In Tatters

Dark deceiver!
Draw your, shadows to my name!
I'm wise to your games.
Creating live cadavers!
Made me a sculpted sentinel of my shame.
You infected my brain.
Infested it!
Blinded entirely...
I blamed myself for what you'd done.
And what I've become.
But I've one more, ally!
You're self-assurance that you've won.
That one weakness...
I'll strike it!

For nothing, falls forever.
And one day, I'll recover.
Enemies know.

I won't let this go.
You worked so hard to sever.
Everything I treasured.
You killed me slow.
But never scratched my soul.

And though I, bleed on.
I am assured I'll see the day...
When the bloods repaid.
So scream on, demon!
At long fucking last, I know your face.
And that you will taste;
My vengeance!

All I could have been.
A lost dream, I will never touch.
Or conceive of.
But what I will be!
Will eclipse your cruelty!

I'll rise above.
You pushed, I'll shove!

Though we're all in tatters!
There's a better way!
Where more than money matters!
And we see more than gray!
A day when all the shattered!
Will feel okay!

For that I'll carry on!
Though my dreams have sunk like ships!
They can't erase this!
They'll just make me forget!
And I've breathed my last!
'Cause I won't live for this!
For false emotions!
Lies in a kiss.
For self-indulgence...
Love's replacement.