Legions in the Spirit Realm

Sya (Passing Clan) - help darkened souls/humans pass over to death

Commander: Oni

Lieutenant: Adare

Third in command: Krea

Fourth, fifth, etc: Never mentioned

Ina (Flowing Clan) - Can get somewhere in a hurry, battlefront

Commander: Nero

Lieutenant: Rowan

Third in Command: Tana

Fourth in Command: Una

Fifth in Command: Sheeta

Nua (Shifting Clan) - Specials kills needed to defeat certain darkened souls

Commander: Dante

Lieutenant: Nirvana

Third in Command: Fen

Fourth in Command: Mira

Fifth in Command: Rouge

Sixth in Command: Jericho

Kise (Drifting Clan) - Can trick and con darkened souls

Commander: Kushki

Lieutenant: Meena

Third, Fourth, etc: Never known. Just known as "the girls")

Aja (Healing Clan) - Heal wounded Soul Reapers

Commander: Suyo

Lieutenant: Bruni

Third in command: Leia

Four, Fifth: Never mentioned

Latu (Weapon Clan) - Help make Kages and other weapons

Commander: Lavana

Lieutenant: Flint

Third in command: Rune

Tome (Training Clan) - Train only those who are to become Fully Realized/Elders, second largest clan

Comander: Osapa

Lieutenant: Osonu

Third in Command: Malic

Several other teachers

Ora ( Strength Clan) - Brute Fierceness, largest clan (more than a hundred Soul Reapers)

Commander: Raven

Lieutenant: Echo

Third, Fourth, Fifth: So on and so on

Koya ( Wisdom Clan) - Very intelligent clan

Commander: Crow

Lieutenant: Aphra

Third in Command: Nuna (not a Soul Reaper yet but extremely intelligent)


Lucien – Nua clan

Diadi – Kise clan

Talon – Aja clan

Zephyr – Sya clan

Shobu – Tome

Rue (only woman elder, eldest of group) – Ora

Wuca – Ina

Nairo – Latu