Hope you like this new story of mine!


Chapter one: Harvey Academy

I'm not rich. I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth. There were no maids at my house, just a drunken father and mother. My house was not as big as palace; in fact it was a trailer in the middle of nowhere.

So you can guess my surprise when I went to fetch the mail, and I had a letter address to me from Harvey Academy. Which is one of the world's most prestige schools.

Dear Skyla Ruth,

You have been accepted into Harvey Academy! We would like to congratulate you! We hope that you will be able to make it to registration day on August 8, or if you prefer you can go online and register there. We can't wait for you to come, learn, and experience Harvey Academy, where everyone shines like stars on and off the stage!

The Dean,

Fred Macon

I smiled in happiness; I had been accepted into Harvey Academy. A place where the rich and famous go! Just like Sarah Williston, who was my favorite book author. Oh, and Neil Young! Who is also an author of a book I am currently reading. Then there is Jackie Baker, Cindy Maxton, Piper Sun, they all went to Harvey Academy and became famous authors!

My smile soon turned to a frown. I don't have money ... How will I be able to pay to go? I turned my head a little and looked down my bumpy, gravel, driveway. I stared at the trailer; it was so trashy looking. The once white paint, now yellow from old age. The windows duct taped around the edges to keep the cool air inside during the summer, and the cold air out during winter.

I can almost see my mom and dad's expression when they hear I have gotten accepted ... anger. They will surely rip the paper to shreds, right in front of my eyes. While yelling at me about how I have to say in this hell hole of a town, just like they do.

I knew I had to keep the letter a secret and lock myself in my small room, plotting a plan to somehow get the money to go to Harvey Academy and find away to tell my parents …

3 Months Later

I stood in front of Harvey Academy, in pure shock. It was one of the most breath taking buildings I have ever seen. It was made of stone, not just any stone, but marble. It looked like a palace.

"Skyla, I am so happy for you getting accepted here!" My Aunt Edie said. I glanced at her and gave her a quick smile.

"I am happy too, but what happens when my mom and dad find out that, I am here, and not living with you?" I question. She gave me a smile.

"We have planned this out for month, Skyla. They will never know that you are not living with me. You and I both know that vodka and whisky will keep their minds preoccupied."

"I know, but-"

"Skyla, now you listen to your Aunt Edie, things will be fine. You will have a blast here. I can feel it! Don't worry about your parents. They have no control over what I do with you anyways; I have guardianship over you now, not them." I sighed and gave my Aunt Edie a hug.

"I wish this was like a regular high school, and I will be able to come home to your house after school." I stated as I let go of her. Aunt Edie gave me a warm smile.

"Living in a dorm will be fun! You will have roommates and I am sure you will become great friends with them. Oh, and remember you are here on a scholarship, don't do anything crazy. If you do, you might lose it, and have to go back to Point East High School."

"You know me aunt Edie, I am not one to go out and do crazy things. I rather stay in bed and read." I said, aunt Edie chuckled.

"I know, but a school like this changes people ... Who knows, you might meet a rich guy, fall in love, and run off in the sunset together!" She said, I laughed at her, she is always in to hopeless romantic stories.

"I am one hundred percent sure; I will not fall in love while I am here at Harvey Academy." I said, aunt Edie gave me a skeptical look.

"We'll see." She said before giving me a final hug, and making me promise to visit here during the holidays.