It was Christmas Eve in New York City, and many of the busy town's folk were trying to do their last minute Christmas shopping before nightfall. Shops counted out their profits with delight. Men and woman were leaving work for the night to go spend time with their families. Almost everything was closed accept the mall. Everyone was running around there. It was a total madhouse. Shelves were literally being cleared of their entire inventory in a matter of seconds. Cash was flying out of the wallets of parents and into the hands of the clerks.

The Build-A-Bear was just done making its last Christmas themed teddy bear. Most of workers had gone home for the night, accept Mr. Daniel Smith. He was left behind to lock up to place for the night. But just before he was about to start locking up, a little girl walked into the store with some money in her hand. Daniel, feeling the holiday generosity, stayed open just a bit more to help this girl with her teddy bear.

"Welcome to Build-A-Bear," He said to the girl. "Merry Christmas,"

"Merry Christmas," The girl said back. "Though I don't see anything merry about it."

"Why is that?" Daniel asked.

"Well, it's my father. He's always busy on Christmas Eve. He barely has time spend with me all December. And when he gets home, he's always too tired to play with me on Christmas morning."

Daniel frowned. "Well that's just not right. Everyone should be with their family during Christmas."

"Well this is something daddy has to do." The girl said. "I came down here to make him a present before he has to go to work." She counted out her money. "How much to make a in a Santa suit?"

Daniel smiled. "No charge. Call it my Christmas gift to you."

"Oh thank you sir!" The girl said.

"No problem." Daniel helped the girl pick out a bear, put a little heart in it, stuff it, and put its Santa suit on. "Here we go, now, what shall we name him?"

"Kris Kringle." The girl said with a smile.

"Wonderful name," Daniel smiled back as he printed out the bear's birth certificate and put both it and the bear into the little cardboard house. "Here you go."

"Thank you sir!" The girl said she took the bear. As she was running out the door, she remembered her manners. "Oh, merry Christmas!"

Daniel closed up the store and drove home. He spent the night watching A Christmas Story on TBS with his family. When it was time for bed, he laid out cookies and milk for Santa, tucked his two sons into bed, kissed them goodnight, and went to bed himself with his wife.

In the middle of the night, Daniel heard a noise coming from the living room. He went to check it out and saw the little girl from earlier. She was wearing a red suit and had a gift bag slung over her shoulder, leaving gifts under the Christmas tree.

She looked up and saw Daniel. "Oh sir, it's you." She smiled as she set down a present.

"What are you doing here?" Daniel asked.

"Well after I gave the bear we made to daddy, I told him how I feel about him working all month long. Then he said he'd take me along and let me help him. So that's what I'm doing right now." She ate the cookies and milk, carried the sack to the chimney, and started to crawl up it.

"What's your name?" Daniel called to her.

"Kristina Kringle." The girl called back. The Daniel heard the jingling of sleigh bells from above him.