Reala – 1

"He went this way!"Great, just what I needed, another mob of pathetic humans chasing after me again, "Tsch, perverts…" They only wanted me as a pet and use me for pervy things, aka as a sex toy. Sheesh, I'm surprised I still had my ears after how many of those creeps nearly became an unwelcomed and forced first. I'm guessing you want to know what that's about huh? Well I'll tell you later but right now, "Get back here!" I growled as they continued to chase me making me pick up my pace, I was already drop dead tired from sneaking food. Hopefully I would lose them soon though because even a neko like me can't run for the rest of their life, I'd end up passing out and tripping eventually. Today though, it had seemed as if luck was on my side. Thank you lady luck!

I somehow managed to get away from that mob of a sad excuse of a species and head back to my 'home', ha! Right, I crack myself up sometimes, but I suppose it's about as homey as I'll ever get. It's actually just my hideout away from the human monsters. It just so happens that it's also an abandoned hotel on the out skirts of town, so it's been forgotten about. The electric still works luckily, there are still beds and clean sheets, blankets and pillows, running, water so I can do cloths and stuff, cable for our entertainment, and surprise, surprise a few toys. Not like that either! I mean like yarn and stuff…it's amusing. Really it is.

One other thing, I'm not exactly alone you see. I have a small female calico staying with me. Once I found her, I knew she was different, in a good way. So I adopted her in a sense. She kind of looks to me to be a mother, father, and brother all in one, sometimes that's hard to work out, but I manage anyhow. Anyways, her name is Amai, an innocent six year old so her name really fits her, sweet. "Ai-chan!" I called into the house putting the bags down I had, knowing she'd be close by waiting for me to come back. After only about half a second if that, a small bronze, blue and pink blur came down the stairs and was on me within seconds. "Ala-niichan!" she laughed happily nuzzling against me as she sat on my lap since she practically tackled me.

"Yeah I'm back. Sorry I was gone so long." I apologize even though I know she'd forgive me no matter what I say or do. So sweet just like her name sake. I despise leaving her alone though, I always worry about her. "It's alright nii-chan. I knew wouldn't leave me for too long." She smiled a wide toothy grin making me smile back. "Yeah…" I started to pet her ears lovingly as I held her up making her purr cutely.

"Alright now, let me put the food up real quick then we'll go to bed since it's late and you should've been in bed two hours ago." I said getting up pushing the kitten off my lap and picked up the bags of food I sat down so they wouldn't spill. "Okays, just hurry up Ala-niichan I wanna sleep!" She exclaimed yawning loudly afterwards, sticking out her little pink tongue and showing off her canines. I couldn't help but to laugh at her and ruffle her hair. She could be so cute sometimes and a pain at others. After I quickly finished with putting things up I sighed stretching with a yawn of my own. "Right, now Ai-chan it is time for bed so come here." She ran up to me quickly jumping into my arms licking my cheek with her rough tongue.

"Come on Ai-chan, you need to settle down and go to bed." She continued to run around in circles giggling as I tried to catch her. So after we got up stairs I was just about to put her to sleep when she decided to be a pain in the butt. "No! No! No!" She yelled running a circle around my legs before running into the closet and 'hiding'. "Yes. Now get your butt out here and lay down before I crawl in there and get you myself! I'm not in the mood to play this tonight." I rubbed my temple wit a light growl. The closet door opened slowly and a small head of bronze hair popped out soon after.

"N…nii-chan…" She whimpered a bit. I sighed turning to look at her with a yawn. "What is it Amai?" I asked trying to keep the annoyance I was feeling out of my voice. "Well…can I sleep with you tonight…?" She asked fidgeting making me raise an eyebrow in her direction. "Yeah, but you don't have to ask. Anyways I don't mind as long as you'll go to sleep…it's been a long day and I'm really tired." I said giving her a weak grin. This happened sometimes…well a lot, I'd get chased by a sad excuse for a species, and Amai won't fall asleep even if her life depended on it, I get annoyed with her, and then I feel completely horrible about it afterwards. So they way we figured to settle this is by sharing a room.

Her big sakura pink eyes lit up as she jumped out of the closet with a squeal. "Alright!" she exclaimed happily jumping up a down. I pulled off my pants and shirt quickly changing and crawled into bed with a sigh. She hurriedly jumped into the bed practically jumping on me with a giggle. "Hey! I told you last time no jumping on me when you sleep with me!" I scolded, she always and I mean always jumped on me. "Hai Ala-niichan." She giggled lightly getting off of me and lying beside me. "G'night." I yawned letting her snuggle into my chest. In about five seconds flat she fell asleep. Thank you Kami-sama, now I can finally rest now that she's asleep. I yawned again before passing out as well.