Chapter 2: Planes, Cocoas, and girlfriend

Two days ago, it was tragic. But today, it is chaotic!

"I never thought you'll see him again. But the idea of having him as your stepbrother, now that's something very surprising!" Sheila, my best friend from high school teased as she helped me pack up my clothes and shoes inside my white colored suitcase.

After Luscious drove me back home, I thought all of the surprises will cease. But just before I could close the passenger's door, Luscious told me that two days after, we are going to visit his ancestral home in the country.

The idea was all right at first. But the following events were too hard to sink in my already fuzzy-turned brain.

"Maera and I will go tomorrow night. I am sorry Lyra but you and Gabriel will have to catch the night flight two days from now. Your mother wanted to go immediately. She felt too ecstatic to meet my mother who is very enthusiastic to meet her as well." Luscious paused as he smiled wearily at me. "So we decided to go first. Our flight is already full; we were only given complimentary tickets by the pilot who is my college buddy." He added, taking me in slowly.

My jaws dropped and I feel like fainting into the ground. I take in two deep breaths then I finally regained my almost cracking voice. "So what you're trying to tell me is that I have to take the flight to your hometown together with Gabriel? Together with him?" I felt betrayed by him and my mother, who didn't even told me about this flight. This aggravates me more than I felt during the dinner date.

Luscious nodded. I swear at that time, I want to kick the hood of his car so badly.

"So what are your plans? You're practically living with the devil now." Sheila folded my tan colored cashmere sweater.

I looked at her and shook my head. "No plans yet. But they're coming!" I slumped down to the edge of my bed, unable to fold my clothes again.

The sun began to peek in the horizon, sending faint sunlight on my wooden floor. Today is the day. I just have to wait for the day to end and then I am off to a night flight with Gabriel. I swear his name doesn't match his characteristic. Gabriel is an angel's name, not to mention an archangel's name, but the person harboring that name… he's one hell of a demon.

Lenka, my nanny, drove me to the airport. Luscious texted me that Gabriel will be waiting for me there at nine. Our flight is scheduled on 10:30. So that's enough time for me to be alone before I meet up with the devil.

"Why don't you give him a chance to change?" Lenka asked as we drove towards the car park.

I laughed at her words. "Come on Lenka! I've told numerous stories about him and how he had made my life miserable in my elementary. He's evil inside and out." I pulled out my celphone and saw another text from Luscious. He wants me to look for Gabriel. Meaning, the devil himself seems to be missing. Now this is a laugh.

Lenka turned her head to look at me as she drove passed a toll gate. "What are you laughing at?"

I showed Lenka, Luscious' text. "Seems like the devil is rebelling again!"

Lenka shook her head. "It's been a long time since those dreadful days, Lyra. Just try and get along with him, all right? For your mother and Luscious' sake?"

I rolled my eyes at my nanny. "Whatever you say, nan!" and then I climbed out of her car, waved a goodbye at her and speed off to the airport's entrance.

Night flights sure are crowded. How could I blame this people? Flying in the air at night and seeing the stars and moon outside your window is enjoyable. Even the children prefer flying at night.

I walked pass the baggage counter and began to look for the devil. I looked around two times already yet there's no sign of him. I pulled out my phone to call Luscious but just like before, Gabriel showed up just before I could call his father.

He looked at me bluntly. I swear, I want to punch him hard and break his nose. He looked away from me and turned to look at his back. I followed his gaze and noticed that a much older looking girl stayed at the entrance behind him. She looked at me with a glare before she waved a flirtatious hand to Gabriel. This made me raise a brow.

"Is that your girlfriend?" I asked, obviously bemused. Never did I thought, that Gabriel is a kind of guy who prefers to date older women. He was such a girl magnet way back in our childhood years, no wonder he gets any woman he wants.

"Mind your own business slug!" he turned back to me. "What's with the outfit? Going to have a date with the flight attendants?" he walked passed me, intentionally hitting my foot with the wheels of his suitcase.

I grunted as he passed right at me. Whatiswrongwithmyflowerydress? I whirled to protest at him but the older girl from behind, dashed right passed me. Her shoulder hits me hard on my own and I staggered to my back, obviously hurt by the impact. I shove the thought on how monstrous the girl's behavior was, or how her strength is like of an ogre. Or perhaps, it's a gesture that she doesn't like me hanging around with his demon prince.

Is that a threat? Not in a million years will I have something over that devil.

I followed them but I wished I hadn't because when I was just about a meter from them, they both began to show public affection to each other. They were kissing in front of me, as well as in front of the many people dwelling inside the airport. I saw a mother covered her child's eyes as they pass through them. They didn't seem to be normal kissing. They were kissing with tongues. I wanted to vomit on the floor when I realized that.

Walking away from them, I found a café shop and I ordered a cup of hot cocoa. I turned back to look at the devil and his monstrous girl and found them snuggled at the blue colored benches. Gabriel was caressing the girl's back, her shirt almost way up to her breast. I shook my head in disgust. Whatthehelliswrongwiththesepeople?

I took a seat inside the café and indulge on the delicious taste of my hot cocoa. Notetoself:thankthebartenderformakingmeadeliciouscupofhotchocolate.I pulled out my pocket book from inside my handbag and began to continue where I have left. I was having too much fun that I completely forgot about the time.

When I entered the café shop, it was already 10:00pm. When I finished my cup of cocoa and half of the book, it was already 10:20pm.

"Damn it!" I stood up immediately, grabbed my suitcase and went out to look for Gabriel. I saw him at the row of blue benches but without his girlfriend. He seems to be looking for me and when he found me, he rushed towards me, grabbed me by my wrist and dragged me towards the gate where our flight awaits us.

"Where have you been, idiot?" he bellowed at me, his grip on my wrist tight. "No! Don't even bother to tell me!"

I pulled his hand away from my wrist and adjusted my carry bag on my shoulder. Then, like I was struck by lightning, my eyes widened like plates and my mouth went agape. Wherethehellismycarrybag? I turned back and realized I have left my carry bag on the seat inside the café.

"Slug! Give me your ticket!" Gabriel's voice called out for me but I ignored him as I completely run off back to the café.

"Hey!" Gabriel shouted to me and I turned to find him running to catch up with me. When he finally caught up with me, he pulled me hard on my arm and whirled me to face him. "Where are you going?"

I staggered to free my arm from his grasp. "Let go! I left my carry bag in the café!"

"Are you brain damaged? We're going to be left behind!"

I smacked his hand away from my arm and I saw red marks circled on IT. "I can't just leave it there! My celphone, iPod, wallet and the ticket are all in there!"

Gabriel's expression turned to dumbfounded. He released my arm and rolled his eyes at me. "You're still as clumsy as ever! Fine! We'll get back your stupid bag!" then he began to dash off back to the waiting area to where the mini café is found.

I followed him from behind. Obviously too slow for his pace. He kept on turning back to me with a glare and I just ignored him. If we could just reach the café on time and on time to reach our flight, then I'll have the reasons to smack down his senses.

We were fortunate when the manager of the café found us, my bag already on his hands. Gabriel grabbed it, not even bothering to say thanks. So I thanked the manager instead before we took off and back to our flight.

I looked at my watch. 10:34pm. Damn it. We're late.

"We cannot reach the plane on time!" I shouted to Gabriel.

He turned to look at me with an annoyed expression. "Are you just going to give up like that? Of course they cannot leave without us!" I saw him bit his lower lip. "I sure hope they don't." his last five words sounded doubtful.

We run towards the tunnel leading to the doorway of our plane. I kept on losing my balance and my grip kept on coming loose on my hold on my suitcase. Gabriel was multi-functional, never even bothered by how heavy his own baggage looked like.

Gabriel and I entered the doorway of our plane. We were fighting for air as we came across with the flight attendants who looked quite worried about us. A stewardess stopped in front of us and asked for our tickets. I pulled out my ticket from inside my wallet and gave it to Gabriel. He reached out our tickets to the stewardess but after she had taken a good look on our tickets, her expression went grave.

I swallowed hard and felt like a bomb has been thrown to the pits of my stomach. Sweat invaded my forehead, cascading down to my eyes then to my flushed cheeks. The stewardess turned to the captain who shook his head at us.

"What's the matter?" Gabriel asked.

The stewardess walked closer to us and handed our tickets. Gabriel took them to his hand and his expression was unrecognizable.

"Don't tell me," Gabriel shook his head as he staggered for more air to enter his constricted lungs.

The stewardess half smiled at us and then she shook her head again. "I am sorry. But you got the wrong flight. Your plane has just left 5 minutes ago."

My jaws dropped. Whatarewegoingtodonow?

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