Yeah, at that point of time I knew that
I'd miss the things I had then, and the friends I used to have—
that I'd look at my laughter from then, and cry at those moments
soon turned into memories from a distant past.
Never thought that I'd hold the dusty photo frames
and let my tears drip running down and cling to them.
Well I'm just a sucker at moving on,
don't know that what's around me can just change,
I'm clueless, hopeless—nothing's ever the same and I'm not
the same person who cried so easily.
Though looking back at the many yesterdays,
every word I've saved up and not said,
now I watch myself go speechless and mute
at every person who has changed and every place
that isn't the same.
I look out of the window to see that
the smell of the rain's gone, that the sunlight's reaching me,
but in the midst of it, maybe I started missing the rain as well.
And I miss all the times I'd blush at your name,
smile ever so sweetly as though I've never been in love—
that my reflexes were just to hide
whenever I see you walk pass.
I was silly, foolish, gullible, naïve but I think
the time spend loving you was the time that
I felt alive, but there were also the cries.

But now, maybe the rain will wash away
all the unforgettable things I've done in the past
and the two drawings I've given to the ones I love—
maybe a sign of existence that I've once lived here,
in my memories. Yeah, I'll try moving on,
drying footsteps in the snow,
but hey, I know I'll succeed one day.