Chapter #2

The next few months Jimmie and Luke were not allowed to go anywhere alone, not that they would want to. Their parents were now very protective and when dad wants to go to the store they had to go also. Their mom would not let them play outside except when she was watching them. We are also not allowed to go to friends houses. Only they could come over.

"How you doing Jimmie?" his dad said to Jimmie.

"Good, just bored and hoping they will find out who did it," Jimmie replied.

"I know, but I'm afraid I have some bad news," said his dad.

"What?" Jimmie replied worriedly.

"They have found another body," he said.

"When, Where?" Jimmie pestered.

"Friday night, and this time it was at the park down the street," His dad said.

"Do you think that puts us in more danger?" Jimmie said.

"I hope not, but you need to get your mind off of it, how about watching some T.V." dad said. Jimmies dad then turned on the T.V. and walked out.

The sports channel was on and Jimmie watched one play, the quarter back threw it to the wide receiver and he ran it in for a touch down. Jimmie turned the channel, Sponge bob was on. He then flipped to the next channel. NCIS was on he decided to watch it, maybe it could help him figure out who killed John Riley.

Luke walked in, sat down sat down decided to watch the show with his brother.

"Go away," Jimmie said.

"Why should I, its not like I'm bugging you" Luke replied angrily.

"Because I'm your older brother and you should listen to me" Jimmie exclaimed.

"Jimmie, I'm scared, what if they are after us too?"

"They're not" Jimmie said. "Anyway, mom and dad are watching over us."

Jimmie flipped to the next channel then turned it off there was nothing good on. Jimmie walked out of his bedroom and into the kitchen. He made himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

"Luke do you want one too?" Jimmie asked.

"No thanks, I'm good" Luke replied.

"Luke, you need to eat we're going to grandma's house" dad interrupted.

"Dad, why do you think people murder other people" Luke said hesitantly.

"I'm not sure, but I think it's out of stress and not enough self esteem" dad replied.

"Boy's go get in the car with your father I'm going to wake Mya up from her nap, and then we'll leave" Mom said walking into the room.

The boys walked to the car along with their father. They got into their Mini-Van and then their mother came out with Mya who was crying. Mya had been grumpy lately, because of all the commotion.

On the way to grandmas which was in Connecticut and they lived in Pennsylvania. We stopped at McDonalds. When my dad got up to the window, the man looked at him strangely. I've saw that man before. He turned around and walked away from the window, and then I saw his shadow it looked like the man that I saw at the campground.

"Umm dad that's the shadow I saw at the campground" Jimmie said.

"What!" his dad said, in shock.

"Call the Cops!" their mom yelled.

To be continued….