The Man and His Lord

I have wandered in darkness

Trying to find a reward for my deed.

However, I continue to find

Nothing to ease the need.

I put on a chain of a

Blessed one from days of old.

And then remember then

My oath that's been told.

I remember my promise

And commitment to my lord

But time and time again

Did not act the way he wish

Or did things against him.

I know my lord is one of truth

Of virtue and light

One of also mercy and might

If I do not go back to him,

I will only have sorrow.

And feel regret from now

To Tomorrow.

I shall follow my lord

For his is good.

That is something I have

To do that I should

If my lord accepts,

I will be free from darkness

And wrong I won't do

But his word is final.

I shall live or die, his call.