There are shadows all around us

And evil in the skies

Hatred meets with bloodshed

And everybody dies

Hopeless and bewildered

And stumbling like sheep

Cruelty for kindness

So do the people weep

Dark spatters on the sand

A deep and growing red

The child stood alone

And now the child's dead

Never any safety

And never any peace

They seek it in the mountains

And never have release

Grey ghosts upon the threshold

That stagger in the door

The breadwinner is broken

And falls upon the floor

Where is justice? Where is good?

Why is righteousness so frail?

I sought a hero on the earth

Who yet mighteth prevail.

Instead I saw them falling

Around without a hope

It seems the evil winning

Was well beyond their scope

I sought the splendid final

That "good must ever win"

Instead the good men dieth

Confounded by their sin

Alas! Is there no rescue?

No ray of light to shine?

Death a sure companion

And desolation mine?

But no! A strong foundation

Is firm beneath my feet.

Avenger God! And glorious

The song He makes complete.

Needs be the offence cometh

But woe is unto him

By whom it cometh! So be sure

God knoweth all their sin

Oh come again, my Lord!

With glory and with might

Thou art holy and will bring

To darkness shining Light