My Storm

And our lips meet!
In spite of, the screaming of the storm!
And all I see...
Are your eyes, everything that I adore!
One last chance, to feel!
Though who knows if feeling is still real?
Before I go...
Would you, kiss me once again?
With you I know...
I can face any end!

The raindrops fall...
And I fear soon I will follow.
Sick of it all...
So many things now seem so hollow.
The thunder calls.
The waters no longer shallow.
But onward I'll crawl.
You made me more than a shadow!

And, in the grip!
Of your lightning, I will never slip!
My pain from me, your sweetness rips!
And with just a touch of, your soft lips!
All those endless years,
Consumed by toxic fear...
More than seem to disappear!
Leaving me standing here!
On my own, yet you are still so near!
Through the rain I see my road so clear!
If you looked in a mirror...
You'd see an angel, my dear!

And in mine I saw darkness.
But you gave me light.
They say nothing is perfect.
But you're the exception that proves them right.

When our lips meet!
Inside of, the raging, howling storm!
You're all I see!
I'll never need a thing more!
My emptiness, you steal!
Every gaping wound you heal!
To you I'll go,
And forever will defend!
Your arms my home...
My sweet storm, never end!