Chapter 1- One Night Of Sadness

"I've had it with this little bitch!"

"Your nothing but trouble! Get out of here while you still have a life to live!"

My parents always yelled at me…but never like they were yelling at me now. Cold sweat and tears ran down my body, but I couldn't tell what was what. My eyes were widened; I choked sobs and glanced from my father to my mother.

My mother had the same long blond hair as I did.

My father had the same glimmering green eyes I did.

Yet I felt like I was staring at two strangers.

"Ah!" I heard a loud wail from someone. After a little while I had realized it was I.

Blood running down my forehead I saw my father holding a long whip that he had used to hit me with multiple times.

"Your garbage if you can't live up to what we expect." Was the last thing I heard him grumble.

My screams left unanswered. My heart shattered.

My eyes opened in horror at the flashback I had. I remembered now.

This cold liquid dripping through my body was my tears and blood mixed with the rain that fell.

The stinging sensation came from a whip slash across my forehead and another that ran along the back of my neck.

This feeling of loneliness was because I'd just be forced from my home.

I started to sob again. Nothing felt right. Mother and father never yelled at me like that before, they'd never drawn my blood, why now? Why had I been forced to crawl from my room to this desolate alleyway?

I wiped the blood from my forehead, but it was a futile attempt, the blood continued to drizzle from the wound like the rain that was falling on me now.

"…" I quieted. Sobbing to myself would get me nowhere. I searched my pockets for something that could help me.

A few candies.

20 dollars and a student ID card.

In the end I found my phone, yet relief did not come. In all my years of living, I had yet to talk to a single soul who was not my mother or father or one of our servers.

My hope was drifting farther and farther way from me.

"Hey, you'll get a cold if stay here." A voice saddened crooned to me. It was gentle, sweet…warm. Could this possibly be what kindness sounded like?

I built up the courage to look up.

A pair of gentle blue-gray eyes looked down at me softly. A bit of onyx colored hair covered them, yet they seemed to show off the light, soft smile that played on his lips.

He didn't look like an adult; he was my age maybe a bit older. He held a large umbrella that hovered over me, stopping the rain.

I hid behind my hair.

"…" I didn't say anything to him.

"Hey…are you alright?" He asked again.

"Y-Yeah…" I stuttered gently, my voice was less them a whisper.

"Oh, my god." He gasped as he glanced at my wounds. "You have to get to a hospital!" I felt his hand brush against mine, and a sudden shudder ran down my back.

"No!" I squealed and got up and ran deeper into the alley.

My breathing turned heavy as I leaned against the wall for support, I could feel my knees buckling from blood lose, I fell to the ground involuntarily.

My world became hazy. My heart pounded.

Why did I run away? Why was I so scared? Is it because I'd never been outside in the open like this? Or was it because I never had contact with anyone my age?

Either way…it didn't matter now…my life was probably fading.

"Hey!" The same voice crooned again. I heard his voice loud and clear, he dropped the large umbrella.

The last feeling of arms grabbing my body gently engulfed me into the darkness of unconsciousness.