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Entry 1

The Day it All began

20-21 Jan.

If you are reading this right now, you may be a Player.

In case you're not and you have no idea what I'm talking about; then you may find this journal an interesting read. But if you are a Player, then you may want hear about my story. You may find it useful and instructional, especially if you want to live during the next 365 days; when you are playing The Game.

If you want to know everything, I guess I should start in the beginning on the day when I had that dream.

I heard someone. Who was it that kept on calling my name? I didn't know why though but the voice sounded familiar and comforting. Maybe I was finally remembering something - something important. Now I was starting to see something - a face - but it was still too blurry, so I strained my eyes to focus more.

Then it started to come into focus, but it still needed to be clearer. Okay now, I was starting to see details; the hair was a light brown, almost like a nightingales feathers. Huh, I wondered why I compared it to that. The face was becoming clearer; it was the face of a young girl, maybe about fourteen or so. And lastly the eyes were red, and I couldn't help but to find them beautiful. A name was starting to come to me; but before I could remember it, I felt a pain on my chest and closed my eyes.

I opened them again, but instead of seeing the girl, I saw three kids on top of me. Their names were Philippe, Marie, and Lilly; those three were the ones who would come to wake me up every day. Today though, I wished they hadn't; I was so close to remembering.

Anyway, I told them get off me so I could get up, and they immediately got off and went to the side of my bed. I rubbed my eyes a bit and looked around the room.

"Hey Gil," Philippe said, "we're hungry and so is everybody else, hurry up."

I patted him on the head and said, "Just wait a minute, I just had three heavy kids on top of me."

"Hey we're not that heavy, right Marie?" Lilly snapped. Marie however acted like her usual quiet self and didn't say a word; but she did nod yes.

I told them to calm down and to head down while I got dressed. They didn't argue with me and went out of the room, but not before Lilly said to be quick about it. I got out of bed and stretched a bit; I walked over to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I would've taken a shower, but making a bunch of kids wait for a meal is not the smartest thing to do.

So I quickly brushed my teeth and changed into my clothes, which consisted of a long sleeved gray shirt, black pants, shoes, and a short sleeved jacket. Why I was wearing so much black? Well because it's comforting, I guess. I headed down to the stairs and into the kitchen.

Oh yeah by the way, my name is Gilbert; sorry for the late introduction. I lived at the Clockworx Orphanage; where I also took care of the kids. How I got there though was a mystery even to me; that's because I have amnesia. I didn't know who I was or where I came from; heck I didn't even know my own name. The reason I even knew my name was because of the things I had with me that day. A black hat, which I found precious for some reason a locket that seemed to be welded shut and a tarot card with my name on it literally. I wanted to know who I was, that's for certain, but sometimes I wondered if I actually wanted to remember.

I mean if I had forgotten who I was then; didn't that mean that I had wanted to forget everything in the first place?

Anyway I went into the kitchen, and saw Sister Anna trying to cook. She is the nun who takes care of the children, also the person who was kind enough to let me live here as well. Unfortunately there was just one flaw that she had; and that she is a terrible cook, apparently when I came around I saved the kids from her cooking.

"Ah Gil," said Anna, "you're just in time; I actually finished heating up the pans. Would you mind taking over now?"

I replied yes mainly because I don't want the kids to suffer her cooking trust me I've tasted it and it was fearsome. That and I was late getting up so might as well cook right. I took the apron from her and begun to cook breakfast.

It took me only twenty minutes to prepare breakfasts; and only five to serve each kid. Thankfully there are only about seventeen people at the table, myself and Sister Anna included.

After I had breakfast I went to do my usual duties around the orphanage; which is basically to clean the place and take care of the kids. I did that for a while, before I decided to go outside and walked around. While I was walking, I couldn't help but think about the girl with red eyes and on how I ended up at the Clockworx Orphanage in District Three, Evol.

Oh sorry I forgot to mention where I am. Well the place that The Clockworx Orphanage is located in is on a place called Avalon. An artificially made island and country that was made with the help of all the other countries in the world. It took about thirty years to make it and has been open for only fifteen years. Now the country slash island is about the size of about two to three large cities and it is divided into five districts that have their own names. District 1 is Central, District 2 is Ariadust, District 3 is Evol the one I currently live in, District 4 is Zenith, and finally District 5 is Vector.

Let me also tell you something interesting about where I live. The Clockworx Orphanage is one of four building on this campus in District 3. The first is the Orphanage of course, where abandoned children live. The second of the four buildings is a clock tower the symbol of the entire campus; it has a wonderful view, especially when the sun is setting. The third building is a public library and it has practically every book in it, from The Iliad to god knows what. Finally the fourth facility is an academy. It's a private school where kids have to take entrance exams to get in or with the old fashion give money to the school. Also if a child in the orphanage isn't adopted by the time they're fifteen, they can go to the academy and study there. That way they can get an education and be able to fend for themselves.

Now the reason why I don't go to the academy is for a few reasons. One is because I'm more or less an employee at the orphanage and it's kind of a full time job. Second is I feel like I wouldn't belong there and thirdly well I'll get back to you on that.

Now where was I, oh yes now I remember. I was walking around deep in thought when I realized I was in front of the academy. Technically I'm not supposed to be on the school grounds, but I like to sneak around here just for the fun of it. I went in the school without anyone noticing me and toured around a bit.

No matter how many times I go into this place it never bores me. Sure it's not super fancy, but I just have this sort of attraction to this place for some reason. Anyway while I was touring the score I stopped by my favorite place in the school…the music room. I always enjoy being around musical instruments, especially around the cello. Thankfully the music room is empty, because last time I went into the music room well let's just say it got ugly.

I look around the room for my favorite instrument, the cello. It took me about five seconds to see where it usually was, in the corner, by the window sill, with a chair next to it, almost as if it was left there for me. I open the case and see the wonderful instrument; I plucked its strings one by one before I took it out, to see if they need an adjustment. It didn't need any tuning so I took it out of the case and the bow as well. I sat down on the chair and positioned the cello. Finally I just played, I let go of my reason, and my other thoughts, and let my body move on its own.

By the time I realized it, it was already dark outside. I was still in the music room, the cello had been put back into its case and put into it usual spot. Must have put it back, while I was half-asleep and then dozed off. I took out my phone to see what time it was, and it was nine thirty five. It's was way past dinner, sorry kids I guess you had to suffer through Anna's cooking tonight. The only thing I couldn't believe though is that I slept for three hours straight.

I stand up and stretched my body just to get all the feeling back. I went out of the music room and headed back home. Although I know that when I get back, Sister Anna is going to yell at me for being so late and I can't forget about the kids as well. I'm going to have to cook up a very special a large breakfast tomorrow.

As soon as I got back to the Orphanage I got yelled at by Sister Anna for staying out so late and I had to apologize about twenty times before she forgave me. Thankfully the kid's were already asleep or else I would have to deal with angry kids, which is never pleasant. She told me to go to bed and told me good night, and went off to bed herself.

I said good night back to her, but before I went to bed myself; I headed straight for the kitchen. The first reason is to clean up the mess Sister Anna made while cooking and the second is to prepare the ingredients for tomorrow's breakfast.

Almost two hours had past and I had finally finished everything that I needed to do; be it cleaning the dishes or preparing for tomorrow's breakfast. I open up the fridge to fetch myself a snack; but when I opened it I noticed that there wasn't any milk. I'm not too surprised that the milk is all gone, considering we have fifteen kids living here; but you think they could've drank in moderation. I looked at a clock in the kitchen and saw it was eleven forty two.

I figured that I could go to the convenience store and get a few cartons, before midnight. I go over to a locked kitchen drawl, and opened it with a key I had in my pocket. In it was the food money for the month, I took just enough to buy three to six cartons of milk, closed the drawl, locked it, and went out the door to buy milk.

Seventeen minutes later I'm walking back from the convenience store, with bags full of milk. It took ten minutes to walk to the convenience store, and another seven because a bunch of school girls took their sweet time at the register. Then when I told them to hurry up, they got mad at me, but five seconds later they were all nice to me; I was able to quickly buy what I needed and leave. But not before the girls hounded me with a bunch of questions that all concerned me.

I was able to get away from those girls and get along home. I checked my phone again to check the time again to see it was a few seconds to midnight. I started to count down the seconds in my mind, since any moment now the clock tower is going to ring…now.

The clock tower rang just as scheduled, but as soon as it just rang; my head started to hurt like crazy, it felt like if a hammer was pounding on my head. Next thing I knew, I started seeing images in my head and hearing these voices. The first thing I saw was an explosion, then a middle-aged man, I see the red-eyed girl again, and then I think I saw an angel. The voices were talking so quickly that I could catch a few words; which were, sword, dead, bomb, sticks, and zodiac.

After a few seconds the pain started to fade away, and so did the images and voices. But before they vanished, one voice said "It begins", that sort of sent a chill down my spine. I rose my head up since I was kneeling on the ground, but that is when I saw something. I couldn't see what it looked like at first but it, I could tell it was starting to come closer. I waited to see what was coming towards me, I would soon regret waiting.

When it came into clear view, I could see that the thing was a monster. It looked like something from a comic; it was humanoid for the most part, except it had a snout, its body pale, long claws on both hands, and the eyes they were covered by some sort of cloth. Either way I was scared. In my mind I could only think of one thing…run away, get away from here now; but my body it wouldn't listen to me. I just stood there frozen in fear.

It was only until that thing tried to kill me that my body finally started to move. I narrowly avoided its swipe and I immediately ran past it. Why I did that I have no idea, but it was better than standing around and waiting for that thing to kill me. In my head I thought run to the school, it should be deserted and if I run to the orphanage I could endanger everybody else. So I ran towards the school and hoped I could figure out a way to get rid of that thing.

A few moments later I was able to arrive at the school, while avoiding being killed by that monster. That thing was still following me and I don't know how long I could out run that thing. Something like that can't possibly real, that when I thought this was all a dream. It was to unrealistic to be real, but I was proven wrong when that thing cut my arm.

The pain had most certainly been real, and the feeling of falling down on the ground was real as well. The cut wasn't too deep, but it was still deep enough to cause me pain. I looked up to see that monster walk slowly towards me, like it knows I can't escape. While that monster approached me so many things were swirling in my head.

Am I going to die?

Is it painful to die?

Will I die without knowing a single thing about myself?

Then for some reason the image of the girl with red eyes pops in my mind. I don't know why but just thinking about that girl, just fills me with both joy and anguish. That is when I make my resolution; I can't die just yet, I don't care if I'm afraid, I don't care about the pain, I just have to stand. I immediately struggle to stand up, even though I may not avoid my fate; but if I don't stand now I won't be able to do anything that I want to do.

I want to live.

I want to continue being with those kids.

I want to know who I am.

I want to see…no I want to meet that girl with red eyes.

At that moment I felt a burning sensation on my right hand, like some placed a piece of hot iron on it. I raised my hand to look at it when I see something like a bow and arrow on it. I look up to see the monster, but to my surprise I see it falling backwards; with what looks like an arrow in its head. I look behind me to see who had done it and saw her for the first time.

I saw an angelic looking figure in the sky with the moon behind it. I couldn't see who it was clearly because it was blocking the light; but I could tell that it was the one who fired the arrow, since I could see it hold a bow. The figure then flew over, insanely fast towards the monster and in just a split second I saw the monster get sliced in half. Taking place of the monster was a young girl, who looked no older than I am; who I could only describe at the time with just one word 'beautiful', I will never forget that scene.

That silky strawberry-blond hair swaying in the wind, her eyes as silver as the moon, her clothes that were bathed in the moonlight, that proud and noble figure, and those angelic wings. She wore a white dress, with silver armor, and carried long, slim, sword in each of her hands. I couldn't say a single word because I couldn't help but be in awe. She then turned to me and gave me a polite bow for some reason.

"I am the guardian zodiac, Sagittarius," she spoke gently, "I am both your shield and sword; I shall bring you victory and ensure your survival. But I must ask thee, are you my master?"

"Are you my master?"Those four words still ring inside my head. I look to the angel like girl who calls herself Sagittarius, with a confused look. I tried to say something, but only one word escaped my mouth, "What?"

That girl still looking at me with those silver eyes, colored like the waning moon; and then she spoke, "I understand your confusion master," she said to me gently. "I have already been informed of your memory lost." I wondered how she knew that, but then she told me something shocking. "So I am willing to explain to you…you are dead."

Those last three words "you are dead" caught me completely caught me by surprise. Then I asked myself what she was saying. How am I dead, aren't I alive right now? I used my hand to feel that I am solid and that my heart was beating. Then I turned to the girl and asked her what she meant that I was dead.

"This is not surprising many, people disbelieve this, but they soon change their minds. So I will say this again, you are dead. To be more precise you, are on the border of life and death," she responded. I really couldn't believe what I was hearing. "Right now you can say that your status of being "dead" is invalid for now anyway."

I really couldn't believe anything this girl was saying, I mean it sounds like it's from some fantasy novel. Everything right now just seems like a really strange dream. "Not matter what you say;" I blurted out, "I really can't believe that I'm…"

"It is not important whether you believe or not," she interrupts me. "The fact is you are dead." She then reaches into my jacket's front pocket and starts to pull something out. "You will understand soon, also even if you refuse to believe or refuse participation, either way it's all the same."

She then pulls out whatever was in my pocket, but I'm surprised in what she pulls out. It was the tarot card, but that should be impossible since I put that card in a desk drawer in my room. The card turns into light and after the light dies down it turns into a small book. The book was colored crimson; on its cover were the image of two black skeletons one upside-down and the other right-side up on the borders of the book, and in the middle of it was the symbol for Sagittarius.

"This is the Necrodex," she told me and then she puts the book in my hand. "Read this book and keep it safe, lose it and your chances of survival will be slim. You must obey all the rules in the book or else you will die."

I wanted to argue with her but some of those monsters started to appear and she flew off to fend them off before I could say anything. I opened the book since I really couldn't do anything else now. When I opened the book I could only see blank pages, but words started to appear on the pages.

Welcome Players to My 28th Game.

I am your host and the Creator of the Game,

The Lord of the Dead Hades.

Hades? This can't be true; I mean he's just a myth, a story made up to help people understand death. If this is a dream, I have to stop reading so many books now. I continued to read.

Now to get straight to the point you are all dead.

Whether you believe it or not is up to you.

But I recommend accepting it right now because right now is reality

And if you expect to live for the next 365 Days

To survive my death game.

This just keeps getting better and better.

Right now you must be asking why I am doing this.

Its simple being the lord of the dead can be such a bore.

So to keep myself and the other gods entertained I devised this game.

A game in which twelve people, well thirteen in this case; who were supposed to die and have them miraculously revive,

Only to be thrust into a death game for an entire year.

But I didn't choose just anyone for my game

I choose all of you because of your talents, background, your regrets, or your strong wills to live.

Now a proper explanation of the rules is in order.

The first thing you need to know is that those participating in this game are called Players.

The game lasts for 365 days as I already said above.

From midnight till six you will be attacked by monsters called Scáths.

The ones attacking you in particular are called Schachfigurs, in this game Scáths take on many different forms and some are stronger than others but for now in the first part of the cycle you will only face grunts.

Now I am not an unreasonable person as to let twelve humans, to fight a bunch of monsters by themselves.

Each of you has received a Guardian Zodiac, each one of them represents your own zodiac sign and they shall protect you during the game

By the way for those concerned about other people, don't worry the Scáths can only attack the Players and their Guardians.

While the game is in progress at night the Guardian or the Scáths cannot be seen by anyone except by other Players.

That's a relief at least nobody else will get involved, but I do wonder who these other Players are.

The mark that is on your body is you can say a tracer, it cannot be seen by anyone other than Players and Guardians. This mark is one proof of participation and the other is so you may not try to escape.

While the game is in progress meaning until the game ends next year the Players are not allowed to leave the area where the game is taking place, meaning the entire island of Avalon.

Players who leave will receive an automatic Game Over, meaning they will die.

Now that the basic rules are established I will leave you and your Guardians to fight for your survival.

The contents of this book will reveal itself after you fulfill certain conditions

Good Luck to you all…

Those were the last words in the book. This was all too much to take in; I mean a death game created by the Greek god of the dead Hades. I mean that sounds absurd no matter how you look at it. My train of thought was interrupted when one of those Scáths attacked me; I barely dodged it and fell on the ground.

My Guardian the one who called herself Sagittarius came to my rescue, by stabbing the creature in the head with her sword. Some of the blood from the Scáth fell on my face. I was a bit horrified that there was blood on me, and then I noticed that the blood was black, but it still horrified me.

My Guardian stared at me for a moment and then said, "Master," she said with a stoic expression, "Do not stand there. Please get out of the way or else die." She didn't sound very concerned for me. I just know the next few hours are going to be hell.

6 Hours Later…

You know that feeling when you're about certain things? Well I just experienced that for six hours straight. I've ran so much that feel like I'll collapse any second now. I've also never been more relieved to see the sun now, because after it came out those things called Scáths were incinerated.

Although I really didn't want to believe it, everything that has happen so far was real. I really am dead…sort of and I'm being used as Hades' entertainment. Since he's real I guess all the other Greek gods and goddesses are real as well.

Right now I am in front of the orphanage facing my Guardian Zodiac. I couldn't help but stare at her; I mean she is just so beautiful it's unnatural. But I'm also amazed with her as well; I mean she looks so delicate just like a flower.

We were awkwardly staring at each other for a little bit until Sagittarius broke the silence. "Master," she said, "a job well done for surviving the first night. But I must ask you to stop staring at me, it is uncomforting."

I apologized to her and asked her, "Um would you stop calling me master. It kind of feels awkward can you call me Gilbert or Gil is fine as well."

"Very well," she responded, "I shall call you Gilbert now. I also felt uncomfortable with calling you master."

"Also, do you something else I can call you by? It's kind of strange for me to call someone you Sagittarius."

She didn't respond immediately but the next few words did not surprise me, "I do have a name other than Sagittarius, but I do not wish to divulge it to you. I am sorry." I really am starting to think this girl doesn't like one bit. "If you wish though you may give me a name to call me by then I will oblige to that. But if you dare to give me a humiliating name, I shall cut you down where you stand."

I wasn't surprised she would say something like that but still I thought she was supposed to protect me. I had to make sure that I choose a name that didn't get me killed. I thought long and hard to think of a name for her; since I've read so many books I'm sure a name would come to me eventually.

After a few seconds I had finally thought of a name, I think it's a good name but it's a bit risky; but I will take that gamble. So I told her, her new name, "Ikaros, that's what I will call you now."

She did not respond immediately and kept her stoic expression. "Ikaros," she finally responded, "that's a fine name you've given me Gilbert." She didn't smile but I'm glad she likes the name. "This name also allows me to declare something as well." I asked her what it was; she raised her hand high towards the newly lit sky and spread her wings wide. "Unlike my namesake my wings shall never fail me as I fly towards the heavens."

It's very easy to tell how prideful this person is just by how she declares something like that. My pocket glows red soon after and I knew what the cause was; it was the book, the Necrodex. I pulled it out and opened it, the first few pages did not have the lengthy introduction anymore, and instead on the first page it had five words, five words that I would never forget…

Welcome to The

Zodiac Game