The door closed and the house was finally quiet. Amethyst breathed a sigh of relief and switched off the TV. Ever since they had moved to this dump her parents had been fighting almost constantly. The only time they stopped was when they went out and got drunk, which was every night. Amethyst went into the kitchen and made herself a pot of tea and some sandwiches before placing them on a tray and carrying everything into the dining room. She placed the tray on the table and sat down.

"Time to myself" she murmured. Amethyst opened a brightly coloured box and smiled down at the pieces of a puzzle, two thousand pieces to be exact. Their house was quite literally in the middle nowhere, the nearest neighbour was more than ten miles away. Amethyst's only friends were the puzzles her mother bought home from town after work. Still, at least they didn't argue back.

Amethyst was just sorting through the pieces of her puzzle when the letter box clanked and something heavy dropped onto the mat. She frowned and looked at the clock; it was gone ten and pitch black outside. Amethyst went to the window and peered through the darkness but there was nothing moving out there but the wind in the trees. She pulled the curtains closed and walked across the room and poked her head into the hallway, there was a brown paper package on the doormat.

"Guess the postie was running really freaking late today" she muttered. Amethyst picked up the parcel and went back to the table. She pulled off the brown paper and turned the blank box over in her hands, frowning. The lid slid off easily to reveal puzzle pieces but there was no picture anywhere on the box.

"Flying blind, I like it" said Amethyst with a smile. She pushed the pieces that were already on the table back into their box and threw it aside. Amethyst sat down and started sorting through the new pieces.


An hour later, Amethyst had found the edges and a good chunk of the picture. There was a red door in the background from the looks of it and the edge of a table in the foreground. She straightened up from the table and groaned as her back complained.

"Time for tea" she muttered. Amethyst pushed her chair backwards and took her tray back to the kitchen for refilling. She hummed a tune she couldn't remember the name of as she refilled the kettle but stopped when something hit the window. Amethyst turned off the water and peered through the window but it was so dark outside she could only see her reflection. She put the kettle down and switched it on before going to the back door, something else made a small clunking noise as it hit the window. Amethyst paused, her hand on the door knob. She wasn't exactly a huge fan of horror movies but she had seen enough to know it wasn't wise to go outside.

"Don't be a twat" she muttered. Amethyst gave the handle a vicious yank and stepped outside as something else clanked against the window. She swallowed her apprehension and strode around the side of the house towards the kitchen windows. On the ground were a few small stones scattered around, there were tiny circles of dirt on the glass where they had connected. Amethyst stood in front of the window and turned in a small circle, scanning the tree line and bushes for something that shouldn't be there. Nothing moved and nothing seemed out of place. Amethyst shivered in the slight breeze and hurried back to the door, she slipped inside and locked it behind her.

Amethyst made her tea and another pile of sandwiches before closing all the curtains and going back to her puzzle. She sipped the steaming brew and placed six more pieces into the puzzle in rapid succession. Amethyst smiled but then she froze with the cup halfway to her lips, a small shiver tangoed up her spine. The pieces had completed the top right corner; it showed a normal door with a window beside it. But that was where normal stopped. On closer inspection, the glass in the window was smashed and a man was framed in the gaping hole. He was climbing into the room and held an axe in his left hand.

"What the fuck?" whispered Amethyst. She turned her attention from the man to the door, it had seemed vaguely familiar and now that the whole thing was completed she realized why. Amethyst turned and stared at her own front door, it was exactly the same. She almost expected to see the window broken and a man with an axe climbing into the room. Amethyst stared back down at the puzzle and swallowed, there was a loud click in her throat. She downed the last of her tea and, with a shaking hand, went back to her puzzle.


It was almost an hour later when Amethyst completed the puzzle. Tears slipped down her cheeks as she sat frozen in her seat. The full picture actually showed the entire living room and it included Amethyst herself at the table, her head bent over another puzzle. It had to be a joke, that was all it was. Just a joke.

Amethyst felt an icy hand close around her heart as the sound of breaking glass shattered the silence.