We walked outside once again and I could immediately tell that the atmosphere had changed. The sky was dropping buckets of rainwater right on top of us. Darn this weather. I let the door swing behind me as I reached to pull up the hood of my sweatshirt. I didn't hear the door click shut and I turned to see Nate blocking it with his foot. I looked up at his eyes then remembered that following Rick out of the rain meant more to me at the moment than talking. We ran through many streams and puddles of water as we passed the brown field, chain-link fence, and picnic bench. We didn't enter the first two doors we moved past, I wondered why until I noticed Rick head down the concrete steps in the distance that led to the third door.

With Nate behind me, I slowly hopped down the few steps to a tall door with paint peeling off the sides. Rick had stopped cold in his tracks as he stared at the door then turned to us. He didn't make a sound as he opened the door for the two of us. Remembering very well the hallway we were about to enter, I gulped and stepped aside for Nate to enter first. He glanced at me and furrowed his eyebrows before he slowly crept under the doorway. We followed behind him and I watched out of the corner of my eye as Rick closed the door to the outside slowly with his pale white hands.

The hallway was secluded and had only two exits; a small staircase to the right halfway to the end, and a small door to the left at the end of the corridor. The wall to our left was rock solid while the one to our right had many classrooms. I slid my hand over the door to the computer lab, the empty daycare rooms, and over the light switches that I didn't even bother to try. The longer we walked the more grey the walls around us became.

We passed the small stairwell that led to the main floor. We all seemed to pause at the foot of the stairs, as if deciding to continue on or escape now. I didn't dare to look at it and I kept my eyes fixed on Nate's back. Who knew what creature might reside in such a space that no one had entered in such a long time. A ghoulish chill ran down my spine as the floor under us creaked violently. I set my hand on Nate's back in front of me and gave him a slight push to let him now that I would greatly appreciate it if he decided to keep walking. He did, and after we had continued on our way for a bit, I remembered how long this hallway really was. The two doors opposite from each other at the end of the passage soon came into view. I remembered one clearly but the other was still gradually coming back into my memory.

Before we could even reach the door I heard two voices. Startled, I looked back at Rick with a very obvious frightened expression. He looked back at me, assuring and relaxed, so I kept going. Getting closer, I could easily identify both voices as female. They were laughing, uncontrollably it sounded, like neither had a care in the world. The three of us were finally facing the door to the right where the sound was coming from; Rick was the first to reach for the knob. I wanted to grab his wrist and stop him, but both my curiosity and fear stopped me from moving even a little.

He turned his wrist and pushed so quickly that the next thing I knew there were two pale white girls sitting on desks directly in front of us. One had bright red hair and was taller than the other; she glared at us unforgivingly while her friend, blonde and smiling, waved carelessly. Their eyes were round as platters and white as printer paper. As you could guess, both were extremely familiar to me.

"You always drop in on us, Rick; you should learn to be more polite." The red head stated bluntly, but Rick just chuckled. I had to admit she was right. The blonde girl beside her giggled and waved the air like it was not big deal. I was still too stunned to talk to anyone; I glanced to the side to see that Nate was paralyzed as well. Rick noticed our fear and walked behind both of us to nudge us into the room.

Old middle school desks were stacked all over the small room, and the windows provided a limited view of the dreary outside. To the left there was a large white board that covered an entire wall, written on in bright pink ink it read: We love Drama class!

Now I remembered, this room was where drama club was banished to at the end of the day. We would goof off and end up not getting any work done at all. As I started to piece things together, I realized why those two girls seemed so familiar, and why they over anyone else would preside in this very room.

"You look like you're thinking a little too hard, Mira." I must have been extremely focused because the taller girl completely derailed my train of thought. I did remember that tone of hers, though, she always sounded like she knew something that I didn't. Which most of the time, was very true. I looked at her and the blonde again, who was still laughing, then my gaze traveled to Rick's misty eyes, he could tell I understood who they were. But still, I didn't know how they got here, or why they had no color in their eyes like I remembered.

They were my old best friends- Lori and Kate.

"So how are you two?" Kate finally spoke up, her blonde curls bouncing as she stood up and walked towards us. I didn't feel like I should respond, like having a conversation with someone who had no expression in their eyes would be next to impossible. As she stepped closer I braced myself for a hug but evidently my body wasn't willing to stay in that room with them any longer. I rushed out of the old drama room and back into the hall as quick as my feet could carry me. I opened the next door I saw and soon I was running into darkness with the sound of the two boys behind me trying to catch up.

I wasn't at all watching were I was going and as you might expect the next thing I hit was a solid wall that knocked me flat on my back. I moaned slightly as I held my head and rolled from side to side on the filthy ground. I heard a door click closed and looked up to see Rick and Nate leaning over me. I had so many thoughts running through my pounding head that I didn't even try to unscramble them. I sat up and looked at the ground for a moment as I let the strange occurrence replay in my head. I heard Rick mumble something and I hope it wasn't very important because I didn't even attempt to listen. I was still trying to regain my senses and my ability to speak when Nate grabbed me by the shoulders and hoisted me up onto my feet.

We were in a new hallway. I used my fingers and stabilized myself with the wall I just slyly collided with. I got a better look at our surroundings once I realized a nearby light source coming from a room that the hallway opened up to.

"Are you okay?" Nate asked. I then noted that both he and Rick were both holding onto my arm or shoulder thinking I was still unsteady on my feet. I jerked forward to shake them off.

"Yeah." I was just now regaining my voice. "Why are they both here?" I looked back towards to the room I had just ran from, then directed my question towards Rick, who seemed to know exactly what was going on in this messed up place. He dug his hands into his pockets and looked calmly towards the light filled room. As he watched I could hear more and more loudly a soft melody coming from the room. As I stared at the light I slowly started to figure out what I was listening to.