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Chapter 8 – A lecture from Alex

As if I had not enough of drama in a single day, Raymond had brought me home to doll me up for the birthday party later on. The maids had stripped me off my clothes and dumped me into a bathtub of roses for a long, nice bath and the various stylists started dolling me up in terms of hair, clothes and makeup. After a long three hours, I was done with the making up. Long enough for me to doze off and wake up again.

Well, I was rather surprised to see Raymond putting on some make up. I mean, it is so obvious when he had a really dark eye lining under his eyes that I wondered what that was for when we had to cover our face up with the masks to the birthday party.

When I first saw him when I walked down the stairs, he looked really hot with those eye lining. It makes his eyes even more sparkling than usual and... And… he looks good in just whatever he wears. But this time, he looks way more than just the normal 'better than average'. He was beautiful, he was sexy, and he was irresistible. The black and white tuxedo he had on him, alongside with his heavy eye shadows, just makes him a perfect image of a vampire seeking out in the night to hunt for his prey. His gel-slick hair was also styled to the side, almost covering his left eye, making him too sexy for me to not touch him at least once.

He had me checked out as I descended down the flight of stairs. I was wearing a simple light blue evening gown that showed out all the feminine features of my body. They curved at the right angles and showed at the right spot. The dress splits from my upper thigh and downwards, giving Raymond a scene that sent him almost salivating right there. I smirked. This time, it was my turn to take control over him.

My straight waist-length hair slapped against my back gently. It was half tied-up with a matching light blue lacy rubber band into a plait. Two sparkling heart-shaped hairpins were used to clip up my fringe.

As I stepped down to ground level as him, he flew towards me and kissed me right on the lips. Well, that's kind of expected when he is always kissing me nowadays (even though it was forbidden).

"You look great," he complimented.

"Of course, I am. I am the top model of the city, mind you," I teased.

"Tsk... Please, don't think too highly of yourself, Princess Louise," he smirked.

"Well, what if I like to think too highly of myself? Anyway, you look great yourself too, Prince Raymond," I mimicked him.

"Oh… I love how you call me like that, Princess," he took my hand up and kissed it gently.

"I shall keep calling you that, Prince," I continued on with all the acting and the both of us had a great laugh about that.

That's when I heard footsteps coming nearer and nearer to us. I could hear the sound of the heels hitting hard against the ground, as if the owner was disappointed with the floor. It sounded scary, it sounded horrifying, as if something big and monstrous are going to appear in this house.

That was when I realized we were still in New York City, not Kingdom of Ice. Maybe I have to get myself mentally prepared for anything as scary as that or even scarier, like many butterflies or anything like that. Have I thought you about how much I dislike moths and butterflies? Just by thinking of them makes me feel sick all over.

A loud 'thump!' was heard when the person came into the mansion's hall. I screwed my head robotically to face the owner of the sound. I should have guessed it was him, Mr. Alexander Velazquez, since his son and wife were gone the whole night without telling him where we were and yet here we are, preparing to go out for a birthday party right after we came back. I mean, we came back a few hours before, but during that period of time, I was being dolled up by the stylists.

"Hi, how long have we not meet, my dear son and wife? Where you have been to, may I ask?" he stared into our eyes with the familiar sapphire blue eyes in Raymond. Like father, like son.

My stomach curled up into a weird knot and I feel nauseous all of a sudden. My legs are turning jelly on me that I thought I could not stand up properly. Probably it was because I was holding onto Raymond's shoulders that I did not fall. Holding onto Raymond's shoulders… holding onto Raymond…

Oh my f***ing god! I was holding onto Raymond's shoulders while his hands were on my hips… What a mess I had got myself into!

I quickly pulled myself out from the presumed comfortable zone and tried to look as innocent as before.

"Oh! Hi, Alex! I haven't seen you for long," I tried unease the tense atmosphere in the air. Something inside me tells me that something is going really wrong here. That I would not be able to get out of this place as easily as I thought I would be able to.

"Yes, I am sure I haven't seen you for long, darling Louise. May I ask what you are doing with Raymond just now?" he asked, with the serious look on his face. I knew right from the moment that he was not joking.

Earlier, when Raymond and Louise had just arrived back home…

"Master Alex, this is the report you wanted," the secretary named Joe handed a pile of documents to Alexander.

Alexander stood up on his big body and walked towards Joe. He took the report from him impatiently and ripped apart the paper file that was holding the documents together.

"You are a fast worker, Joe," he complimented on his secretary.

Joe merely bowed to him and thanks him politely even though he was reminded a thousand times by his boss that he need not need to be that polite with him.

"My, my… These are some great pictures you took, Joe," Alexander complimented on the skinny and tall secretary again.

"I am glad that you like them, Master Alex," he bowed and excused himself out of the room.

Alexander placed the photos on his coffee table inside his room. He sipped a little of his coffee before looking out from his window to see the two young adults having fun around in the garden. The male was chasing the female and the female was obviously trying all her best to avoid him. However, she tripped and fell and gave the male a great chance to catch up with her. He crawled on top of her and tickled her. After a few seconds, she could not stand it anymore but raise her both hands up in surrender.

Alexander looked at them and smiled. The two young adults remind him of how active he used to be around his deceased wife. He sighed and turned to walk out of the room.

On the table placed the several photos Joe had taken of Raymond and Louise. One of them showed them kissing passionately on Raymond's bed, while another, a photo of them laughing happily.

"Just don't regret the choices that you have made, son," Alexander said before closing the door before him.

"I…I… I was…" I was startled.

What am I supposed to say now? Raymond, help me! Don't put that 'It is none of my business' look on your face! It is so irritating! If you don't feel like helping, that go away or keep your damn smile off your face like you have won lottery.

I turned back to Raymond for help and used telepathy to communicate.

Me: Help me!

Raymond: *Shrugged

Me: Don't treat this as if this doesn't concern you, you idiot!

Raymond: I am not an IDIOT!

Me: My my… So, you can actually understand what I am trying to say to you all the while?

Raymond: I excel in this, young lady.

Me: Just help me, can't you.

Raymond: Just this time?

Me: Yup, I swear that 'Just this time'

Raymond: Remember that!

Oh great! Raymond just said he would save me! Nice one, Raymond! Way to go, way to go! You are not an idiot! You are a super star, a super hot guy and also a super clever genius!

I know how realistic I am; you don't have to tell me that.

Raymond cleared his throat to get the attention of Alex and Alex turned to face him.

"Anything you have to say, my dear honey son?" Alex spat at him.

"I was kissing her. It was none of her business," he replied, short and sweet.


Epic fail, Louise…

"You kissed her?" Alex wanted to confirm with him.

"I kissed her," he nodded.


"And you still dare to say that?"

"Yeah, if not? Tell you a lie?" he challenged.

"Well, I think you are pretty good in angering someone else right, my honey son?"

"It's because I learnt it from my father, dad."

"So… What now? Are you going to kiss her again?"

"Then, suggest something I should do to repent for kissing your wife."

Alex seemed to be deep in thought of a moment before he said something.

"You guys are going to Kingdom of Ice right? Bring me along and Joe, too."

"What? You guys along? But you are not invited-,"

He was cut off by Alex.

"But I want to make sure that you guys are never ALONE."

I swore he stressed on the last word.

So, now, Raymond and I cannot stay alone anymore. If I make this into a mathematics equation, it would be something like this:

Always no alone = No free time together = No hugging = No kissing

That is way too pathetic!

"Sure, why not!" Raymond replied.

And a blockhead just agreed to it quickly…

Louise Marie Elsen, I pity for you for living under the same rooftop with a certain blue-headed blockhead even though I am Louise Marie Elsen.

Lame joke.

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