"Lights turning on are like new people being born" My mother said that Christmas, before the Man took the Highlands for himself. Christmas was a holiday I never understood. Nobody did. More than a thousand years it has been since the Dark went away, and we were finally free. Since then, the costumes of the Old have been used in hope we returned to greatness. The Old were not People of stone, like us, they were of steel. Their houses reached out to the Sky and their Monsters touched the stars, but when the Dark came, they still died and were defeated. The Dark were like an infection, spreading across the world. They took away the Old's weapons and left them with crossbows, arrows, spears, swords and fire. Father said once that fire is not a weapon to kill, it is the warmth of family and the light in the dark.

My parents knew what was coming. The Man of The East-River would kill us all. His name is Tosc-Kem-Qurt. His troops advanced toward our city of Rusc. Many warriors told tales of what his soldiers did. He would burn each city, and then if there were survivors, he chained them up and fed them to his wolf pack.

My brother was very scared by those stories, as he was only 5. I was 14 then, I didn't believe the stories. How wrong I was.

Two days after Christmas, the soldiers surrounded the city. A few escaped including our family. My dad refused to leave his post and was shot by an arrow. My uncle accepted to protect us. Running away, I saw Rusc burn to ashes. That night, I slept uneasily, dreaming of wolves and fires

"Fires are not for killing" my dad said "They are the warmth of family" I woke up and took my uncle's sword, a horse, a crossbow and bolts, and a skin filled with water. I escaped looking for revenge.