," he answered politely.

"Seems like he wanted to have some 'fun' with my wife, aren't you my little Raymond?" Alexander smirked. "Joe, continue to spy on them"

"Yes, sir," Joe bowed before excusing himself from Alexander's room.

"Well, well. The situation is getting more exciting and worth watching now," Alexander smirked again. In his aging mind, he is plotting of something terrible…