Hey guys a new horror for your entertainment mwahahaha! I'm basing this story off of the Song 'Her Name Is Alice' by Shinedown. Hence the title of the story being 'Her Name is Alice' I think it suits the game 'Alice, the Madness Returns' which is an amazing game but it's not for little kiddies. As is this story.

I suggest if you are scared easily then I wouldn't read it, I intend it to get very VERY scary! Just a prior warning, chapter's filled with horror, shock. Farewell!

The blackness engulfed me again that night, just like it did the night before and the night before that. Pills. Looney bin. Help. Loss of consciousness. What next. DEATH? I had put my book under my bed before taking my final pill and kissing goodbye to sweet, sweet consciousness, another night and another day. Wide eyes. Red rimed and burned by poison. Scars, self inflicted. Dreams of hope and dreams of killing. Of blood. Of redemption. I awake one night, the door to my cell is open. I slip out. I wander down the corridor. ALICE. A voice far away calls to me. ALICE. Another voice daring me on. I head towards the kitchen. I climb in through the serving hatch and select the largest, sharpest knife I could find. ALICE, BURN IN HELL. I hold my weapon by my side. Time to pay for the pain you caused me through the year's bitches, BURN IN HELL. I go the guard's room.

I open the door, knife behind my back. The guards look at me blankly. I grin wildly. Eyes red rimmed and burned by poison. Scars, to be inflicted on the mind. I pull the knife from behind my back and slash. Wild gory slashed right in the bastard's neck, right in deep. I slash and slit and kill and gore I let the blood flow in gory pools upon the floor it pools about my feet. I bend down and stab the guard right in the stomach, blood and guts poor from within. I run my fingers through the sad bastard's blood. I smell it, rust, copper it rub it on my dress. I slash once more the final drops of blood oozes from the guard and I move on.

My blood red footprints stalk me as I wander the corridors. Cooks quarters. The fat maid who slapped me about the face for being rude about her weight! Asleep like the fat hog she is, time to die bitch! I dig my blood stained knife in deep blood flies and splashes my face, slash, slash, slash. DIE, DIE, DIE. BITCH ROT IN HELL! I slit and stab guts spill onto the floor and the fat bitch moves no more. I grin, the blood running down my face. I don't stop even know the bitch is dead. I drive my knife in deep! Blood up my arms, on face, in my hair, on my feet and on my dress.

My reign of terror stalks the room the schoolmaster, dead. The doctors and nurses, dead. Everybody, dead. Finally time for the bitch that ruined my life, killed my father, tore up my mother and took to me to this godforsaken place! Time to kill.

I knock on the bitches' door first. I open it, asleep. HER NAME IS ALICE. I leap on her and slice her throat to stop any scream; I drive my knife in deep letting the warm red blood run rivulets down my arm I grin in her face. I stab and stab. Into her lungs, her throat, her stomach and finally her skull that bitch moves no more. I wander back down the corridor. The grin is wild on my face. I'm no longer conscious of what I am doing. I want to burn in hell.

I light a fire and it spreads and spreads I stand in its centre. ALICE! I yelled as pain engulfs me. I writhe and burn and scream and die. BURN IN HELL. Nobody knows I was there. ALICE!