Apperation High

Chapter one

Alexandra P.O.V

Hello my name is Alexandra Blue moon and I am not a student for the secret school of Apperation High. My father had sent me here to learn how to control my vampire blood lust and to find a king before I am crown Vampire Queen. I am half way there since I have the perfect vamp boyfriend. His name is Rick half moon and he is part of a vampire family that is high in the ranks with my family.

He is so handsome and I love him so much. He has short black spike hair and a slight build; He has yellow eyes and a dazzling smile. I just couldn't help falling in love with him when he says in such a soft and luring voice "I love you Alexandra." He just so hot and I can't help thinking about wanting to kiss his red lips that stand out on his ivory pale face. I just love him so much and now we can be together.

Since I am going to his school now; but to be cool I pretend not to care. I sigh quietly as the Limo stopped in front of the giant gold gates of the school in the middle of nowhere. Well that what I thought since the school is in a small town where humans and super naturals' can live together without fear. Plus the town on had a few stores and one mall, they should have more than mall.

My twin sister Christine jumped out of the limo in excitement while I took my sweet old time.

"Well if it isn't my old friend Alexandra." I turn on the heel of my converse high tops to see another vamp girl by the name of Ruby Jewel. She had pale white skin and Red eyes. She also had a slim figure that helped her work as a model on weekends and during the summer.

I force a smile as I say "hello Ruby, long time no see." How are you and my cousin doing?" My cousin Jake Blue moon has been dating Ruby for the past year now. I believe they should have never got to together: but it was my cousin choice.

Ruby smiled and replied "your cousin and I are in love and it will never end." I nodded and study Ruby outfit. She had on a simple purple tank top with a fishnet shirt over it and purple skirt with a black design over the skirt.

"OK, I see you around Ruby. I have to go find someone." I walked out to search for my target. I found her at the front steps reading a book. Aroura Cronwell is an Angel of light: but she only half human since her father was a human. Aroura had peach colored skin and short red hair. She had really high cheekbones and a bright smile for everyone.

She had a warm glowing Aura around her; she is half angel after all. I sit next to her and it cause her to be brought out of her little book world.

"Now Aroura what book are you reading now?" I asked with a smile.

Aroura looked up and says "just a vampire book."

I nod and asked "so what are you still doing out here?"

Aroura sighed and says "I have to wait for the next Students." I nodded and begin to think silently.

"I wait with you I really want to see the new kids." Aroura nodded and thank me with a smile. I smiled back and watch as a black car that looked much like a smaller limo pulled up to the school's gates. Out of the small limo was a girl with black hair that had the bangs dyed white and the tips dyed red. She had stitches each side of her mouth that went to the middle of her cheek. I stood up and watch as a boy with pale skin and shoulder length dirty blond hair came out to.

He had a red streak in his blond bangs. As the girl came closer I saw the color of her left eye was purple and the right was red, the boy had green eyes. They held hands as they walked up to the school's steps.

Aroura walked over to them and said "welcome to the wonderful school of Apperation Hugh."

The girl waved and says "hello, I am Mayuno Darkly."

The boy looked away and says "and I am Max Carmine."

I came up next to Aroura and bowed as I introduce myself "I am Alexandra Blue moon. It is nice to meet you two."

Aroura smiled and says "my name is Aroura Cromwell, from here you two will be off to homeroom. I'm sure that Alexandra wouldn't mind being your guide."

I nodded and replied "come on follow me you two." I started walking expecting the two to follow me. Of course they did. As we walked past classes I explain "Apperation high is the first school to have supernatural and Humans live in happiness. We hardly have any fights; but there are fights between the werewolves and Vampires some times."

I heard Mayuno soft voice asked "can we use cell phones."

I cringe at that and asked "did you read the student handbook." Mayuno said no and I replied "then read it." Mayuno nodded and we all walked in class. Sitting at her desk was our homeroom teacher and Math teacher miss Nagle. She had brown curly long hair. She was pretty cool for teacher and she always makes me laugh. The class was facing her desk.

"Well hello Students, come take a seat. My name is Miss Nagle." Miss Nagle says as she stood up from her seat. I smiled at her and took a seat. Mayuno and Max sat next to each other in the back. Then everyone started to come in.

First my sister Christine then Basil Light. Basil is a full angel of light and loved to brag about it. Then my friend Aroura and some new students. There was twins like me and Christine; but they are ghost. They had long black hair and pale skin. Then another boy that I think is a merman. He very tan skin, sandy blonde hair. My sister sat next to me and gave me a smile.

Then my boyfriend came in, James Rose. My heart begin to pound against my rib cage and a blush came to my ivory pale face. He sent me a charming smile and sat on the other side. I smiled back at him. My life was so prefect right now. I didn't know how wrong I really was.

Afterschool I hurried towards my dorm for some sleep. Students that don't live near the school allowed to have dorms here at school. I didn't have to share a dorm. My dorm had pictures of my favorite bands. Three Days Grace, Black Veil Brides, Linkin Park and of course Boys Like Girls. My bed was just the right size for one person, maybe two. My sheets were red and had matching comforters. My pillows looked soft; but I haven't check if they were. I drop my book bag in the corner, turned on my TV and laid down.

After an hour of being lazy, I got up and begin to explore the hall ways.

While I was walking I heard the soft voice of Mayuno saying "no Max, I don't want this." My guard went up and I started to inch closer to where I heard Mayuno voice. When I got there I saw Mayuno skirt was torn a little and her shirt was to. She had tears running down her face as Max's body press her to the wall.

I don't know why; but I had to help her, so I yelled at Max "get your hands off her you ass wipe!" Max let Mayuno go and let her limp body fall to the ground. I saw in max hand that he was holding Mayuno's pendent.

Max then says to me "leave us alone, I waited too long for you to mess this up!"

I yelled at him again "can't you see she doesn't want this." I was about to lunge for Max's throat but Mayuno pain filled scream made me stop. Max smirked as I watch Mayuno writer in pain as Max stop squeezing her pendent.

I glared at Max and asked "so this is what you do to your girlfriend, rape her because she won't give you some?"

Max says "don't judge me, I did everything for her and she never wanted to do anything for me." I sighed and begin to form a plan in my head, it wouldn't be one of my best plans but I would do anything to get Mayuno away from this pev. First thing first, get her pendent away from him.

I sent a message to my sister Christine to get one 9f the ghost twins; their abilities would come in handy. Now to stall Max long enough for Christine to find one of them.

"So what you going to do huh? Kill me human?" I asked with an icy cold tone in my voice.

Max smiled evilly and says "no I am going to take Mayuno right now and you can't do anything about it."

I say with a smirk on my face "I bet she won't feel anything with that pencil you have for a dick." Max growled and Mayuno seem to let out a soft pain filled giggle. That didn't last long because Max squeeze the pendent making Mayuno to scream out again. I stop making Max angry then. I didn't want to hear Mayuno's scream anymore. Then I saw out of the corner of my eye, some black hair coming up from the floor.
I smirked as I say 'get ready for death." Max looked confused until one of the twins grab the pendent and disappeared through the floor. Max got even angrier and went after me. I step to my left and let Max going running past me he tried again: but this time I grab him by his neck. I smiled as I bared my fangs that shine in the dim light.

"Say hello to death for me, won't you Max." Then I pierced max neck with my fangs and rip his throat out. Blood went everywhere, on the walls, floor myself. I drank Max's bitter blood that was filled with hate and evil. It tasted disgusting. After that I picked Mayuno up and started running to the nurse.

As we got there Mayuno says weekly "you boyfriend, James. I sawed him." Then she was out, I wonder what she was talking about. After what felt like day in the nurse office Headmistress Aceline came in to see me. I swollowed the lump in my throat and stood up bowing.

"Calm down Alexandra, you aren't in trouble. Yoiur father would bite me for kicking you out of school without a good reason to." The headmistess says to me. I nodded and stayed slient.

"Now I should kick you out for killing a new student…"

I stop the headmistress by saying "but headmistress he was going to…" Headmistress Aceline hled up a hand to stop me.

"now let me finish Ms. Bluemoon. I wont expelled you because out of the goodness of you cold heart you helped out a student that you barely know. Now go get some sleep, you are going to need it. You are also excuse from class tomarrow."

I nodded and as I left the office I say "thanks god mom."

"What have I told you about calling me that in school." She says as she smiled at me. I giggle and ran off. I felt like crash so bad, I was phiscally drain right now and all I wanted to do was sleep. I was glad I was excuse from classes tomarrow. I think I can sleep through a whole week!

As I was walking to my dorm I heard a moan come from Ruby's room.

I rolled my eyes and say quietly "whore. Then I heard the voice that makes my heart skip a beat.

"God you are good Ruby, I havent felt this good in a long time." The voice say. I turned my head to the door and my hand reah out on it on acord. I turn the nob and open the door to see a sight I would never forget.

"What the hell!"