Love is one hell of a drug. Written December 2011.

Your heartstring stitches tore again
Infection settles fast
If you can't find a remedy
This time could be your last.

You're willing to accept your fate
You think your life is through
But hold on, I believe I've found
The perfect cure for you.

Now listen, I'm no doctor
But experienced, I am
This medicine I speak of
I assure you, is no sham.

When taken in small doses
This elixir's sure to heal
However, there's some side effects
I guarantee you'll feel;

Shortness of breath, racing heart
Stomach butterflies
A natural high, as though you could fly
Tears pooled in your eyes.

This treatment, it will fix you
Kill the infection within
Your life, removed from Death's tight grasp
So you can breathe again.

There's one thing I should warn you
About this miraculous drug
If you become dependent
At those heartstrings, it will tug.

And if you choose to quit,
End your prescription on a whim
The wound reopens, and what's more?
Your life, once again grim.