Elementia is a world made up of four continents: Morea, ruled by the king of the Gandar kingdom. Zaran, the republic of multiple cultures. Oleora, the opposing nation to the Morea kingdom. And Fyra, full of religious cities surrounding the great Elementia tower. This world is in a peaceful era in its 1500th year since its creation. But things were not always this good… nor will they be now.

Exactly one millennia ago, the evil creature Thanos stole the infinity element and fled to Pandorus, an alternate dimension. Nine elements keep the world of Elementia balanced. If any other element is lost, life becomes difficult, but still survivable. But if the Infinity element is lost, within thirty days the world will be destroyed.

Eight heroes utilised the eight elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Ice, Lightning, Darkness and Light. Together they fought to save the world. Seven of the warriors died during the battle. The lightning warrior was able to pass his story through generations of his family, which was a very good thing. For, unfortunately, the effort of the eight heroes only put Thanos in an uninterruptible sleep for one thousand years. And today is the day he reawakens.

However, it is prophesized that new warriors will rise up and defeat Thanos. There are just three problems. One: Most of them are completely ignorant about the prophecy. Two: They're only teenagers. And three: They couldn't be any more different from each other.