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Love…such a simple word, but it has a deep meaning behind it. It is the thing which causes our pulse to race, heart to beat, head to go blank, body to heat, face to blush and eyelids to flicker. I absolutely hate love not that I believe it!

Love as shown in movies, written in novels, and told in stories is nothing more than a fantasy made by the humans to fulfill our demands.

I had completely lost my belief in love, though I was only 15, due to my parents' divorce. There was no particular reason for the divorce, not a fight, not a criss-cross of opinions, not even an argument which let to it except the fact that they had grown tired of each other. They got a divorce over an agreement which lead me to believe that there is no such thing as love and marriage is just an agreement between two individuals.

I had to travel again and again in between my parent's houses every three months as I was their only child until I got tired of it. I told them that I was tired and hence I landed in the hostel when they couldn't find any other solution to it. That was where I met Amanda, my best friend who is a total love freak. Even her name means 'love' or 'worthy of love' in Latin.

We spent four years together and never once did she stop babbling about 'love'. I tried telling her more than once that love is just a myth but she confidently blew my opinions away. "Don't be stupid Camilla. Of course it exists! You'll know when you see someone in love" I knew it was pointless to argue so I didn't bother to knowing that my time to see in 'love' was far-far away, no body that I knew of could fall in love except my best friend and I was right.

"Hello?" I picked my phone ignoring the glare my room-mates were giving, cell-phones were not allowed in our hostel but I couldn't possibly survive without one!

"Hello! It's me" I heard Amanda's excited voice "I have some great news for you!"

"Yeah? What is it?" I asked curious.

"Camilla you won't believe it! I …I found my partner! I am in love Amanda! I am in love with Sebastian!" she said and started her speech without a single break "I have been admiring him from far away since the first time I set my eyes on him. I just never realized that I loved him until I saw him close to me. He proposed to me and now we're dating! I can't believe it! He said that he had also always seen me when I study in the library un-noticed by me! He said that he also loved me and would take care of me forever! He said that he would love me forever"

"Amy calm down!" I said and went out to the balcony so that no one would hear us "do you honestly believe in this love at first sight thing! Are you-?"

"Yes I am absolutely sure" she said quickly. I didn't say anything more against it, not because I believed that they 'loved' each other but because I didn't want to see her hurt yet. She was not like me, to go on dates and change boyfriends like changing clothes, she believed in all this 'love' crap so this was her first boyfriend ever.

After that for about two weeks, her talks completely changed and the topic shifted from love to 'her love'. I grew more and more worried as her attachment to Sebastian grew; I was worried as to what will happen to her when he left her, so again I started to tear her apart from her firm belief in 'love'.

It didn't have any effect though and ended up in her shrugging me off again "You have never been in love so you're saying that…when you fall in love you will laugh at what you said just now" I just kept quiet knowing that the time when I fell in love would not come soon.

I thought about attacking Sebastian instead and was drawing out my phone to call Amanda and tell her that I wanted to meet Sebastian when my phone rang instead. "Hey Camie!" she greeted me and I smiled at my new nick-name "Sebastian just called and said that he wanted to meet with you so why don't the three of us go out on dinner Saturday night" I considered it for a while

"If it's okay with you of course" she added quickly. "Yup sure is!" I said deciding to just cancel off my Saturday night's dates "Saturday is great! Let's meet up and have fun then"

"Really!" she screamed with joy, too much if you ask me, more than what was needed "I promise you'll have a great time and you'll like him too he's…" and so she started her favorite topic.

Saturday came quickly and before I knew it, I was standing in front of the French restaurant, waiting for Amanda and Sebastian. "Hey Camie!" I smiled and turned around to see my friend who came and gave me a quick hug. "This is Camilla, Sebastian and Camilla, this is Sebastian".

I shifted my gaze to her boy friend and was taken aback for a moment, he was simply gorgeous! No other word could describe him well, he was above 6 feet height, he had perfectly trained muscles and adding it to a tight shirt with a coat he looked great. His blue eyes were shining as they met mine and his sandy hair glistened and he thrust out his hand "nice to meet you. Amanda talks a lot about you" I took his hand and smiled at him "the pleasure's mine and Amanda talks a lot about you too"

"I must say that you look even more beautiful than I had imagined to be" he said as we entered the restaurant "well thanks a lot" I said and smiled again as we sat down on our seats.

"It's my treat ladies so order away!" he said from his position in front of me. We had a lot of fun and it turned out that I liked Sebastian a lot. He was funny, cool and gentle at the same time. He was 21, two years older than us but there was not a single awkward moment in our meal time. I saw the look in their eyes when they talked to each other or about them. They had a look in their eyes that I had never seen before. The dinner ended and I made my way towards the taxi.

"Don't be stupid Camilla!" Amanda said and they approached me "what are you thinking going all alone at this late hour. Sebastian has a car so-"

"No its okay" I quickly cut her off "I will be fine. No problem"

"No I insist" Sebastian said "It won't be a trouble at all" After a minute of persuasion I agreed. Surprisingly he dropped off Amanda first and then turned it to my house.

"I'm really sorry about this" I said at once when the car was back in motion "you couldn't have more time with Amanda"

"It's okay really" he said and waved his hand at me "you really like worrying a lot, right?" I smiled and dropped it. "Actually I wanted to talk to you" he said as we road through a deserted street "Amanda told me your opinions about love and me" I nodded, wondering what he was going to say.

"I just wanted you to stop that" he said "I have equal right over her as you so let's make a deal that I won't tell her anything about you and you won't about me" I would have cleanly refused his request if it was not for his expression. His face showed a mixture of love, hope and desperation.

"I don't want the relation we share to shake" he added. I nodded as we reached my house "I promise" I said simply.

"And for your own personal view…" he said "I would just say that please believe me. I am truly and totally in love with her and I definitely won't betray her ever"

That was the last that I heard from him. Amanda told me that he had gone to Los Angeles to start some business "he told me to wait and that he would return for me" I knew at once that he had left her but I didn't argue because of that eyes when he had confessed to me that he loved her. I couldn't believe that they were lying.

So I decided to wait for a bit in case he returned but he didn't. I lost my trust when one year had passed but Amanda remained firm "I will wait!" she said, her eyes never showing even the faintest outline of doubt.

We were in our school university then and we both soon had graduated and got jobs and apartments. We decided to take little jobs for a while before plunging into our dream; we had huge dreams after all! We wanted to form a company of our own. So we both got ourselves jobs and started to make simultaneous plans about our rock-band company.

After two years had passed and when we were 22 a terrible incident happened to our town and the whole town was burnt to ashes, we had just officially announced our company and were away on a trip to sign some papers so thank god we had escaped narrowly. Both of us started to cry seeing our school and the town completely wiped out, there was not a trace of anything remaining there.

A nuclear power plant on the outskirts of our town had been the cause; it had blasted due to some technical issues and had resulted in deaths of several people. When we were on the train back to our parents, all the train was filled with noise of phone ringing and voices of people talking with their relatives on phone. I had already had fair share of my calls, mom called a hundred times already each time giving me a lot of fuss then giving the phone to my father for him to fuss.

I was going to my mom, where dad would also probably be. They both sounded very upset when they had called. Wait a minute! They had called together; it means they had met up and…oh! All this love was getting into me.

I sighed as I looked out of the window "what are you thinking Camie!" Amanda asked with a questioning look. "Nothing…it's just that…my parents called me together" I said "I mean…they live separately and"

"I knew it!" she screamed suddenly, frightening me "when they came to the inauguration of our company I knew it! I knew that they were in love!" I thought that the loss of Sebastian had got her so worked up so I didn't say anything. How could she see my parents in love? They had divorced without giving me a god damn reason!

Our station reached the platform and as we stepped our foot back on the platform where we had first met we realized that we couldn't see each other again.

Our parents rushed at us as soon as we were out giving us no chance to look for them and my parents hugged me so tight that I was sure some of my ribs definitely broke. With that pain in me, I couldn't even say a proper good bye to my best friend! Her parents lived far apart so we probably couldn't see much of each other till we got a place of our own.

I reached home to see it as I had left it. "I have made you lunch dear" my mom said as we removed our coats "you can eat it and then go to rest" while I was eating I saw my parents throw nervous glances to each other. "I'm fine really!" I said annoyed "you don't have to-"

"It's not about that sweetie" my father said and I turned towards him "actually we wanted to apologize"

On seeing my questioning look, he quickly added "because of our personal greed you had to go to a hostel and so"

"It was not your greed" I said, I could almost laugh at how serious they looked "you got bored so it's not your mistak-"

"Wait a sec now!" my mom said eyeing me "who got bored of what?"

"Well…" I started feeling uneasy for some reason "I don't know but you…you got bored of each other didn't you?"

"WHAT?" they said in union which made me blink in surprise. Was I wrong? Was this not the reason? Then why? I never heard them fighting or arguing.

"It's absolutely not that!" my father pressed on "were you thinking that all the time!"

I nodded a bit ashamed as well as angry now. "it's not that at all dear" my mom said "it's just that I got jealous because he always had work and so we got very less time to spend together and then …"

"And then she started getting angry which made me believe that she was not happy with me and so…" my father said

"And so you got divorce !" I gasped. It was unbelievable how elders could behave like kids sometimes. I blew up and before I had time to think, I had locked myself up in my room and was ignoring my parents shouts for me to open the door and their banging.

"How could you do this to me !" I shouted and noticed that there were tears streaming down my face "I had to live away from my parents for 7 years because they were so immature!"

I heard them exchanging some nervous words before the door blew open. My father had busted the door! He and mom came and sat down on my bed beside me and I turned away from them.

After a lot of persuasion I decided to forgive them. It turned out that the real reason they sent me away was to make me able to stand on my own two feet, the same reason as Amanda's.

I decided that it would be better if I decided on this marriage thing quickly so I gave the right to my parents to pick anyone they wanted and also who could help me in my business. They were quick and within months, before they had even found me an apartment (resulting in our company's progress mainly through phone calls or e-mails) they found me what they called 'the perfect groom'.

I met him and decided that I liked him, he was smart, handsome and the manager of our countries top band. Soon, the date for engagement was fixed and preparations were being made.

"How is he?" Amanda had come for visiting me in my place which I had had to find by myself since it looked like it was at the bottom of my parents' to-do list.

Amanda was still living with her parents but she had come for a few days to live with me till my engagement. My house was made the main office as it was pretty big and had an 'external room' perfect for office. Our company was in full force and we were gaining a lot of money and attention.

"He is good. He will also help our company mo-". She brushed me off again saying "You know what I mean…do you love him?"

I shrugged and then told her my thoughts truthfully. She looked like she was going to argue so before she could open her mouth I added again "I think you should think of it too. We're becoming of age you see"

She looked at me as if I had lost my mind "what are you talking about! It's not like I can marry myself!" she laughed "I have no choice…I have to wait for Sebastian"

I rolled my eyes at her and made up my mind to convince her once and for all that he was gone. "…You have to face reality" I finished but she continued to look at me calmly.

"Thank you for worrying about me but I love Sebastian-"

"You don't understand the fact here, do you!" I asked, angry now. "Even if we assume that he didn't betray you, our town was wiped off remember…how the hell will he get any link to contact us. He has probably moved on and so must you!"

She didn't say anything, just smiled at me and I felt my anger rise. How could she do this to herself? How could she let herself control her emotions so much? I didn't understand it at all!

"Lets' have a bet" she said "I bet that he will return to me within the next 5 years, if he doesn't then I resign from the company. But if he does return, you promise to believe in love and marry only your true mate"

"Yeah okay!" I said. My falling in love was just as impossible as Sebastian returning. I realized that she had said nothing about her marrying if he did not return. I was about to point this out to her when the door of my room blew open and there stood he...

"Seb…?" Amanda's voice shook and I turned to see that she had tears in her eyes. He had grown a lot, his height and muscles had increased even more and his skin was tanner. I saw my secretary standing behind him and apologizing to me for not being able to stop him.

I waved her off and the moment the door closed behind her back, Sebastian ran to Amanda and pressed his lips firmly to hers. I saw that he was also crying and was quite shocked by that. A man like him crying?

"I love you…" he said as he drew back, his arms still wrapped around her though. "Me too…" she said and laid her head on his chest "You're late…"
I was too shocked to do anything so I decided to remain silent.

"I know and I'm sorry" he said. His voice was crisp and truthful and I was immediately convinced that he was a sincere man.

"I tried finding you a lot after I returned but the town was being rebuilt and there was no trace of you" he said and they both sat down on my bed "I have been searching non-stop for you since then"

She nodded and leaned her head on his shoulder.

"I believed that you but still I panicked when the secretary told me that her boss was going to be engaged so I'm sorry I entered that way" he smiled down at her and she shook her head.

He appeared to have heard about our company when we became famous and it was just then when he reached my home thinking it was 'office' and the secretary had told him that I was going to be engaged.

I slipped through the room to give them some privacy when my head started bumming with thoughts; Thoughts of my parents, who continued to love each other even after a divorce, and the thoughts of Amanda and Sebastian. What if I had been wrong? What if love was really there? What if all people could love deep somewhere in their heart? What if all it needed was to believe in it?

I was wondering all sitting on the couch of my living room when Amanda and Sebastian came arm in arm to confirm my thoughts. She showed me her ring and smiled "Looks like we can get married together" she smiled and I stood up.

"Doesn't look like it" I said, and they both turned to me questioningly "Because I am about to break off my engagement!"

This was probably the most illogical decision I ever made. Breaking off engagement which had so much gain? Waiting for true love? This was all ridiculous but I did it…because I believed.

Believed that someone will come someday and give me my true happiness, make me smile like my mom and Amanda.

I prayed and believed that that day would come…

Love…such a simple word, but it has a deep meaning behind it. It is the thing which causes our pulse to race, heart to beat, head to go blank, body to heat, face to blush and eyelids to flicker. I absolutely love the idea of being in love!

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