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OTR: Is Ace alright? He seems a little…cross-eyed.

Ace: …-happy sigh-

Mari: -blush- HOW COULD YOU FORGET? YOU'RE THE ONE WHO MADE HIM THIS HAPPY IN THE FIRST PLACE! Ah! It's so embarrassing to talk about! I hate this!

Ace: Yes, I was very wrong to have judged you before, thank you for giving this amazing experience Kami-sama…

OTR: Did he just call me Kami-sama?

Mari: Why? What does it mean? –blush-

OTR: God.

Mari: ACE! What's wrong with you? I want my perverted and kind boyfriend back! Who is this person!

Ace: Ah…how could you be so mean to her Mari? She's so very kind…


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Final Chapter-We Will Always Be Night & Day

"Hmm…So you like it when I touch you there Angel? So…cute…" I gave a sigh and looked down at Ace, it had been about a month since…that had happened and the university had given us a week off for reasons unknown, and apparently Ace decided to use that week to have perverted dreams about me. "Adorable…so soft…"

"God…really." I mumbled to myself, it was already noon and he still hadn't woken up and to think I woke up early just to make him a nice breakfast, but apparently he was going to have it for lunch instead.

"Angel…oh Angel…" He sighed happily. Even though I did enjoy looking at Ace shirtless it got kinda tiring after a little while. I wasn't about to wake him up, however he was kinda pissing me off again.


"AGH!" He screamed and fell out of bed in little more then his underwear. "ANGEL! Did you really have to do that?"

"Yes, because you were having another 'bad dream'." I told him. "And that's beside the point! It's already noon and I woke up early to make a nice breakfast for you, but now you have to have it for lunch. You shouldn't be having dreams like that about me anyway!"

"But Angel…I'm a man."


"You're a woman."


"And we sleep together."

"We do."

"I also mostly sleep shirtless."

"You do."

"Sometimes you sleep without a bra."

"A-Admittedly I do at times…"


"Meanie…" I sobbed, I knew it would make him feel bad; which was exactly what I was aiming for.

"E-Eh…fine, I'm sorry. Please forgive me Angel. I'll give you the moon and the stars if I have to make you forgive me." He pleaded and gave me a hug.

"Unfortunately I don't believe the moon would fit here, but I like the thought!" I told him. "Now hurry up and get dressed! You'll be late for brunch!" I warned him.

"Can't I just go shirtless?"

"NO! What if someone comes in?" I said.

"Who else is going to come in other then Elliot? Or maybe Shuhong."

"And if Shuhong comes in what do you think she's going to do if she sees me eating with a shirtless you?" I asked, I was about to sigh at him until he realized the obvious; Shuhong would beat the shit out of him and say something about violating my personal space…of course she didn't know that I'd already lost my virginity to this guy.

"I'll go get a shirt."

"You better."

-XxXxXxX- Ace's POV

Mari may've gotten a little harsh these days, but I could totally understand that, what with having to balance school, an over obsessive boyfriend, and a foster dad who was willing to kidnap her it could get a little rough. Luckily we had nice friends who would stop at nothing to help us…well some of them. Anon's been acting a little weird, but it was Anon the albino human.

"Ace! Are you almost done?" My Angel called.

"You can start eating baby! I'll be out in a sec!" I called.

I tossed on a black NIKE shirt (like literally it says NIKE in the middle in these like almost flaming letters) and ran outside to be reunited with my love, I savoured whatever time I could get with Mari because I knew she might not be here forever. I just wish she would relax, it's been a little while since the last kidnapping and she's a little worried it might happen again, luckily she hasn't started talking to her 'Inner' again. Cause that would freak me out even more…ugh.

"What's for brunch today?" I asked her.

"Chocolate and banana pancakes covered in my special strawberry syrup, next to that we have a fruit salad that's been covered in homemade ranch sauce, if you want I chopped up some bacon for you to garnish it, but I also made eggs; sunny side up, just like you like it, and finished the last of the Earl Grey tea; 3 sugar cubes and a teaspoon of milk served in the special china that Anon gave us. There's also honey bread that I made myself, some of those tiny sausages that you like; but don't eat too many or you'll get fat! Next to that we have scones that I've covered in a frothy glaze along with that I've prepared a porridge that has some rose jam in it and that same rose jam has been used to top these homemade salted crackers along with some cucumbers, I had time to make some desert so I made a frozen yogurt with some tropical fruits and topped with crushed candies and Oreo." I looked down at the large spread of foods, there was enough food there to feed a small town if they wanted. It was exquisite, and she'd done all this for me? So amazing!

"I am in heaven."

"I'm glad you like it, I worked really hard on this!" I said.

"Everything's homemade?" I asked her.

"Everything other than the tiny sausages it took a lot of work to make it, but I'm glad you like it!" she squealed; I was glad I could make her happy, because as long as her smile burned bright so would I.

"GOOD MORNING MARI! Oh…hi Ace…" Elliot screamed as he walked inside.

"E-Elliot?" Mari gasped.

"I smelled Mari's cooking and a lot of it so I came to take a bite."

"None for you!" Mari and I screamed at the same time.

"E-EH? Mari why?" Elliot asked.

"Because I made this especially for Ace and I, but he slept in. And besides if you were to eat then you would probably eat away at all of my hard work!" She complained. I loved my girlfriend, she was absolutely adorable when she tried to fight people off. "If you want, I'll make you breakfast some other time, okay? I promise! I'll make anything you want! Even if I have to use all the dough in the world!"


"Yes! SO LEAVE."

"YAY!" Elliot screamed as he left.

"Now then, shall we enjoy our brunch?" Mari sighed and gave me a smile.

"Yes!" I said happily.

The more I looked at Mari the more she reminded me of an angel; insanely beautiful yet she still looked mortal like a dream that's been brought to life by a wish on a shooting star, I didn't understand her totally yet; however I would one day and I hope that she understood me too.

I started with the honey bread and made my way through the large table of food, Mari just stared at me and ate what little she had on her plate, she was so insanely adorable! It made my heart beat so!

"Aren't you going to eat a little more?" I asked her. "You only ate some pancakes, I can't finish all this myself you know?"

"A-Ah…n-no…I ate a little before I woke you…I'm just glad you're enjoying my food, it's been a while since I made something as special like this so I want to make it last." She told me with a soft giggle.

"I hate stupid school, if it weren't for that then I could spend every day with my Angel!" I whined.

"Come on Ace, think about it this way, once you finish school and get a job and stuff I'm pretty sure you'll have a stable life at very least you won't be poor like this. Once you have your stable life you'll be able to change it as you please, maybe we should get married!" Mari giggled. I gave her a stupefied face.

"I'm kidding Ace, calm down will you?" She giggled.

"Don't scare me like that…" I mumbled, for a minute I thought she was serious, I mean…I did love her but she literally just turned 21, who gets married while they're still in school? Other then maybe Bella and Edward…but that's beside the point, she's…kinda human. Not that I didn't think of her as human…god…um…let's just put it like this! I love Mari for who she is and I would never do anything that she didn't agree with. "I was seriously spooked."

"Aren't you the one who told me to joke around every once and a while?" She laughed and stood to give me a hug.

"Who can argue with a face like that?" I said and gave her a kiss on the cheek. She was so cute…

Too bad I wouldn't be able to see it again after today. Oops, spoiler! Forget I said that will you?

"I wuv you." Mari said, no the author did not spell it wrong Mari actually said 'wuv'. She cuddled closer to me and clung to me like she was a mother defending her cub, which I honestly didn't mind much if it meant she would be close to me…

"Hmm…" I moaned, moving my face closer to hers so.


"Aw…Come on Angel, one more little kiss?"

"Knowing you, you'll seduce me into making out with you." She sighed, but I wasn't afraid to admit that she was right.

"Fine then you kiss me. That way you can be sure right?" I told her.

"NO." She said and released herself from my grasp.


"Come on Ace, hurry up and eat, you already missed breakfast." She sighed, her face was cold towards me, I guess she was still a little mad that I missed her extravagant breakfast. "And don't start with that dumb little 'But Angel…' act."

"You know me." I laughed and continued onto the fruit salad.

She laughed and went to wash what dishes had already been cleared by me, it was nice being around Mari like this, you know…normally, like a family almost, now if only I could actually marry her.

After I finished the yummy brunch Mari made I decided it might be good to take a shower and change out of my PJ's, I mean…my Nike shirt was comfy, but it wasn't…like…classy shall we say?

"Angel! Imma go take a shower now okay?"

"Go ahead! I'll make some afternoon tea."

"We're going to eat MORE?" I gasped.

"I invited Julius, Elliot and Shuhong over too." She admitted sheepishly. I sighed in defeat…I guess it would be nice to interact with different people from time to time…

Walked through the halls and stopped by the bedroom to get a towel and some classier clothes; jeans, and a black t-shirt…better than boxers and a baggy Nike shirt. Something felt wrong though…as if someone was watching me, god now I knew how Mari felt when I watched her sleep. Ugh, I would apologize for that later. When I got to the bathroom I turned the water on, it was such a hot day so I decided that a cold shower would do me better than a hot one. Tossing everything else aside I was about to hop in when a knock came on the door.

"Mari?" I gasped in surprise, I was already shirtless and it seemed to make her feel awkward.

"Ace, I'll be in the other washroom if you need me."

"…" I was confused.

Then she held up a tiny box for me to see and blushed. I nodded in understanding and gave her a kiss.

"Don't worry Mari." I told her and she smiled, something that would make even God faint at its innocence.

I suppose I should explain what Mari was too shy to explain, the tiny box she was holding was a pregnancy test, she's already taken one, but she said that she wanted to take another just to be sure…you know. But imagine if we did have a kid…I mean…we look totally different so what would our kid look like? Maybe Mari's dirty blond with some of my onyx highlights and then the eyes…green around the purple then slowly fading into violet? It would be funny to see, but I couldn't' help but wonder. I knew Mari was ready for something like that yet so I wouldn't mention it to her.

"Shower time!" I said happily and hopped into the shower, letting the cold water wash away all my worries I had the perfect girlfriend and a pretty decent life, some cool friends, and a steady career. It was nice to finally live normally for once and I bet it was pretty nice for Mari too.

-XxXxXxX- Mari's POV


-XxXxXxX- Ace's POV

Once I got out of the shower I was feeling great, but too bad Mari wasn't done with…that thing she had to do, so I silently waited at the dinner table for my loves return. Yeah that's when shit started happening. SOME RANDOM GUY JUST JUMPED THROUGH MY F-ING WINDOW.

"Dafuq?" I said, he was dressed all in black and he had a gun, dis bitch was a modern ninja! O_o

"Dietrich I'm guessing." He mumbled and held the gun up to my face, I put my hands up…god I felt like I was in some sort of 90's cop movie. 'Put yo hands up!' or something like that…but this guy had a gun, I'm my arguing I did my duty when I got that skim mark on my stomach.

"Who the hell are you and what the hell you want?" I asked him.

"Shut up moron." I shut up.

"Ace! Is something wrong? I heard a loud crash!" Mari called.

"Tell her nothing's wrong…" I wasn't about to argue with some bitch with a gun okay?

"It's cool Angel! I just dropped a bowl, I was putting the dishes back!" I called.

"Okay!" She perked happily.

"Mind telling me why you're here? Cause if you a burglar then I'm pretty poor dude." I told him.

"No! Take this piece of paper and write a note for your little girlfriend, tell her you're leaving."

"Like for a bit?"

"No, like forever."



We stared at each other for a little while and then I said something I probably shouldn't have because I might have died.

"Bitch please!"

"…" Without warning he shot something at me, but I think he missed 'cause I escaped without injury unless you count my ripped clothing.

"You're a terrible shot." GOD DID I HAVE A DEATH WISH OR SOMETHING. As quickly as humanly possible I scribbled the note onto a piece of paper, I said some corny shit, but honestly if this guys was serious about taking me away from Mari forever then she had to know that I loved her.

"Ace? I heard some loud sounds…I'm coming out soon!" Mari called.

"Y-yeah!" I laughed awkwardly.

"Hurry up moron!" The guy said and poked me with the gun.








"BITCH PLEASE." I grumbled again.

Maybe going with this guy wasn't such a good idea…looks like some more shit was about to happen…how do I know you ask?


-XxXxXxX- Mari's POV

Those loud noises had really scared me, but I had something Ace really needed to know. My test…it had been positive. Apparently I was one month pregnant. Yeah I know…bad.

"Ace! Ace! ACE!" I screamed, but all I saw was a lot of shattered glass, a hole in the wall and…a note.

I opened it to Ace's scribbly handwriting which was weird because he normally wrote in the most beautiful calligraphy I'd ever seen!

To my dear Angel; Mari,

I can't really tell you much because I don't know much but something weird happened and I have a gun to my head right now…

You see the problems right? Anyway I just wanted to tell you that I might not be back…for a while…like a long while I'm not sure how long,

this guy won't tell me either, just know that I love you okay? I love you forever and there will never been any other girl in my heart other then you.

Sure we maybe differently like night and day almost, but we're also the same, misunderstood, lonely. You want the truth? I've never felt more

alive then when I'm with you. Sorry, but I gotta leave.

Signed, the man who will love you through hell and heaven just so he can see you (seriously I will), Ace.

I stared at it for a moment.


My heart started beating more rapidly as I looked around. No way Ace would leave me right? Right? I mean…serious…and I'm pregnant now too…there's no way it can end like this…I'll wait…I'll wait until he comes back he said he'd come back…and besides.

I trust him.

Yeah…that was the last chapter for this story, but look out for 'Sun & Moon' the squeal! I appreichate all your support throughout this story and I hope you guys will enjoy the next one! By the way I'll be changing my pen name…again. It's going to be Death Scented Roses, but I'm signing out as Overture of the Requiem for this.

-Overture of the Requiem