The existence of a milk carton

Evertime you check on it, it's more empty

You shake it to make sure, and you know you have to go and replace it soon

If it keeps for too long, it gets bad and it is no longer desirable

It was once so full and brings a smile to your face because you know it's full and good

When you checked on it, you know it was full and you had nothing to worry about

But everytime you check on it it gets a little more empty

You smile a little less and start to worry

You frown because you know eventually you know you eventually have to replace it

When it gets too old or when it is close to empty, you go out to look for another one

You browse the aisle, you look to see for any deals worthwhile

You see if there are any better ones than the one you had before

The existence of my heart

Evertime I check on the love in my heart, it becomes more empty

I shake myself emotionally to make sure, and I know it's going to have to go and make a change soon

If I stay like this for too long, there will be no more love in me

The love in my heart was once so full it brought a smile to my face because I knew that it was full and good

I had nothing to worry about because I knew the love was complete

But now, everytime I check on it, it's a little more empty

I smile less and start to worry

I frown because I know that this isn't living, and I will have to go and fill the emptiness

I know if I wait long enough, I will eventually have to go and look again

I'll have to look around and see if there's anyone worthwhile

I have to see if there is anyone whom my love will feel more complete than the love I had before

The milk carton of my heart