We called ourselves the modern day Breakfast Club. There was Adam our star athlete; the beautiful ginger Nicole and Anna was the quiet brunette photographer. Then there was Brad the jokester and finally me, Charlie, the smart one. As opposed to the actual movie, I was decently attractive; thank God. Unlike that poor guy, I had a couple of girlfriends in high school. Actually just two but that's not important.

It had been 10 years since we had graduated high school and we had made a pact that for our 10 year reunion we would to go to my father's cabin for Christmas. Again like the film, we were 5 best friends that all went our separate ways after we graduated. We knew it would be difficult to keep tabs on each other, as life tends to get busy that way. So we planned this reunion way ahead of time; and no matter what we had to make it.

Now in a group of friends you're bound to be drama. The whole "he likes her but she's crushing on the other guy" and yada yada… And no matter how you tried to make things work out, in the end you realize you are all just better off as friends. At least we realize this now, leaving us with funny stories and embarrassing moments of our teen past. Like I said it was hard keeping in touch with everyone no matter how much I wanted to. Needless to say, I was very much looking forward to seeing everyone.

Of course I was the first one to arrive. After unpacking and making sure all the guestrooms were ready, I took it upon myself to take the Christmas boxes out of the closet and spread a little holiday cheer by decorating the place. My interior decorating skills were very minimal so I did everyone a favor by to leaving the rest up to the girls. I was however waiting for the first valiant guy to come with me on a hunt for the perfect Christmas tree.

Within a few hours Adam and Anna had arrived. While Adam came with me out into the woods, Anna stayed and finished placing all the wreaths, garlands and candles. I couldn't think of a more "male bonding" experience than chopping and axing down wood …like true men.

"So what are you up to these days Adam?" I asked eagerly.

"Aw man, don't laugh. But remember how I said I would rather be dead then work for my dad?"

"Let me guess… you're working for the old man."

"Yes I am…but I'm the overseer of one of the smaller construction departments. So at least I don't have him hovering over my shoulder ya know? And…I am an assistant coach for the junior high soccer team."

"Nice, gotta have some kind of athletic outlet right?"

"What about you? What levels of success has Charlie accomplished now?" Adam mocked.

"Well, I'm studying for my Ph.D in Environmental Science."

"Oh that's right, I heard you were living in Oregon?"

"Yup, I've also got a teaching position lined up at the university next semester."

"A Professor? Yeah well, once a nerd always a nerd. At least you got the brains out of the bunch. If I had your mind I'd run for President or something cool like that!"

"Nah…I'm not into Politics. So what do you think about this one?"

"It looks like the rest of the 40 trees I've seen. Let's just cut it and head back, my fingers are so cold they're now numb."

Once we dragged the luscious 6 foot green beauty inside the cabin, I could hardly believe my eyes. Nicole was there and she along with Anna had done a remarkable job. We set up the tree and saw that it was the perfect size.

"Wow, it sure does look festive in here!" I said in awe.

"Charlie! My God when did you turn into such a dashing hunk?"

I blushed a bit as Nicole came and gave me a hug. A compliment of that degree coming from her was a big deal. I can't deny the next hour or so was slightly awkward as I could tell she was kind of looking at me in a different way. I believe she was actually checking me out and here I thought Nicole would never give me the flirty eye even if I was the last guy on earth.

We finished putting up the ornaments on the tree and we agreed that Brad would have the honor of putting up the star and plugging in the lights; so he wasn't left out. Meanwhile I had caught up with Nicole and Anna. Anna was working as a freelance photographer and Nicole had a job as a dental assistant. I also was unfortunate enough to be updated in their latest dating gossips, forcing myself to than leave the room and see what I was going to come up with for dinner.

It was close to 6 in the evening and we finally heard the last car pull up.

"What's up guys?" Brad yelled.

We were all happy to finally have the gang together, until we saw another body coming out of his vehicle.

"Did you bring a girlfriend or something?" Adam asked.

"Nah man, it's my sister. She's visiting for the holiday's and I wasn't about to leave her alone at home. I hope that's alright."

"Of course, I haven't seen her in years! Wasn't she away in boarding school?" Anna added.

"Yeah, I guess after seeing how I turned out they wanted to play it safe with her." Brad laughed.

When we were juniors, I remembered Brad's parents had sent her off to boarding school when she was about 12. And that's the last I saw of her. I couldn't even remember what she looked like now. It wasn't until I heard the commotion of someone struggling with their luggage that I rushed to the door and saw her. I don't know what I was expecting, but I wasn't anticipating such a lovely face.

She like Brad had very attractive features. They both had curly brown hair and hazel eyes, she had fairer skin and wasn't as tall…thankfully.

"Hey Daisha, you remember the gang right?" Brad shouted.

He was the rather obnoxious but friendly character, while she seemed to be just the opposite. I grabbed her duffle bag and placed it by the staircase. I couldn't help think how cute she looked waving a timid hello to everyone and tucking her hair behind her ears every so often. Hopefully she would warm up to us and enjoy herself as well.

Everyone seemed to be settled in. There were 5 rooms and now 6 of us. With 3 bedrooms upstairs and 2 below; the sofa also would make an extra bed just in case. Luckily, Anna offered to give her room to Daisha and sleep with Nicole, the arrangements turned out just fine.

9 o'clock rolled in and we had finished our beef stew and our cheesecake desserts, so we took our wine glasses to the den for some further conversation. But before I could take my seat I threw some more wood into the fire place to maximize the heat and comfort. I had a satisfied look on my face as I glanced and saw each one of my friends comfortably lounging and chatting while on full stomachs.

I was over sipping on my wine and had the craving for some coffee instead; I strolled on over to the kitchen to fix a pot. Ahh, you have to love the scent of coffee when you really crave it. Apparently I wasn't the only one in the mood for some java, as our youngest guest approached the area. She sat at one of the stools on the other side of the counter, only a few feet away still in plain sight.

"Can I get you anything?" I offered politely.

"I was hoping to snatch a cup from you." She looked towards the pot.

"Ohhhh, but of course…So you've been awfully quiet."

"Yeah it takes me a while…" Daisha admitted and brushed a strand behind her ear again.

"So wow… last time I saw you…you were like 11, 12? And now you're…"


"Yeah… So what do you do now?"

"I'm working in a Veterinary Clinic. I love working with animals, it's with humans I have trouble communicating with." She chuckled nervously.

"Oh wow, that's fascinating though. Did you always want to do that?"

She shook her head. I could tell she was trying her hardest to make longer eye contact but her nerves seemed to get the best of her. I served us 2 cups of fresh coffee and brought out the milk and sugar for her to use; I always drank mine black. I was going to head back in to the den but before I could take another step she poked her head up from her cup and asked me what I did. Glad to see her willingness for some more conversation, I walked around to grab a stool beside her.

As we went into further details regarding medical and scientific issues I couldn't help but study her appearance. That's just the way I am; a note taker and observer of all major and minor details. I watched as her wavy tresses fell to her face every time she laughed and looked down causing her to continue the unbreakable habit of readjusting them behind her ear. While she did that I glanced at her soft looking hands that managed to carry subtle scratch marks which I'm guessing are from handling the many dogs and cats at the clinic.

Usually the ladies I've known that work in any type of clinic or long hour jobs tend to wear very little make up; except for Nicole. But Daisha had simple beauty, she didn't need it. Her style was classic and laid back, wearing a black turtle neck, jeans and grey boots. All I could think about was how I wished this were a different setting; like us sitting at a nice quiet bar and having a couple of drinks or something. Not that I did that much, I had no time. So like I said, I wished.

I could tell my charm was relaxing her, as she was smiling more and even letting her hair fall to her face fighting the urge to push it back. I dare say she even touched my arm twice, whenever I'd say some mind blowing fact. And I admit I kind of liked it. We looked on over to the group as they were quickly demonstrating their drunken acts; meaning louder voices, uncontrollable laughter and clumsiness. So while my friends looked like they were about to pass out, I was going to be stuck with caffeine in my veins to last me a good couple of hours; and so was Daisha.

Nicole walked over at the same time Daisha had excused herself to use the restroom. I was a little concerned by the look of determination in Nicole's eyes but glad I was sober enough to handle whatever would get tossed my way.

"So Charles, why don't you ever call me?"

"Oh you know…I live to work."

"But you are letting all those good looks go to waste. You and your devilish green eyes and thick black locks…"

She babbled as she began to play with my spiked hair. I tried not to let it bug me, it was Nicole after all. She just needed some guidance and a point in the right direction… like to her bedroom…alone.

Anna put her arm around Nicole and they danced up the stairs. But I don't think the guys were done talking yet; they ran up after them and I could hear the screams and laughter as they continued their party on the 2nd floor. I was perfectly content with that. Quiet at last, I could find a cozy spot in front of the fire and enjoy my last sips of coffee.

"Where did everyone go?"

I turned to see Daisha picking up her mug off the counter and joining me on the couch.

"They are either about to pass out or puke in the bedroom upstairs."

"Or maybe both." She added.

"Hey…see, now she's coming out."

"I told you, it takes a while."

"So tell me something interesting about yourself, something even strange that you don't normally tell just anyone." I turned to face her.

"Well, promise you won't laugh?"

I shook my head and placed my hand over my heart.

"I like to draw with my feet."

I wanted to laugh but not because I wanted to tease her, I thought that was actually pretty random and amazing. So I just gave a huge smile instead.

"Wow, so how did that start?"

"I had picked up a pencil off the ground with my foot while I was sitting on a chair. And my dog brought over a scrap piece of paper he was chewing on. I trapped the paper with my other foot and just thought how funny it would be to actually use my feet as though they were my hands. And I began to draw and soon was hooked on the challenge. It's actually quite relaxing."

"Hah, wow! That is something definitely strange yet very interesting."

"Now your turn…" She said enthusiastically.

"I fantasize with stumbling across some radioactive land and becoming the next Incredible Hulk."

As if the same rule didn't apply to her, she began to giggle.

"Hey what happened to no laughing?" I smiled.

"Oh sorry, but you didn't say that I couldn't."

"So what else…Are you seeing someone? Do you date much?"

"No and not really. I'm working and finishing some classes online. It's like there's never any time."

"Daisha, you took the words right out of my mouth."

"You mean you're not seeing anyone either?" She asked very surprised.

"Sadly no, I practically sleep in my office since I'm in there so much. That's why I'm looking forward to relaxing these next couple of days. It's nice that you were able to get time away too."

"I know right!" She smiled.

Our cups were empty and the noise upstairs had died down. I wasn't sure what to do next to further entertain my guest. I realized it was late but I wasn't sleepy and by the looks of it neither was she.

"Is there anymore cheesecake left?" She asked bashfully.

I nodded and grinned as we made our way towards the fridge. She stood at the end of the counter and I brought the last slice to her. I grabbed two forks and handed one to her except she was distracted looking at the ceiling.

"Why is there a random branch sticking out of your ceiling?"

Once I got a glimpse I couldn't help but smile.

"That's actually mistletoe; one of the girls must have hung it there."

She barely verbalized an "Oh", and the moment grew strangely awkward. I couldn't read her mind, and I couldn't help but get a little nervous too. Were you still obligated to kiss even if no one had caught you standing underneath it? What if I didn't feel the obligation, but more like the desire to?

"Who made up that tradition, do you know?"

"Kissing under the mistletoe? I really don't know."

I kept wondering the same thing over and over again…did she want to be kissed? Would she step back if I kissed her? My best guess was if she wasn't interested she would have moved away by now. I think we were just too scared to admit that we wanted to; I had to act fast before the moment was over though.

"You don't have to if you don't want…" I complied.

"I'm not one to break traditions." She smiled nervously.

Okay then, so I was about to kiss Daisha. Woah, didn't see that coming! I steadily stepped closer and lifted her head slightly with my hand. With my other hand I brushed away those silly strands that caused so much distraction the entire night. I saw her swallow hard and discreetly lick her lips; I wanted to dive right in but was unaware of the "rules" on kissing under the mistletoe. For others this kiss would have been over and done with by now. But for me, I wanted to make a lasting impression.

After I had gazed into her eyes, finally hypnotizing her long enough to remain fixed on me, I leaned in to kiss her. Her lips were cool and sweet. She tasted like that New York cheesecake. How could I stop now? But it appeared as though I didn't have to; all of a sudden I felt her tiny hands grab gently at my waist. With both of my hands I held her face securely and continued to deepen my kiss. I still could not believe I was kissing Brad's sister, and I didn't know how he would react if he was to catch us right now.

I know that I would probably be blushing like an idiot, and I was dreading for when we'd finally pull away and she'd witness my tomato face. But she didn't pull away, almost a minute into the kiss and we were still liking this. I felt her fingers tangle in my blue sweater and tighten their grip; this only turned me on more. Now that I was this close I could smell a faint vanilla scent in her hair and on her skin. How did she know that was my favorite flavor?

Things started to get messy as my hands dug into her hair and the kiss grew a tad more aggressive. Thank you mistletoe! I felt no guilt or shame, it was clear she was enjoying this as much as I was. We stepped back until she bumped against the counter, causing us to break the kiss. I wasn't the only one turning bright red. Daisha hid her face in my chest and we shared a quiet laugh.

"It's been a loooong time." She said with a lower yet incredibly sexy voice. Only I don't think she was aware of how sexy it sounded.

"I hear ya." I touched my lips and still tasted her sweetness. "That should go in the books as the world's best mistletoe kiss."

She laughed in a high pitch, it shocked her and she covered her mouth rapidly.

"Oh don't worry; they're in a drunken coma." I assured her.

I wasn't sure if the whole kissing thing was over, for she still held on to my sweater preventing me from moving away. Not that I wanted to, I was looking forward to kissing her again. I couldn't help it; it had been almost a year if not more since I last kissed a girl. I shouldn't be having this problem, but like I said…no time. Not now though, now we had all the time in the world.

"I liked it." She smiled.

"The kiss? I did too." I smiled back.

I twirled a piece of her hair in my fingers and I guess that must have been the "switch" button because she pulled me towards her mouth again. I could sense her trying to lift herself up, so I took the liberty of lifting her by the waist on to the counter. I had no intention of taking too far; we were just clearly attracted to each other and had decided to act on it.

I thought her shy side had begun to fade once her hands began touching underneath my sweater. I did her the favor and removed it, and to my surprise she sat back and just gawked. She ran her fingers slowly from my chest to my navel.

"How is it you study and work so much and yet you have the body of a god? When do you find the time to work out?" She asked bewildered.

"I eat healthy and well another strange fact is every time I feel overwhelmed I quickly do some sort of brisk exercise to refocus."

"You must get overwhelmed a lot…Oh my gosh, how embarrassing! I'm sorry." She lowered her face.

"Sorry for what?" I grinned.

"I must look like an idiot just staring at your body as though I had never seen a guy's torso before. Like if you were a piece of meat or something."

"As a matter of fact, I kind of like it. I never felt like a piece of meat before." I smirked.

I lifted her head and gave her an "its ok" look, allowing her to continue with the exploring eyes and thirsty lips as I leaned in for another kiss. It felt almost like we were teenagers kissing in her parent's basement or something. The thrill and risk of getting caught by anyone seemed to heighten the excitement.

"Oh my gosh, what am I doing?" She gasped. "This is so unlike me!"

She pulled back and slid off of the counter. She tucked her hair behind her ears again as she searched for what it seems like an excuse to leave. I casually slipped into my sweater and unintentionally kept grinning as she remained speechless.

"It's ok, it's late; you should go to bed." I said calmly.

She looked up at me with that shy look in her eyes again.

"Please don't tell." She whispered.

I nodded and smiled. Still somewhat puzzled from her sudden change of heart but clearly she had stepped out of her comfort zone, and I wasn't about to force her to venture some more. I had no intention of any of this happening and I hoped she wouldn't be awkward with me the next day. I began to switch off the lights as I heard her quietly go up the stairs. In a matter of minutes I was in bed. Silly mistletoe!


Adam and I were getting the fire going early in the morning while the ladies cooked us some breakfast. As I remained kneeling throwing in another log, I glance over at the kitchen and caught Daisha flashing a bashful half smile and looking away. I had a feeling that as she hid her face from my view, that smile got a whole lot bigger. I couldn't help react in a like manner, especially remembering the scene that took place by the counter there just hours ago.

I wore my white v neck sweater and some comfy jeans. And that was pretty much the attire for everyone else in the cabin. No one had any intention of leaving; it was way too cold outside. So our entertainment for the day would be more conversation and perhaps games or movies. Believe me with everyone's hectic schedules, a weekend of doing nothing was a unanimous choice.

Brad began to look through our DVD collection and chose to watch a Christmas horror film; very fitting. But before we could start the feature, we sat together and enjoyed an amazing plate of pancakes, bacon and eggs. Then of course there was orange juice and coffee. Still I had a feeling the eggnog in the fridge would get broken into before noon.

Anna sat across from me and right beside her was Daisha. As we all made small talk, too distracted with chewing, I still noticed her avoiding any eye contact. I didn't want to act like I didn't care but I didn't want to bother her if she was trying to stay away. Besides I was the one she had talked to the most last night and seemed to be the most comfortable with, I didn't want her to feel like she had to start over or worse that she not try at all.

We settled in the den area and began the movie. Blankets and pillows were tossed around and everyone was hidden with only heads lurking out. Meanwhile Anna was busy snapping pictures. Brad was sitting next to me but started joking around that he didn't want me snuggling next to him if I got scared. So he got up and laid next to Nicole, leaving Daisha and I on the big couch. Though when Anna was done, instead of sitting in the empty seat between Daisha and I she chose the other corner and asked Daisha to scoot over.

The good thing about these couches is their size. They were wide and long, you couldn't help feel small in them. I say this because although you start sitting straight up, it's only a matter of time before you're slouching and getting sucked in like some huge beanie bag chair. Take Daisha for instance, practically a foot away from me and now she's moments away from laying her head on my shoulder. Brad was further upfront, so he couldn't see any of this.

I kept convincing myself to make a move, and in one scene she jumped. It was just enough to seal the space between us. Within seconds she ended up laying her head on my shoulder after all. Still under the blanket, hidden from all eyes, I slid my hand to find hers. Pretty soon her whole arm sat across my leg and I could just caress the length of her forearm and tickle her skin. She eventually did the same to me. It was sweet and kept us smiling throughout the whole movie.

At one point I whispered in her ear to guess what I was writing on her arm. And with my fingertip, she would have to feel what the letters were. I spelled out k-i-s-s. And when I believed she finally got it was when she began to blush. She in turn wrote back y-e-s and then drew a smiley face.

I saw Anna looking over at us from the corner of my eye. At first her stare was quite inquisitive but then she just smiled and shook her head. When I finally looked at her she widened her eyes and shot a look at Daisha and then back at me. I winked at her (not a perverted kind of wink) and she gave me a wink back of approval. I knew the secret was safe with her. Interesting thing about close guy friends, you never know how cool things are with them until you date one of their siblings. And I felt a deep attraction for Daisha; I knew that for sure.

Before the movie was over Daisha whispered something in my ear. I shook my head and she got up and went to her room. Everyone then got up to stretch and I waited casually for a few moments to go by, but Anna pulled me into the kitchen.

"Daisha? What's that all about?" She whispered in excitement.

"That!" I pointed to the mistletoe on the ceiling. "That's what started it all."

"Nicole put that there."

"Well, I thank her for it. I'm just surprised it was with Daisha. Actually I'm very thankful!"

"So, what's going to happen here? Or is it nothing serious?" Anna asked curiously.

"Truth is I don't know. Maybe I'd like to find out before Brad does. I need you to help me distract him while we step out. Can you do that for me?"

Anna nodded and walked away.

"Brad, you stink go take a shower!" I heard Anna yell.

Perfect! After about 10 minutes he finally did so, and Daisha and I sneaked out without being seen. We dressed extremely warm, even if we only walked to the car.

"I'm freezing." Daisha muttered.

I quickly turned on the car and blasted the heat. I couldn't help feel like a sneaky teenager again, but knew we couldn't keep this going on for long. I unzipped my jacket so I could comfortably sit facing her.

"So what's going on here…with us?" I asked hesitantly.

"I don't know…what are you thinking?" She asked hopeful and kind of embarrassed.

"I'm thinking…I'm interested in getting to know you more and that I like what I know and see so far. What do you think about that?" There I said it.

"I'm thinking that I can't believe this is happening. And that I must confess something no matter how humiliating it is."


"I had the hugest, I mean HUGE, crush on you when I was younger."

"YOU DID?" I was shocked.

"Uh huh, I thought you were the dreamiest…Everything from your glasses to your hair and those argyle vests you wore."

"Oh nooo, not the vests. Not my best years of fashionable choices." I laughed.

"You can imagine how devastated I was when I found out my parents were going to send me away to boarding school. I fought them on it for days and weeks. But we all know how that turned out." She said sadly.

"Don't regret any of it. It makes you who you are today…But wow I can't believe that, I would have never guessed it."

"That's why I kind of panicked last night. I'm sorry."

"No, don't be. I believe I kind of over-intensified what was meant to be a simple kiss." I said bashfully staring and gripping hard at the steering wheel.

When I looked at her she was undoubtedly glowing. Funny how things turn out sometimes, but how could we make things work? Clearly there was quite some distance between us, not to mention the loads of work we were constantly sunk into.

"Look, I like you. But the truth is we live far way, we have demanding and time consuming jobs and studies. We don't even have time to date…"

As I explained this to her I could see her glow dim out, yet I wasn't done.

"Still, I think we should at least try. Get to know each other better, phone calls, text…see where this goes. How does that sound?" I suggested.

"I think that sounds wonderful." She said doe-eyed.

I bit my lip to keep from freaking her out with my huge smile. Perhaps once she was done with her online classes and I had finally graduated from my Ph.D., which wasn't too far away, then we could focus on the next steps. Who knows, but I was excited to find out.

"What about Brad? I'm fine with not telling him if you are; whatever you want to do."

Honestly, I wasn't sure. I needed to further think this through.

"Do you want to go for a short drive?" I asked eagerly.

She shook her head happily as she proceeded to buckle her seat belt.


We went to a mini-market down the road and I bought some fresh loaves of bread, deli cuts and more wine. If we went back empty handed that would raise some suspicion. It was a little past noon when we returned and just like I suspected the eggnog was halfway gone.

"Where did you guys go?" asked Brad.

I raised my hand to show him the groceries as evidence. As I began to prepare the lunch I couldn't help think back on a particular moment of our trip. I had just gotten the meat cuts and began searching for Daisha through the aisles. I found her standing before the wines and hesitated to immediately call out her name. Instead I walked slowly observing her as she stared at the bottles.

I imagined us in the future, this whole thing working out and us shopping together for groceries like couples do. I grew comfortable with the idea and was even more convinced when she looked over at me and flashed a smile. Who knew she, my old friend's sister, liked me so long ago. At the time the thought would seem absurd, but now...I couldn't shake the thought from my head. She was all grown up, looked so different and beautiful. She was smart and into science and animals; what wasn't there to love and hope about this possible relationship.

I was in a daze while she couldn't decide on red or white.

"Should I get the Cabernet?"

I couldn't hear a thing she said. I mean, I know what she said but I didn't care about the wine right then. I placed the grocery basket on the floor and saw her eyes squint full of wonder. Not minding, I shadowed over her and pulled her in for a kiss. I didn't care if I was in the middle of a market place; it had to be done.

"What are you smirking about?" Anna interrupted.

"Nothing…" I quickly grabbed the plate of stacked sandwiches and moved towards the dining table.

"Nothing huh? I wish 'nothing' would cause me to smile like that too."

"Anna, do you think I should mention something to Brad?" I whispered.

"I don't see why not. I mean you guys are adults, it's not like you need his permission or anything. Why, are you nervous?"

"Yeah, I don't understand why."

"Just get it over with."

Right, I don't know why I'm making such a big deal anyway. I would find a time to do it after lunch.


I waited till after lunch, then after dinner and before I knew it we were packing our things. Brad was outside putting his luggage in the car, I thought now was a good time as ever.

"Hey Brad…there is something I wanted to tell you…"

He looked at me as casual as ever, not suspecting anything.

"I like Daisha, and we are planning to keep in touch …" I said short breathed.

"Finally bro!"


"Yeah man, I knew she's always had a thing for you. I read her diary."

"Why didn't you ever say anything?"

"I'm a jerk sometimes but…well you know how shy she is; she would have died had I mentioned something. Why do you think I brought her here? I thought maybe, if she still liked you, this would be the chance."

"Wow, and here I've been so nervous to even say anything to you."

"Why would you be nervous Dude? Now if you were the type of guy…like me for example, no way! But I know you Charlie; you'd be good for her." Brad admitted.

I'll never understand why I was so nervous. I guess I knew that since they only had their mother now, Brad was that 'male figure' I needed a sign of approval from. Not that I was jumping into marriage or anything, but you can't mess around when it comes to a friend's sister.

Daisha and I were standing in the entryway, searching through the calendars on our phones. We were planning for the next visit after the New Year's. I've heard of impossible romance stories coming together, and I refused to believe that ours had to be any different. We knew that with hard work things got accomplished. Why would a relationship be any more different then our efforts applied to our education and careers? It doesn't take rocket science, just chemistry.