The thing that most everyone, in the fair town of Hilroy, knows is that their private school, Fe Male, has a major sexist problem. It is so vastly known, I'm shocked you don't already know about it. So many disputes occur there that sometimes they have reality shows come and interview the students. The really strange thing about this school is that it's sexist against both genders.

Of course this doesn't make any sense to you so let me elaborate:

At the beginning of one summer two schools found out they had run into bankrapcy so bad that they would have to shut down. The funding that they received was not enough to keep them going. Both of them happened to realize this about the same time.

One of these schools was a boys boarding school. It seemed as though they were trained to believe females were meant to be stay-at-home mums while the men went and ran the world and did business. Woman were degraded to things that made babies and cleaned after making a sandwich. This was the environment of the boys school. It was run by men for men to become 'men'.

The other school, a girls private school, believed men to be stupid monkeys who rode far to high on their horses. Men, in the eyes of the school owner and principal, were useless and pointless, save for reproductions sake. The girls in this school were encouraged to become more and more independent, and hate men for their 'disrespectful ways'.

Now, both of these views were very unfair and wrong, yet so drilled into the minds of the students by the teachers and peers that it was freely believed and looked at as true. While neither one of them had it quite right they went on as if so.

But, alas, both schools ran out of money due to far too much gym equipment purchased on the boys' part, and an immense amount of reading material on the girls'.

The owners of both schools were desperate to keep the school functioning. They looked for people to donate money, books, anything really for the school. But there just wasn't enough.

They had two options: shut down or join.

It wasn't an option in the eyes of the school owners. They were so passionate about their views that they couldn't even choose which building they would use. You can imagine how bad things were when school finally began.

How Complicated Could it Be?

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First Time

Jane was as happy as she could be. Christmas break was finally over. She could hardly believe she had survived staying at home for three weeks. It was so boring there. There was nobody to hang out with -besides her cousin, Teresa, and that was out of the question- and no one to call -everyone she knew from school was away for the holidays- and she couldn't even drive around since her car couldn't handle the ice.

She had been so lonely and plain old cold, and, to top it off, all she got for Christmas was a make-up kit that she knew she wouldn't use and a new outfit. She heard that her friend got a new car. She had told her parents this who then told her to be greatful. It was pure torture to eat Christmas dinner with her parents, let alone be with them the whole day.

But it was over. She was finally back at her campus dorm with her campus friends and her campus secret. Oh, she could hardly wait to get to gym that day. She could just picture it now; Josh O'Brien running laps with his tight gym shirt on. Oh, heaven, it was beautiful.

But it was secret. The girls at Fe Male did not associate with boys on any circumstances, unless in class and it was required. This was the golden, known but unknown, rule that everyone abided by, and it was instituted by the individual girl, herself. They all missed their old school where they could be girls and not have to be surrounded by boys who made crude jokes and cruder sounds. Men were pigs. Women were a much higher beings. Men didn't deserve girls.

Girls at Fe Male didn't talk to, walk with, or date boys from the school. Especially date. Even boys out of the school was a stoop. Boys at all, even. Girls from the school just thought they were better than that. They thought they were too good and boys were too gross. They were disgusted to even go to class with them.

That's why it was such a big secret that she liked Josh. Jane kept it so far away from her conscience that even she got it out of her mind sometimes. She did not want this getting out. She would be socially whipped and crucified if people found out about them. If the girls found out about them. Oh, she couldn't bare to think about it.

Jane put her Sneakers on and went outside. She needed air. It was about six in the morning, but the sun was coming up and she could see the day breaking open. It was warm here. She lived so much farther north that she sometimes never wanted to go back.

She put her ear phones in and started jogging. It was her ritual to take a bit of time to work out her muscles on her own at least once a day. Jane took it seriously. Pop music pumped in her ears and invigorated her body. The beat was intoxicating. Too intoxicating.

She didn't realize that someone was jogging behind her until he grabbed her and pulled her behind a building she had been running past. She held back a scream and wriggled and kicked until the person let go. She spun around only to find Josh.

She gasped. "What the hell are you doing?" She hissed harshly, punching his arm as hard as she could, when she fell out of shock. He didn't seem to feel it. That was the thing about Josh; she couldn't hurt him. Jane had tried so many times, physically and mentally, that she couldn't count. He never minded, and it drove her wild.

"It's nice to see you, too." He scoffed and leaned against the brick wall, rolling his eyes. His toned body looked so good in that moment right there. Jane crossed her arms, definantly. "You'd think I'd get a little bit of appreciation, since I have successfully devised a meeting tactic." He rolled his eyes again and clicked his tongue. "Woman these days."

Jane casually kicked his shin. "Well, have you ever heard of tapping people on the shoulder rather than practically kidnapping them?" She cracked a smile. "You know I could charge you."

"But, you're not going to." Josh made his eyes slits as if he was studdying her. "Have you ever heard of talking without sounding like you want to murder people?"

"'Kay, sorry. You shocked me."

Josh stood up straight and walked over to her. She looked down at her feet. He had a way of making her feel small and fragile, while around other people she felt like she had to do and be everything on her own. He made her feel secure really, though she would never admit it to herself, let alone Josh.

"I missed you." Josh smiled, lifting Jane's chin up a little, just so he could spot her eyes behind her bangs. He did this eye thing that she had only ever seen Josh do. He looked at her through his lashes and some of his hair that fell past his brow as if to say, 'I'm looking into your friggin' soul.' It was weird how it made her feel. Like she was a pile of gooey Jell-o and he had thrown a pile of butterflies directly at her stomach.

Jane tried to keep a straight face. No emotion to show was usually the way Jane went with to get around being embarrassed by moments like this. It made things easier. But Josh cocked his head just a fraction to the left and his lips ever so slightly pouted that all the walls were just torn down like they were wobbly sticks.

In the smallest voice she could make, Jane whispered, "I missed you, too" and shot her eyes down to her feet as quick as she could.

Josh chuckled. "Good." And he gently kissed the top of her head. She kinda melted like butter at that moment. Just a little. She smiled and looked up at him. He had these eyes that reminded Jane of sunsets in Mexico. Something about them carried the character of a good person, though it was usually veiled over by a humorous grin.

She couldn't ever quite figure out how he was so good at being humbly cocky with everything he did. It drove her crazy whenever he showed his white, straight teeth in a sly grin. They made her want to smile. And his hair, my gosh. It looked like she could sleep on it. It appeared shiny, like it should've. Something about it made her fingers want to stroke it.

"You, my fair maiden, are staring." Jane heard Josh say. Her eyes widened then shot to the ground.

"No, I wasn't. You just have something in you teeth." She looked back up and glared.

He looked right back at her. In a slow, careful voice he said, "No, I don't. I haven't eaten. And I brushed my teeth." He bent down to her level. Jane's glare faltered just the slightest bit. It was enough.

"Ha. You were staring at me. What, was it my wavy locks that had you in a trance or my gracious smile?"

He was trying to make her laugh, and to Jane's annoyance, did it successfully. She couldn't resist.

"Shut up. Show me this magical meeting tactic place you speak of."

"Oh, yeah. It's great. You've gotta close your eyes though." He smiled and looked like a little boy.

Jane stiffled a laugh. "Hell no!"

Actual First Time

Josh didn't have much of an option with Jane. The first time he saw her slightly messy, but still ordered hair he knew he was a goner. He remembered the day they met like it was branded into his mind. The girls had been arriving that day and all the guys at the school were pretty much stoked.

They all had an idea of what it was going to be like. Especially Josh. He figured they would all get a girlfriend within the first 48 hour after the ladies got settled. They were a bit surprised, though. The boys' excitement basically plummeted when the girls wouldn't even look at them as they stepped off of their busses. Their noses all stuck up as high as they could get them, they marched into the school and right to their dorms as if it was their turf. Not one word was spoken amongst them.

The boys weren't exactly happy. In fact, they played nicky-nicky-nine-doors on girls' dorm rooms until curfew. Well, some of the boys. Josh had started walking to his own dorm, not wanting things to get worse. It was there that he first saw her. She was reading Maximum Ride on one of the benches in the campus. Bending over her book, all he could see of her was a beanbag hat and crossed legs. Josh figured warning her that curfew was in a couple of minutes would be the least he could do to welcome her.

He shuffled over and, making sure to stay a fair distance away, said in a friendly voice, "Um, curfew here is at 10:30."

Her head snapped up at that moment. Josh thought he actually felt the glare burning his skin. But he didn't look away. Even with her eyes so hatful he could see how charming she was. The personality that emanated off of her features blew him away. Her dark olive blue eyes seemed to glow in the limited light. They softened as he stared at her. She had these high cheekbones that made her face look curvaceous and warm. Even something about her lips made him want to kiss her right there. They were a dark pink shade and full as the moon.

"Whoa." Was all Josh could say. He was speechless.

He stood there for a minute, just looking at her look at him. After a while he realized that she was blushing and it made him blush, too. But he mustered up some courage.

"Hey, I'm Josh." He held out his hand to shake, going a little closer to the bench.

She looked indecisive for a moment but put her hand in his. "Jane."

"Lovely to meet you, Jane." Her hand was soft and warm. Half of her palm was covered by her army-styled jacket that said 'Air' on the right pocket. Cool, Jane Air.

Josh just looked at her. He didn't know he was holding her hand in his until she went red in the cheeks and pulled it away, gently. He grinned. She was so cute. When she saw he was grinning she must have gotten embarrassed. "Well, what time is it, then?"

"Um," Josh chuckled amused by her attitude. He looked at his watch. "10:33, actually. Someone's thinking of me." He laughed a little at that. He looked back at her. It was evident that she was trying not to look pleased.

"Well, the help you are. Crap." She got up and started walking the opposite directions Josh's dorm was. She was taller than he expected.

"It was great meeting you, Jane Air." He called to her, laughing. He felt oddly giddy and fearless. "See you tomorrow in detention."

She stuck a particularly defined finger up at him, and continued to walk to her sleeping quarters. It didn't bother him, at all. In fact,it made him happier.

Love is Blind

Jane heard the sound of a door slamming behind her. She couldn't look to see which door it was, if it was just the door slamming after she had used it, or if it was someone following her. She couldn't even scratch the bridge of her nose. Nor her eye lids. She'd tried and had been accused of cheating. She couldn't see anything. At all. And the calloses on Josh's fingers were rough and scratchy.

To say the least, it was quite irritating to walk across, what seemed like, half the campus with Josh's hand over her eyes at such an early time of day.

"Is this really nessisary? I mean, don't you have any trust in me?" Jane asked trying -again- to get him to take his hand away from her eyes.

"The funny thing is I don't. So, you have to put up with it, Air." Josh's husky voice sounded next to Jane's ear. A quick shiver rushed through her back. He was leading her to an very unknown place that was apparently remote enough to meet up with eachother without half the school seeing. Or any of the school, hopefully.

Josh reached over Jane's shoulder and opened another door. Jane's heart pounded violently in her chest like it was running a marathon. He was so heartwrenchingly close. The door closed shut behind them. Josh turned her right and left and seemed to loop. Jane was beginning to think that he was just making fun of her and was walking in circle. He kept on humming a song and asking her random questions.

"What's your favorite calor?" Was one of the them.

"Um, I don't know. Black?" Jane wasn't exactly thinking straight with Josh's hand on her and his body so close. Physical touch like this was a rare thing. He was always joking about it, yet he had never even kissed Jane. Like, actually kissed her. He had pecked her on the cheek and on the forehead, he did that often. But he seemed to have a secret that kept his lips away from her's. It frustrated her sometimes. Lots of times. Especially when she was with him. Like now.

"Black's not a color. You have to pick an actual color." Jane heard him chuckle. She felt like kicking him for making her feel happily nervous and annoyed at the same time, yet overjoyed, too.

"Whatever, okay. Um," her voice was shaking. "Red..." She ended sounding like she was asking it, and not stating it. She didn't know why she chose red. It was the first one that came to mind.

"Really? Mine, too!" He gave her a little bump with his chest. She could hear the smile on his face. She wanted to die from pure joy.

"Ugh, Josh when are we gonna get there. You're making me sweat."

He burst out laughing, then, somehow managing to keep his hand firmly on her face while bending over. It took a little while longer than it should have for Jane to get it but when she did she tried to kick his shin with her shoe. He avoided it. What a jerk! "I make you sweat!" He laughed, sounding like it was the funniest thing he had ever heard. "That's hilarious."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm just so funny." Jane did her best not to smile, herself. After what seemed like five minutes he settled down and sniffed.

"Actually, we are there, erm here." Josh let go of Janes face. It made her feel oddly happy and sad at the same time. Her face was kind of cold without his hand there. Light poured into Janes eyes and for a split second she couldn't see anything. When they focussed she saw an old gym room with rusty basketball baskets and old bleachers. It was a little dim, but warm and cozy looking. The floor looked unwaxed and splintered with its line paint faded and chipped. It looked plain old...old. But perfect at the same time. It was evident that no one came to hangout and that it was used only for storage.

"Wow, this is," She didn't know what exactly to say. "It's perfect. It's the perfect meeting tactic!" She walked in. The floor creaked under her steps but that seemed to make it better. It echoed through the room.

"Really?" Josh asked coming up behind her. He sounded surprised.

She turned around and looked him in the eyes. She knew she was smiling, but she didn't care. "It's great. Really. This is awesome."

Jane quickly gave him a hug and kissed his cheek. She pulled away and looked around. There was a stack of balls in one of the corners. She walked over and grabbed one.

"Great. 'Cause I'm paying ten buck an hour for this place." He lifted one eyebrow. "Better make good use of it." He purred, suggestivly.

Jane laughed. He was just teasing her, she knew that, but somewhere in her she wished he would just do something. Anything. "Who are you paying?" Jane asked walking up to Josh again and handing him the ball.

"The janitor. I told him it was so I could practice my three pointer. I don't think he believed me, but, whatever." Josh leaned in. "I think he knows I've got a girl coming in with me." He whispered.

"Nooo." Jane mocked shock. "You don't say." She shoved his shoulder gentlly. "You don't even play basketball."

Josh laughed. "He doesn't know that. And besides the guy doesn't care. In his eyes I'm just another kid who'd probably kick over his bucket of mop water if he didn't give me the keys. I think he's smart." Josh shot the ball and got it into the hoop after it rolled around the rim.

"I don't think he's smart if he's letting you in." Jane said, trying to bug him. "My bet is you'll burn it down by the end of the month."

Close Calls and Closer Spaces

Jane and Josh went to the old gym as often as they could. It bacame a daily event after a while. Usually they would study together or practice a certain proffesinal sport that they were part of, but on certain occations they would shoot some hoops and mess around. It was easy for them to be around eachother. Josh's appreciation of Jane seemed to grow every day they were together. He just loved the way she worked. Her humour, her laugh, and, man oh man, her smile. Jee wiz, her smile was like looking directly into heaven.

In the halls, during school hours, they would totally ignore each other's existance except for a quick smile or a little eye contact. One day, Jane thought she saw Helen Kelly looking at them, but when Jane watched Helen, she seemed to not notice Josh or Jane, or any of the students in the halls. Jane didn't worry about it, though Helen was a pain in the butt even back at the old school. She seemed to be President of the I Hate Boys club, which Jane respected back in the old days.

Jane wasn't sure if she was part of that club anymore. It didn't make sense to say 'all boys are useless and dumb except Josh O'Brien'. It didn't seem like a logical statement. It sounded bias and too emotional. She seemed to be at a luke warm with the topic. Boys were still dumb but there were also exceptions. She couldn't think of it too frequently, or she would have to make a decision. So she left it at, 'unknown' for the time being, while she continued to sneak away with Josh, telling her friends that she was running, studying, or some other form of excuse.

One day, when Jane was sneaking out, after school, she thought she heard someone following her. She stopped and listened. Foot steps were ruffling in the grass behind her. Jane quickly jumped into a bush and squated down, hiding.

"...see her anymore." Jane heard a familiar voice. It was her friend Gezabel. And she wasn't alone. Jane's heart seemed to nearly explode under her ribcage.

"Well, she was just here." Came, none other than, Helen Kelly's voice. Jane shivered in a weird kind of fear. He sucked in a breath and tried to keep quiet.

Jane hoped they wouldn't see the old gym. It was around the next corner and if they found it, Jane would be screwed. And so would Josh.

"Maybe she went this way." Jenna's voice. Jane's best friend.

"Let's go. She's probably way ahead." Their voices were fading. In the wrong direction. They were heading towards the highway, not the old gym. Jane sighed in relief. She jumped up, making sure it was clear, and ran for the gym. They suspected Josh and her were meeting. Jane's heart felt like it was going to stop suddenly for fear of being discovered. It wouldn't take them long to figure out they were going east, not north.

Jane stretched her legs as far as she could. She had to be quick about it. When she reached the building she winded through the maze of halls and hopped into the meeting room. Josh was sitting on one of the bleachers, waiting with a hat in his hand.

"Took you long enough. Well, women do have a tendancy to take a long time-" Josh started to say, but Jane interupted him.

"They're coming. Let's go!" She rushed out, huffing from running. She ran up to Josh.

"What?" Josh looked confused.

"My friends and Helen. They should be here soon. They're coming. We gotta go now." Jane explained as fast as she could.

Josh's eyes temporerily widened in shock. His mouth popped opened and his face went pale. They both knew what would happen if they got caught. For Josh it was hate from the guys because he was dating an enemy and a 'bitch'. For Jane it was being eyed as the school whore for hanging out with a boy.

"What? Ahh, Okay!" Josh jumped up and grabbed Jane's hand and started running with her out the door.

They wound their way through the halls, burst through door, and jumped over obsticals. All the while Josh thinking about how he was holding her hand and how he might be seperated from her forever, and Jane thinking about how she was going to cry if he let go. They didn't realize that they were going the wrong way until they came to a dead end hall with a locked door stopping them.

Jane let out a cry of frustration.

"Shit!" They both said at the same time.

That's when they heard talking and footsteps. Panic rose in Jane's chest. They sounded so close. Josh quickly pulled her out of the hall and into a closet. There was silence.

The talking got louder and louder and then slowly faded away. Josh hadn't realized that he had put his hand over Jane's mouth until she licked his finger.

"What are you doing?" she whispered, furious.

"Saving our butts: What do you think?" He answered, attempting to sounds gracious. With the little light they had, Josh saw that Jane had a mask of rage covering her face.

She pointed at the door. "These doors can only be opened from the outside."

Havic in a 6x4 Closet

"Shit, you're right." Josh said. "The door won't move at all. That really, really sucks."

"You're telling me. I am supposed to be tutorring someone in 45 minutes." Jane answered. She was pretty well mad. Mostly at Josh. He had succesfully ruinned any chance at keeping their meetings a secret. It was officially blown. Josh had tried several timed to open the door, even trying to knock it down. Everything he did was a waste of time. He said his shoulder felt sore after he rammed against is.

"You wanna know what actual "sourness" feels like?" Jane had replied.

Jane knew she shouldn't have been blaming Josh -he hadn't done anything on purpose- but she was doing it anyway for reasons that probably sanded down to: 'there's no one else to blame'.

"Hey, I didn't do anything."

"You got us locked in a closet." Jane hissed.

"Because you were being careless and got yourself followed." Josh put as much venum into his words as she had her's. He knew she was just scared, but he was to angry to care about it.

"I wouldn't be needing to sneak around if you hadn't found this place, you asshole!" Jane whispered, harshly. "Why couldn't we just write notes or something?"

"What the hell are you even talking about?" Josh half-yelled. "You're so impossible." He kicked something on the floor. It clattered around.

"The only impossible things here is you and this door. My gosh!" Jane stomped her foot, stubornly.

"Well, we have to do something. We can't just stay here. Text someone." Josh commanded, harshly. He didn't feel like being a gentleman anymore. He and Jane both knew that asking someone to come would basically mean having the whole school know. Jane glared at him in the darkness.

"I. Don't. Have. My. Cell." Jane said slowly, through clenched teeth. "I. Left. It. At. My. Dorm. So. I. Would. Have. An. Excuse. To. Tell. My. Friends. When. I. Don't. Reply."

"Well, what good that does." Josh grumbled as he searched his own pockets for his cell phone. And searched. And searched. They were empty. "Where's my phone?" His eyes grew wide.

Jane blinked. "Excuse me?"

Josh asked, ignoring Jane, yet adressing her, "Do you have my cell phone?" Panick smothered his every word. He continued proding his pockets, desperately. From the limited light in the small room Jane saw he was worried.

"Why would I have your phone?" She retorted, beginning to get fed up with him.

"Well, I don't have it." Josh affirmed. He look over the ground with his eyes and then, in the next instant, his face was full of realization. "Shit, I left it on the bleachers." His hands flew up and pulled at his hair. "Oh, shit! Oh shit! That sucks."

He banged his head against the wall and cussed under his breath. He knew he had screwed up big time.

"Wait," Jane held up her hands in somewhat defeat. "Are you telling me that we are locked up in a closet that won't budge, in a building that's practically abandoned, with absolutley no way to call for help?" Jane asked. She actually did want him to answer. She really did want him to look at her and say 'Yep' or 'Just Kidding' and then open the door. She wanted Josh to say some words that would confirm the events that had just taken place. "Josh?"

"Yeah," Josh replied. "I guess so." Was all he said before he turned toward her with a grim look. "Guess we'll just have to salvage what food we have."

Nice. Really nice touch. Jane thought.

Five Things to Do When Bored

Jane and Josh had come to terms with what had all happened. They came to accept the fact that they would probably be found missing at curfew and would be discovered within twenty-four hours at the most. They also accepted the fact that it was better for them to not speak a word to each other least another argument sprout.

They hadn't quit bickering since they had entered the closet so they, as the mature adults they were, decided to not speak to one another at all. It really didn't help very much since Jane had a song stuck in her head and couldn't help but hum it and Josh was too long to sit down without his leg touching Jane. They agreed that being on opposite sides of the closet would do them well. So, that is how we find our romantic lovers, dear reader: sitting as far away from each other as possible.

"I'm bored." Josh whined. Not for the first time, might I add. He was aware that he shouldn't be speaking, for he could annoy Jane, but it was better to argue than to not do anything, in his eyes.

Jane knew what he was doing. And she was too stubborn to bite the bait. She didn't say a word, instead she turned her head towards the wall and away from Josh.

"Very mature, I've gotta say." Josh wouldn't stop. Bordom was getting the better of him.

Jane didn't move.

Josh thought for a moment. "You know, one time I read this book. It's called Five Things to do When Bored."

"That's stupid." Jane muttered.

"No it's not!" Josh retorted, happy with himself for coxing her into talk. He scooted a little closer to her.

"Only five things? That's barely anything." Jane scoffed. "It must have been the longest book you've ever read."

"Probably." Josh laughed. In all actuallity, the book was about five hundred pages long and talked about building architectural buildings out of misolanious things. But he wasn't gonna tell Jane that.

"Do you want to do one?" Josh asked.

"That all depends, Josh." Jane turned her body toward him. Their knees touched. Neither one of them moved to make them not touch. A silence proceeded.

"It a really fun game." Josh bluffed. "It's called telephone." Josh scooted even closer to Jane. Both of their legs were touching now and Josh's very being felt that. He just wanted time to freeze so that it wouldn't end.

"That little kids game?" Jane asked, with one eyebrow raised. "The one when you need more than two people?"

Josh froze for a second -he was counting on Jane not knowing what the game was- but then said, "No, this is different. A lot different. You have, whisper a word in the ear of a person and they have to explain what is means." Of course this all sounded legit to Josh though it was coming off the top of his head. "Yeah, we did it all the time at our old school, to, you know, help with our vocabulary."

Jane didn't believe him one bit. But it sounded like a good way to outwit Josh wihtout arguing with him. She just wanted to feel superior for a while, like she used to feel around boys.

"Okay, you can go first." Josh said bouncing a little where he sat.

Jane hesitate. "Why do we have to whisper it?" She asked.

Josh was stuck on that one. "Because..." He ended there, being as he couldn't think of an excuse.

"...Uhh, okay." Jane said and leaned in to Josh's ear. His hair tickled her lips. She could smell the familiar scent of man. It temporarily swooned her. "Um..." She racked her brain for a word. None seemed to come with Josh being so close, making Jane feel sick to the stomach, but, strangly, in a good way. A word finally popped up.

"Knismesis." She purred.

"What?" Josh pretended to not hear it, when in all actulaity he just had no idea what the word meant. He liked having her so close. He liked the feeling of her breath on his face.

Jane went a little closer and she swore she could feel his ear on her bottom lip. She repeated the word.

"Knismesis, eh?" Josh thought about it while Jane pulled away. He had absolutly no idea what that word meant. He doubted it even was a word. But her answered anyway. "Thats when you can't drink water, right?"

"Nope." Jane mumbled. She was slightly out of it after being so close to Josh's face. He smelled so good and her face was flushed with a strange embarrassment.

"So what does it mean then?"

"Huh?" Jane, being in this state, was not really paying much attention to the words coming out of Josh's mouth, but more just his mouth. She was staring at it, in fact. "Oh, yeah. It means to be tickled or something."

"Knismesis?" Josh looked doubtful.

"Yeah, some girls at the school looked it up with me. It's an actual meaning. Weird, right?" Jane rocked back on forth a little.

"Are you knismesi?" Josh asked, his intent clear in his features.

"No!" Jane yelled as Josh dove for her side. She rushed backwards, which proved to be very difficult while sitting down. But Josh got to her, attacking her like a cheetah. Jane, helpless like a gazzel, screamed with laughter. She was, in fact, very sensitive to being tickled. She always told people, who she knew well, that if they tried to so much as to attempt it their heads would be in the toilet. But there was no toilet in this closet.

Jane didn't know how Josh was tickling her side and her leg at the same time with her wriggling around so much. She tried to kick his head, his stomach, anything. Her fists were flying like superfast hummingbirds. All she wanted to do was cause Josh pain. All of it was useless, though. Somehow he dodged them while still wiggling his fingers on her skin. And she was laughing so hard she could barely breathe. Her laughter broke the silence in the gentllest of ways. It made her happy.

"Stop! Stop!" She cried, laughing with excitement yet wishing he would have mercy on her poor nerves. "Ah! Josh, please. Stop!"

Josh said something. She barely understood his words, but there they were, hanging above her. "Only if you kiss me." Jane stopped laughing as Josh stopped tickling.

"What?" Jane let out the last bit of a giggle as she said it. She wanted to confirm that the boy had, indeed, said those word. She sat up on her elbows.

Josh's face was serious and there seemed to be a glow working in his eyes. Getting brighter as he leaned in a little, only inches from her face. "I said, 'Only if you kiss me'."

Josh had a look of absolute truth. Not a lie shaded his gaze, which, by the way, burned with passion. Jane, all this while was shocked beyond comprehension. She had not seen this coming, at all. But as she thought about it, the more she realized that this was what she wanted. She slowly smiled. And started leaning. Josh smiled, too.

Two inches.

One inch.


There lips touched, slowly at first. They just let their mouths sit on each others for a moment in pure peace and joy of being there. But it couldn't end at that.

Josh pulled Jane up from her elbows so she sat on his lap and continued to kiss her mouth. Jane was in such a daze that all she could think about was Josh. Josh. Josh's lips! Josh! She pushed harder into him and he did so, too.

Their mouths moved together as if they were one. A graceful dance. One moment being a spicy salsa jive. Another moment shifting into a romantic ballet love story.

Jane's hands traveled all over his torso discovering his strength in arm, hardness in chest and softness in hair. She pulled on his hair as his lips pleased her. She just wanted to drink him in. To love him. To hold him. Her grip tightened.

Josh pulled away from her lips and kissed her jaw, cheek, eyelids, forehead, anything that was her. A feeling of joy flowed through his veins. He wanted just Jane. Nothing else. Just her and her style and her laugh and her eyes. He wanted to be with her, surrounded by her.

His lips moved to her ear and bit on it softly. "I love you." He whispered.

Jane froze, then pulled away abruptly. She just stared at him as she sat on his lap, her legs both on the same side. His arms were wrapped around her waist, firm with persistence, but weak with fear. How long had they known each other? Five months? That wasn't very long. How long had what they had been going on? Three months, maybe.

She looked at his eyes, which were hopeful yet filled with numerous doubts. His dark hair, his light eyes, his bronze skin; they were all what she wanted, what she liked. Jane started to smile. They were what she loved. "I love you, too." Jane's smiled grew into a grin. It was matched with Josh's after he deflated with relief.

Jane leaned in. She giggled, "I love you," and kissed him again. She was so happy. Nothing wrong could happen. Everything was right in that moment there as they kissed in a dark closet, in an abandoned building with barely any light to see. Nothing to hold them back. Jane felt invincible in Josh's sturdy arms. She felt as if she could fly. Free from all guilt and pester. No 'I hate boys' club could ever faze her. No feminist view could make her doubt that that moment with perfection glistening all over could be fake. She knew all she needed to know. She had all she needed to have. Jane was perfect.

Josh, who's mind was traveling at about a hundred kilometers per hour, was beyond happiness. Everything bad in the world had a solution, as Jane kissed him. Everything had a bright side. He had her. He had her as his own, his Jane. He smiled as they kissed in the dark.

All at once the small area they were in was illuminated with an eerie yellow light. The sound of a door opening and people gasping consumed Jane and Josh's ears. The smell of fresh air filled they noses.

They broke apart immediately, looking to the door. Which was now opened. With two adults looking through it, and what seemed like the rest of the school behind them. Every last one of them was staring at Jane on Josh's lap and how close there faces were to one another.

"What the..." Came a voice before the two of them flared up in a deep, red blush.

Things Aren't Always What They Seem

A silence overtook the usually uninhabited halls of the old school building. And it wasn't a good silence. It was like a breath with it's only use being to create a scream. Like a silence just before everything ruined. A silence with static everywhere. Jane and Josh weren't prepared for it, but they expected it. They knew it was coming. They saw it tumbling down the hill of fate.

Faces of shock and anger filled their sight. Everyone seemed to be there. All of their eyes had judgments marking them. It was like being watching by beast about to devour you, like being surrounded by hungry wolves. All eyes thirsting for a grimy story. It basically felt like being in a stadium full of people, and having a whole in your butt pocket, allowing everybody to see your underwear.

But Jane felt none of these fears. Not one stare made her falter. She was in Josh's arms, and that was all she needed. She couldn't be more confident as she stood up, pulling Josh with her and said, "Well it took you long enough."

Everyone was stunned. Even Josh was, Jane saw as she took a peek to make sure he was following along. He wasn't. But that was okay. Jane grabbed his hand and an electric shock shot through her arm. She couldn't tell if it was nerves from being watched or just Josh.

Probably Josh, She thought.

"What do you think you are doing in there?" It was one of the principals.

Jane stepped out of the small room, happy to be moving her legs. She noticed that everbody was in pajamas. How late was it? She ignored it and said in the strongest voice she had, "Having the darndest time keeping a boyfriend."

A collection of gasps, sounding like bees in a field, echoed through the hall. People covered their mouths and shook their heads.

Jane looked at the twp Principals. They looked pretty disappointed. Jane didn't care.

"Jane Air," The other Principal said, sternly. But before she could say anything, Jane interrupted.

She squeezed Josh's hand. "Josh and I have been sneaking around, I won't lie. What other choice did we have. We can't exactly go frolicking around out in public! We'd probably get egged." She took a deep breath. "Don't you see what's happening, girls? You've come to hate guys so much that you miss out on them." She looked at a girl, who looked like she was going to laugh, in the eyes. Jane tried to ignore her. "You'll always be surrounded by this hate, and, not to sound cheesy, never experience love.

"I know all of you are going to probably hate my guts and despise me completely, but really? Do you think hating how guys can be jerks is going to fix anything? All guys are jerks. It's the plain truth. They're going to tease you sometimes. They're going to say something that might hurt your feeling. But that's not a good enough reason. They can be gentlemen, and cute. They're actually just as scared as you are. They just hide it in a different way that we do.

"Being sexist against all guys is not going to help at all, anyways. Why don't you try making boys rise up to your expectations and give them a chance? The least you could do is try. You'll be surprised at how easy it is."

Silence again. For a moment Jane actually thought she had done what she needed to do. Maybe changed them.

But, of course, at this point the girl, who looked like she was going to burst into laughter, did just that. Jane now recognized her as Grace Stephens, an odd girl who played basketball. She bent over and clutched her stomach, giggling and hooting like a weird baby watching her favourite cartoon on T.V.

Jane, Josh, the Principals and everyone else looked at her as she enjoyed, what seemed like, an inside joke. Nobody said anything. Nobody moved. Jane felt crushed. Had nothing she said meant anything? She had hoped that people would take her word and understand what she meant. But she didn't think that they would actually do that. Just hoped.

"Oh," Grace snorted. "Oh, this is too good!" She stood up straight and in a loud, happy voice said, "Thank you, Jane Air." Then turning to some boys said these words, "I'm dating Chad Lirma." She stuck out her hand toward the group of boys, then waved someone forward.

A moment past when a nerdy-looking kids came out with Star Wars PJ's on, and walked up to Grace and, hesitentally, put his hand in her's. He smiled up at Jane and Josh. A weak smile, but a smile noetheless. Jane couldn't believe what she was seeing. Another couple?

Everybody stared at Chad and Grace. Grace was beaming with happiness, Chad was shyly smiling, looking at his feet.

Jane hadn't realized that her mouth was hanging open until Josh closed it with a tap to her chin. She looked up at him. He was grinning down at her.

"I've been dating Kevin Johnson for the past month." Some girl yelled in the sea of people. A head popped out of a group of boys. A guy who looked embarrassed and red. All the guys around him spun around to stare at him.

"You're dating a chick from this school?" One of them asked. They looked like skater guys. The cool group, really. A girl pushed her way through some people. Jane couldnt believe her eyes. It was Jenna. Jenna, as in Jane's best friend. She winked at Jane and walked over to the boy who was as red as a beat, grabbed his shoulders and kissed him full on the mouth.

Jane blinked. Josh chuckled.

Suddenly the room eruppted with people proclaiming their love for someone else. Jane couldn't believe it. Guys and girl everywhere started kissing and holding hands. Telling people thier secret love for someone. It was beautiful. She turned to Josh and smiled. He smiled back and kissed her on the cheek.

"That's enough!" A loud, harsh voice yelled. One of the principals stepped forward and looked at the crowd. "Everybody, get back to your dorms this instant."

Everyone quieted down and started shuffling towards the exit. The principal turned to Jane and Josh. "We'll dicuss this in the morning. Now get to bed immediately."

He looked pretty pissed off. Especially to Josh. "Yes, sir. Sorry about the inconvenience." And Josh grabbed Jane's hand and started running to where everyone else was.

"Well, that was interesting." He heard Jane say.

Josh laughed. "Yeah, and now we have to deal with 'The Man'." Josh meant the pun. He laughed again, and looked back at Jane. Her hair, flowing passed her shoulder.

They stopped running and looked at eachother.

Jane kissed Josh on the lips. She was happy. She pulled away and said in a non-chalant voice, "Meh, how complicated could this be?"