Pigs Fly

Look up to the sky!
Over the fields they're oinking by!
See the airborne swine!
Pigs now fly!
There's nowhere you can hide!
Your homes they see inside!
Hogs manning planes and satellites!
Pigs now fly!

The days arrived!
When pigs can fly!
So fucking, high!
Pigs now fly!

They've upgraded from the sty.
With dollars in their eyes!
So many obscene toys to try,
Pigs now fly!
Bloated in body and closed mind!
Hold themselves above mankind!
Our freedoms in their squealing sights!
Pigs now fly!

Unsettling times!
When pigs can fly!
Human rights!
Now a crime!

Our brains their troughs!
Fellow man their slop...
How much is enough?
Before they're stuffed?

Bid freedom goodbye.
Rapidly it dies.
Serving genocide,
Pigs now fly.
But there's a bright side!
She said she'd be mine,
When the day arrived!
When pigs could fly!
I guess it's time!