Chapter #1

"Jimmie look!" Said Lukeā€¦ It was half past five in the afternoon. It was a beautiful sunny day at Campton Lake Campgrounds, and the last thing I need is to end up grounded.

"What" said Jimmie? His little brother Luke was always very annoying. Honestly he preferred his little sister Mya. She was very quiet and didn't butt her way into Jimmie's business like his brother Luke.

"Come look what I found" Luke said.

"What did you find" Jimmie said sarcastically. Then he saw it sitting in front of Jimmie and Luke was a dead body. Wow, Jimmie thought to his self, I guess this time it was something serious. Normally it's something stupid.

Jimmie went to tell his dad but then he realized his dad had gone to the store to get supplies and this body was fresh. The body was bloody, definitely a boy short brown hair. He was tan and had just been in the water. He had his swimming trunks on. He had a gunshot in his chest, Jimmie was confused if the man would've been shot there he would of heard something but it was fairly quiet all day.

When Jimmie's dad got home he told his dad the whole story. His dad called the cops. The cops asked a lot of questions to Jimmie and Luke like "did you hear anything before you found the body?' one cop asked.

"No nothing at all" the boys said at the same time.

"Did anything strange happen earlier this morning" the next cop asked.

"Well we I did see" then Luke cut Jimmie off.

"Nope" Luke said.

"What were you saying Jimmie" said the cop who asked them the first question.

Jimmie now realized that his name was Leroy Johnson.

"Well as I was saying before Luke interrupted me, I saw some shadows but I just thought it was my imagination" said Jimmie.

After that Jimmie's dad Mike must have called his mother and Mya and they came, their mom asked a lot of questions to Jimmie and to Luke like are you okay and did you see anything happen and are you okay did they hurt you.

Jimmie and Luke's reply to every question was no. I mean they had just found a dead body what did she expect them to say?

The next day was terrible because they were worried that whoever killed now known as John Rilery was after them too.