Chapter 11

What happened after that was a blur to Terrance. Marquez pulled out of him, his claws extending and cutting into him briefly before he threatened the man who had interrupted. He was aware Sanvish had hugged him close. Wrapping a clean sheet around him as the tiger and human man shouted at each other.

There was a loud bang as the gun went off, inches away from Marquez's head. "Get your ass out of here before I shoot you" his saviour growled, doing a very good impression of a grizzly bear.

"I'm sorry" Whispered Sanvish into Terrance's ear. Terrance would feel him shaking in the hug. Terrance whimpered and curled into a ball.

"Just go!" He whispered hoarsely. His voice hoarse from screaming and begging. He felt no malicious feeling towards Sanvish. He knew well what happened if you dared question Marquez. But at that moment he was too hurt and scared to really care.

"Sanvish" growled Marquez. Sanvish moved to his side and the two left. The man following them out of the shop, still aiming at them. There was a slamming noise as the front door slammed shut. Followed by a loud curse.

Terrance curled tighter into his ball, feeling dirty and used. He was a fool. He should really have known better than to taunt Marquez, but he had been so desperate to prove the tiger no longer controlled him. Well he really fucked that up. Marquez knew his body well. Knew how to make him scream and beg. Knew how to make him betray himself. A lot of what occurred had been painful. But he had responded to his touches.

"Terry?" a voice said gently. Terrance looked up to see Fred. Fred ran the shop next door, he must have heard him screaming and came running. Terrance couldn't hold it in. He sobbed.

Fred put the shot gun down and moved towards him, taking him in his arms and hugging him tight, "Terry" he whispered. "It's not your fault" But Terrance couldn't help but feel it was.

Marquez was fuming. He was furious that a human had dared interfered with him reclaiming his wayward mate. The human seemed to think he had been harming Terrance. That the man was in pain... well maybe he had gone a little overboard, but he could have done a lot worse.

Had done a lot worse. Slowly Marquez tempered fizzled out and he realised what he had done. "Oh shit" he groaned, slamming his fist into the wall of the alley, he and Sanvish were currently walking down.

Sanvish jumped at this, having been wallowing in his own pit of self-loathing. Great first impression to make of Terrance. Having Marquez force him to suck his cock. Just perfect. Not to mention Marquez had ruined any chances of getting the human to return to them willing. The look in Terrance's eyes had been one of terror. Like a nightmare come to life. TO be quite honest, it properly had been.

"Master?" He asked lightly, worried about Marquez, knowing better than to call him by name at this point.

"I've really messed this one up" Marquez muttered, "Why can't I face him without hurting him?" Sanvish patted his back awkwardly, not sure what to say to that. Marquez punched the wall again before roaring. Sanvish whined at the sound, but didn't say anything.

Marquez panted after the loud roar, grabbing Sanvish and hugging him close, "Sorry" He whispered into his hair. Sanvish nuzzled in, hugging him back. Trying to help.

"It will be alright" Sanvish murmured, purring lightly. "You're get better once he's with us again" Marquez purred back and nodded.

"I hope" He murmured before beginning to walk again. Sanvish walking by his side, his tail wrapping around Sanvish. Sanvish swirled his tail around his back, and placed a hand around his waist. "I'm not sure he will be able to take it if I can't control the urges"

"I think this warrants an explanation" Fred said when Terrance had calmed down, his voice serious. "I know you Terry, you wouldn't let yourself get into that sort of situation. There is more to this then rape"

Terrance hiccupped and nodded. Fred had his arms tightly wrapped around him, a clean sheet wrapped around him for warmth and modesty. "If only you knew" He sobbed slightly, "Of how much that man has done to me? How confused i am and always have been..."

"I don't care who he is Terry. No one has the right to force another individual to have sex against their will. Your body is your own, no one else's" Fred's words bore an edge of experience. Terrance looked up to see a haunted expression in Fred's eyes. Like he was seeing a ghost of the past.

"Fred?" Terrance asked, his hand reaching up to touch Fred's face.

"Not me Terry. A friend a long time along..." Fred trailed off before shaking his head, "No, today it is not about that. It is about you! Who were those ... men?"

"Men" Terrance nodded, "The hybrids are still men and women. Their personalities just as diverse. It hurt them you know? When people consider them otherwise"

"Shouldn't act like beasts then" growled Fred. Terrance shuddered curling himself tighter in a ball. Fred began rubbing his back, trying to reassure him. In his head, Terrance could only scream at the man about what a fool he was being. The hybrids tried hard to restraint there animal urges. But with what Fred had witnessed, Terrance could not defend the hybrids.

"Don't judge the circus on Marquez's actions. He is a little more unstable then the rest" Terrance said, his voice shaky but firm. "Most of the hybrids are just as kind and good hearted as humans. Even the predators"

"Which one was Marquez?"

"The big one. The one who was ..." Terrance trailed off, he had been about to say fucking me, but his sobs began to grow again. "The ringmaster" He finished. Fred sensed the word change but didn't comment.

"How do you know him?"

Terrance mused on how to answer this without telling the full truth. "I spent a while living with the circus. I was an orphan and they took care of me. Marquez was my main guardian" True enough. "He was always very strict with me. When I left, he wasn't happy... They want me to go back"

"I'm not sure where to start with that Terry. A guardian does not rape his charge, even more so if he wants him to return. What twisted mind would think it was alright to do that"

"I taunted him too much. I should have said no and left it. Not taunted him. I know Marquez struggles to control himself with me. Why was I so stupid?" Terrance's voice was a mere whisper. The sound of someone trying to come to terms with what they had done. But also of self-loathing. Terrance had grown so much since leaving the circus and yet when it came to Marquez he was still that love struck young man. Unable to defend himself or his feeling, against the tiger.

"This is not your fault Terrance. Anyone who forces themselves on a child is evil"

"No!" Terrance said sharply, turning so his eyes met Fred, "He never touched me as a child. It was only when I was eighteen that he even started to act different to me. Despite this, despite how it ended, the first time was willing. I loved him Fred..." Terrance's voice broke into a sob again, "I really did. But he changed and ..."Terrance broke into sobs again and Fred held him close while he cried. This wasn't over in a long shot.

Fred had seen this before. In his friend. In girls and women who had fallen for the wrong boy or man. Love was a cruel mistress and despite what the other did. It didn't always break that love. Terrance still loved Marquez. But he knew better than to return to him, and that was the most important thing. And also the most painful.

Madame X let out a heavy sigh as she waved her hand over the water basin. Having used a spell to spy on Terrance. She sat down, one of her magic books open. She had been trying to find the spell Jaz had used to return to being Terrance. She feared she had found the right one.

There was a knock at the door. "Come in" She ordered softly. Marquez walked in, his normal prideful figure now slumped in despair and guilt. "You hurt him again" She accused. "You never told me you had been hurting him!"

"I..." He stopped before he had started, falling to his knees, "I never meant to hurt him"

"You should have told me you were struggling with your animal side" Madame X commented, "I would have done something for it. As it is, the damage is done, and only you can fix it" She paused, "I fear we will have to use young Daniel to bring him back to us. Start making preparation to draw him here. He has been warned but humans rarely take good advice"

"Your will, Mistress"

"And Marquez? Stay away from Terrance if you can. I want his mind whole. The others are capable to fixing him to the point where he will be able to stand you. But you are not to do anything to him until I, deem he is ready"

"Which will be?"

Madame X glared at Marquez for his words. He lowered his eyes. She was the leader here, not him. She gave life and could easily take it away, "The spell he used to return to being human? It can only be broken if he himself wishes to return to his former state. Only then will you touch him again Marquez! Only then."