Should you find yourself in forced conversation with an angel, it's best to put it to sleep

Just let your bones go, and they'll do as they please.

But where could they go?

Just release your hold on 'em.

But how?

Just lay yourself down.

Yes...And what now?

Let 'em go, let 'em go.

I feel very inactive. Now, what is this about my bones?

Just be still. They need their rest. Bodies are heavy.

Yes, but mine, also? There are heavier things.

Every body. Every bone. Lie down.

Yes, but what is the job of the bones?

They'll do as they please. First, just leave 'em alone. You can bet they'll wanna lay dead for a while.

Notice it, yet?

...I suppose so. Yes, I see.

Nice job, nice job. Just put it all to rest, now.

I could. Yes. I see.