Beach Trip

I walked down the peaceful beach. The tide came in by my feet. I was glad no one else was there. I needed time to think, and be by myself. The tide was cold as it left slimy seaweed wrapped around my ankles. The sky was covered in stormy gray clouds. I smelt the rain, but I didn't worry about it. The only sound was the crashing waves. It kept everything soothing, and kept me happy.

Thunder roared off in the distance. "Awesome! A day on a stormy beach will be the highlight of my week" I thought. I felt the cool water hit my arms and feet. They rain was refreshing. I enjoyed this weather, especially at the beach. The only bad part was the taste of salt water in my mouth. The thunder had become louder. The weather became a stormy orchestra. My head was lowered. I looked up from the sand. A twisted smile painted across my lips. My thoughts were scattering, and my imagination went wild with the wind and the rain.

I looked at my feet again. A stupid piece of barf green seaweed was caught around my ankle. I pulled it off, and then proceeded to fall on my face. I got to my feet quickly. A shiver was sent down my spine. I untied my hoodie from my waste and put it on. The rain begun to get heavy that you could hear it hit the waves. As the other pieces of the storm joined the orchestra it began their first piece. It sounded like Beethoven's 5th symphony. My wind blew my hair into my face. I pulled my hood up quickly.

The wind had become so strong it almost knocked me off my balance. The symphony continued. I starred at the rocks. Something shiny sat on the rocks. As I saw the metal slab on top of the cliffs the wind died down. I realized the metal slab was a door.

Door on the Cliff

As I scaled the cliff, I noticed the door was almost eight feet tall. It was a silver door. In the short amount of time it took me to get to the door, the door had dulled to grayish silver. There was no door knob. There were scratches everywhere. The rain slid smoothly down the door.

I took a closer look. Red dried spots coated the door. I looked up. "Oh, look a window." I thought sarcastically. The window was barred and tinted. Even if it wasn't tinted I wouldn't be able to see through it. It was too far up. I touched the door. I was expecting it to be cold. I pulled my hand away quickly. The door was radiating heat. My hand was red. "What could have caused that?" I asked myself. My hand cooled down. I looked at the door. I walked behind the door. There was nothing there except miles of beach. I went back to the front of the door again.

I stared at it. I noticed the door was automatic and had a hand scanner. I stared at the door, and my thoughts wandered pulling ideas of what could be inside the door from the deepest part of my imagination. A twisted smile returned.

I stared at it for almost a half hour in silence. I only listened to the roll of thunder and the crashing waves as if they were close friends. It was still very peaceful and quiet. No human noise happened. I stared at the door, and in between crashing waves and the roars of thunder there was a scream. The scream was blood curdling and made my hear skip a beat and sent a shiver down my spine. Then the silence fell again. The silence slowly plastered my memory with the scram from behind the door.

The Flashback

I continued focusing on the door. The scream replayed through my mind. Even though I was completely focused on the door my thoughts wandered. It took me back three years. Taking me back to when I was 13.

I sat on my grass in my front yard. It was a cloudy fall day. The birch trees had just turned into a golden yellow. My sister wasn't out yet from 29 palms. My brother wouldn't be home from college for another three weeks. My parents and twin brother went down the hill for the day.

I was relaxed watching the clouds. I looked at the street. I watched as a black Subaru pass my house. Ten minutes later it passed again. Another ten minutes passed it passed again. This time it was going slower. I narrowed my eyes. The car continually passed. After it passed for the tenth time I ran inside. I went to go grab something to defend myself just in case. I found a pellet rifle. Good thing I knew how to shoot. My dogs barked at the car now parked in the drive way. Two men stepped out of the car. The both wore black. I peered out the office window. I watched them make their way to the door. I stayed close to the walls out of sight. I built up enough courage to crawl to a phone. I called my neighbors. I told them to call the police.

My neighbors reassured me that they already did. After hanging up, I heard a violent banging on the door. I looked over at the small window in the door. One man looked straight at me. They saw the phone in my hand and the pellet riffle in the other hand. The continued the banging on the door. I stood frozen until I heard the sirens. I took a deep breath and went to go put the riffle away.

I took a step closer to the door. I heard people yelling, and screaming to drop the weapon. I heard a gun fire and a man scream. I looked out the window praying that the cops had caught the men. I was sadly mistaken. A police man had been shot. The two men had gotten away.


As I reentered reality, I realized I was still standing in front of the door. I was now desperate to see what was behind the door. I pushed on the door ignoring the pain on my hands. Nothing happened. I kicked the door as hard as I could, and still it didn't budge. Now I was getting mad. I rammed my shoulder into the door. I grabbed my shoulder and bit my tongue trying not to scream in pain. I was to mad to do anything. I stood there for a couple minutes, and the pain and anger subsided. I put my hand to the scanner in a calmer pursuit. Nothing happened. I started muttering unpleasant things under my breath. I was way too angry now. I couldn't focus. I then realized this stupid door wasn't worth the mental problems. I climbed off the cliffs and walked away.

I was almost a half mile from the cliff now. I was trying to forget that horrid flashback and stupid door. As the tide came in something cold and clammy wrapped around my ankle. When I looked down I saw a hand around my ankle. It wasn't connected to anything. It was just a hand. It must have belonged to a white woman. The nails must have been painted, because the yellow nail polish was chipped. I picked up the hand to study it closer. The hand was delicate. Each finger had a ring with a different colored jewel. There was a white diamond, a blue sapphire, a brown topaz, a green peridot, and a purple amethyst. They all varied in size. The biggest jewel was the diamond on the ring figure. I tapped each jewel. The sapphire one was hollow. I carefully slipped it off of the pinky. I carefully looked at it. I saw a small button on the side. I pressed the button. The top of the gem opened. A small piece of paper was hidden inside. I pulled it out carefully. I opened the note. I read the note carefully. It said this:

I'll give you a hand, because this is your key. –U.K.

The Voice Within

I stared at the hand. I quickly ran towards the cliffs. I scaled the cliffs quickly. I made it to the cliffs in record time. As I pressed the hand to the scanner a flash of lightening and roar of the thunder started. The door flew open. I was ready for anything to happen. It was dark on the other side. I quickly checked the other side of the door. It was still beach on that side of the door. I peered in the dark crevice. I shook my head dismayed. I took a step in. The next thing I knew the door slammed shut behind me. I didn't think much of it of course.

Where was I? As I looked around the room I saw human bones and blood all around the room. It was kinda creepy. The fire lite torches didn't help matters much. The blood and bones lined the square chamber. The rock walls were stained with blood. As I looked around my eyes seemed to find a body lying on the door. It was a girl about my age on the floor. She had piercing yellow eyes and straight brown hair. Her lips were cherry red, on her visible hand had a sapphire ring on her pinky. Her throat was slit, and it was oozing out blood. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I felt something on my bare feet. I looked down. It was blood. I then realized the chick that was dead in the corner could have been me. I backed up into the wall. Tears rolled down my cold cheeks. My breath shuddered as the fear hit me. My back slid down the wall. The tears came faster.

"WHERE AM I!" I cried loudly. My breath continued to shudder and the tears slowed for a second.

A small distance from outside the barred room, a vicious, horrible, horrifying voice spoke, "Home."


"Who said that?" I croaked.

"You don't remember, do you?" The voice softened.

"Who are you?" I cried. A 15 year old boy stepped into focus. His hair looked like a black and silver flame. His eyes were like black flames flickering in anger or concern, it was hard to tell. He wore a colored black suit with silver pin stripping. He walked and clutched the bars on the door. He shook the bars quickly.

"Serena, why did you lock yourself in the dungeon?" The boy asked.

"Who-who's Serena?" I asked afraid.

"Connor, I need your help!" the boy yelled. A sixteen year old boy came into view. His eyes were silver, and his hair was choppily cut and as dark as an abyss. He wore a grey t-shirt over top of a black long sleeve t-shirt. Clearly imprinted on the right sleeve was a yellow star.

"What, Matt?" the guy said. I guess his name was Connor.

"Look into the cell and tell me what you see." The boy said. I slowly stood up. I stayed close to the wall. Both boys studied me and my movements.

"Do you think…?" Connor said, but interrupted by the other boy.

"She doesn't know who she is." The boy said. I stood there silently.

"Matt, there could be the chance of Serena growing up with a different identity." Conner said. The other boy must be Matt.

"Possible." Matt stated nodding in conclusion.

"Excuse me," I finally spoke," My name's Kelly Pennington."

"NO YOUR NAME IS SERENA MANESTELI!" Matt yelled loudly. I almost fell over at the volume of his voice. Conner swiftly elbowed him. Matt collected himself and looked me up and down," Serena, what are you wearing? Where are your shoes? That outfit is absolutely horrid!" Matt said getting another elbow into his gut from Connor. He gave me a fanged smile. This made me uneasy. He unlocked the door and backend me to come. His smile stayed painted on his lips.

"Come Serena." Connor said pleasantly.

The final Truth

I stood in fear not sure if I should answer to Serena. I finally walked out of the cell. I wasn't sure if I should say anything or not.

"So where am I exactly?" I asked.

"Home," Connor said leading me out of the dungeon.

"Where is home exactly?" I asked a little confused.

"You're on the West Shore of Starlon." Connor replied.

"Okay then." I said not sure how to respond. Connor stopped in front of a door. He knew Matt was out of sight and earshot.

"I know you're not Serena." Connor said." My name isn't even Connor." His voice was a whisper.

"What?" I said processing his words. My eyes narrowed," Who are you?" I asked.

"Peter Johnson." The boy said. "You and I were not from here." Peter stated. It continued the whisper.

"Finally someone makes sense." I stated in a whisper.

"Matt, he's nuts. He's gonna try and keep you here, and play house with him. He will hold us against our wills." Peter said.

"So how do we get out?" I asked.

"We have to kill him and find," His breath went shaky." Serena." He stated.

"Who the heck is Serena?" I asked.

"She is a good sorceress on the North Shore. She has helped lots of people escape. We have to take Matt's heart if we can." Peter said.

"Why?" I asked.

"He's a demon." Peter said. I grabbed the cross around my neck. Good, it was still there.

"That explains so much." I said. I saw Matt come behind Peter.

"Brother you look ill. Go rest." Matt said. He touched Peter's arm lightly. Peter turned pale and fell to the floor unconscious. I reached for my pocket knife. Matt took a step closer," What are you getting?" He asked.

"Oh, nothing," I said clutching the knife behind my back. I flicked the blade up. Matt took another step towards me. "I know what you are." I stated. He had a twisted smile as he stepped closer. I jabbed him in the heart with my knife. Matt's lifeless body fell dead to the ground.


I looked down at the body. I couldn't believe I did that. I remembered peter on the floor passed out. I kicked his side," WAKE UP PETER!" I said

"What?" He said slowly gaining consciousness.

"We have to get out of here." I said urgently helping him to his feet.

"Okay." He said. His eyes looked at Matt's body. "Not gonna make you my enemy any time soon." Peter stated.

"You'll be fine as long as you stay out of my bubble." I stated.

He clutched the side I kicked. "What happened to my side?" He asked.

"Uhh….." I thought fast," When you fell down you hit your side, on the door knob." I said.

"Okay, Matt's dead. The hard part done. Now you can choose to leave or stay." Peter said.

"I have to go. I have a life to get back to." I stated.

"What year was it when you left?" He asked.

"2014." I stated.

"I have nothing to go back to. I went through that God forbidden door in 1943." Peter said.

"That would make you like 71 years old. Why do you look like your only16?" I asked.

"Time is frozen here." Peter stated. "Your age is locked when you go through the door."

"I'm going back." I stated firmly.

"I know a short cut." Peter said.

"You know a short cut?" I said. Peter wasn't the brightest light bulb was he?

"Yes." Peter said.

"Whatever." I said. Peter smiled and grabbed my hand and led me to a secret passage. There was a small room with enough room to crawl through. Then a small door was directly inside. Right in the dead smack center was a key whole. Peter pulled off a necklace with a small black key on it. He put the key in the whole. Click-Click! The door unlocked and swung open. A blinding light shined through. "Thanks for the help." I said.

"You're welcome. Good-bye Creyshana." Peter said. I nodded and crawled through the door way.

I opened my eyes. Was I imagining it? It was too real. The door was right in front of me. I climbed down the cliffs and put my hands in my pocket. I felt a slip of paper in my pocket. I pulled it out. I opened it up and read it. It looked like this:

Things aren't what they seem. The battle isn't over.



I gasped. I could have sworn he was dead. Unless, I killed the wrong person