I remember the first time I saw you.

Your face was upside-down when I opened my eyes. (1) The sight of me sleeping on the sofa with my feet on the cartoony curtains, and my head almost touching the floor, seemed to amuse you. You had that stupid smirky-grin hybrid on your face. That was the first time I wanted to smack your head hard with a nice, thick book.

Another memory.

We were in the classroom, waiting for your mother to pick us up. I was running around like a headless chicken holding, for some inexplicable reason, a pencil. You stuck your foot out, and I fell, with a thunk, flat on my face. This time I looked around for a nice thick book, and did smack you hard on the head.

I hoped it would result in you having a permanent lump on your head. It didn't.

My house.

I had just lost my bracelet; my favourite one, which I never took off. I didn't know where I had lost it. I was sulking in my room. You had come home to play. I didn't want to. You spent the next hour distracting me, and imitating cartoon characters. Goofy especially, that laugh is a sound I'll never forget.

It was one of the only two times I didn't want to cause you bodily harm. (2)

The other time I wish had never happened. We were watching cartoons, and waiting on freshly bakes cookies to cool. Your mother came home suddenly, and whisked you away. She looked afraid, and teary-eyed. I remember giving you some cookies to eat later.

My mother told me the next day, that your father had been in an accident, and that I wouldn't see you for a while. I remember feeling sad, and hoping I would see you soon.

I never did.

We moved to another city the next month. I didn't think of you until I was in the new place I would now call home, and it was too late.

I still don't know where you are: but I hope you're a pilot now, like you always wanted to be, and I hope your dad became better, and I just hope you're happy.

I'm back in the city of my childhood now, and if you do recognize me, on a street, in a mall, on a train, please smirky-grin at me, and talk. I have lots to tell you.

I promise I won't smack you on the head with a book.

I had fallen asleep while reading, okay? It just so happens that I tend to end up sleeping in weird ways a lot. It's not funny!

Boy, was I a violent kid!