Grace me with a lingering caress,
And watch as quickening flames traverse the coarse terrain of my soul.
Hovering delicately across reservoirs of despair,
Clawing their way beneath the discordant strains of naivete and empiricism.
Like glass I tremble, reverberating the noise and the light.
See how I falter?
Trace the indefinite webbing of veins I bear.
Let spider fingers scathe my kindling skin, searing like cigarette burns on a star blanket night.
Nails and knuckles, flesh and bone and blood.
Listen to my body shudder and creak; Perceive in fullness, your manipulation.
Whisper sins upon me with plum swollen lips, so that my ears may bleed as well.
If I should suffer, then let me suffer with unique totality.
Gnaw through this bundle of neuron whimsies and synapse wishes,
Transfigure me like rats and goblets.
Cauterize my wounds with your presence alone, For it is only you that may wither this illness.
You alone ignited this fire.
Taking my breath, my life, and my heart in your hands as you did.
See how I exhaust?
I hang on the precipice,
Waiting to fall down, down, down.
And then, like writhing octopi,
You withdraw those sickening tentacles.
Crowning like a whitecap crest, a liquid gush of air fills my charred lungs.
Freed and yet not free, I relish the precious branding;
That with the smallest touch,
You have gifted me.