The Story Of Darkhurst

By Stewart Alasdair MacDonald

Dedications and Acknowledgements

Yo. As well as a dedication page, there may be some old-school readers who are pissed I deleted the old version. Thing was, as strongly as it resonated in my heart and in my mind, it was nowhere near the epic of justice, love and friendship it deserved to be. Their were countless mistakes, continuity and character flaws, and a plot that was choppy to say the least. I have already begun work on a rewrite, but it's gonna be a slow process, as not only is writing fiction very hard for me these days due to personal issues, I want to take the extra time to make this absolutely perfect. I hope you enjoy.


There are so many people I have to thank for the existence of the story that follows. Too many, some would say. Well, in something as important as giving thanks, there is no such thing as 'too many' in my eyes. So here we go.

To my sister. Through all my shortcomings, insecurities and outright disassociation, you have always believed in me. There have been too many times that I haven't said the things I've needed to say, but now I will say them all. I love you, and your determination, love and flamboyance have always been a light to me. Nobody is perfect, and the times I may have seemed disappointed or angry with you have only been because I care beyond the measure of any words I could ever write, say, or even scream. I just hope this comes close to conveying that. May you, Jamie and October have everything I want for you. Peace, happiness, and hope.

To my Dad. I have let you down in so many ways... If I could've listened to you; seen as much in myself as you did, perhaps things would be better for all of us. I will forever remember and treasure everything you've done for me, and though I have been able to offer you so little in return... I offer you every word of this story. I dedicate this book to the struggles we both have endured in our lives, and to the faint but ever-constant light that may or may not be glimmering at the end of this hard, blood-stained road. I love you, and no matter where I will go in life, I will always know who got me there. I'm proud to call you my father. I can only hope that you are proud to call me your son, whether I deserve it or not.

To Lisa. The years apart from you have not been kind to me. There's no use denying that. I feel like I haven't heard from you in forever, and every day I miss your conversation and friendship. I'm not exactly proud of the person I've become, but every time I go back and read your words and encouragement I feel nothing less than perfect. You were my first of my truly treasured best friends. The first person to ever see more in me than rage and pure chaos, and to make me feel more than those things too. The ties between Brian and his friends are dedicated to you, and the ties we share. As with almost everyone I have to thank here, there's been too much I haven't said. You're the best, Lis, and I miss you.

Kyle. I still can barely grasp your passing. I still can't imagine a world without you, even though I live it every day now. I will never come to terms with what happened, and don't want to. To accept the death of someone so smart, funny and full of life as you were would destroy everything I believe in. For forever I will remember what you did for me. How you stood by me, even though I was and am a socially inept, ignored loser. You were a genius, master of your future and the affection of everyone around you, and you deserved so much more. Wait for me, man .

To those who I consider my family, even though some of your blood is different than my own. Uncle Bobby and family; Dan Benn and Karen; Trevor Saunders, my brother, from another mother. (Yes, I said that in a piece of literature); Andrew Wilton; another steadfast and unwavering best friend/brother (Trevor's been shoved in some pretty unpleasant places, eh buddy?); Amy, Heather, Fairleigh and Barry; The whole Thamesville, Dresden, Chatham, Bothwell, and (Though only three or four of them count, and I'm sure they'll know who they are) St. Thomas crew that I'm proud to call my friends. Live forever, all of you. Or I'll bring you back and kill you again. Ha ha. A very tired joke, but what can I say. Thank you, with every fiber of my being.

To the teachers and other authority figures who were worthy of their positions and who I exasperated and let down in the past, especially Miss Byatt (Your name has changed, I believe, but I can't remember what it is. Sorry!) and Mrs. Galbraith. I appreciate your attempts and patience. I know what a little bastard I was to all of you, when all you wanted to do was make me a better person. Hope this makes up for it. Not all your efforts went unrewarded.

To all my avid fans and followers. Without your positivivity and love of my work it would all be for nothing. Even those of you who love it so much you steal it, as it's been indicated to have happened. It's the most sincere form of flattery, in my opinion.

And finally, to my enemies. The people I have thanked before are the ones that make me want to keep going, but it is the hope that one day I will get to outshine all of the people who hurt, manipulated and stole from me that truly gives me life. The day I can think back and laugh at you all will be the best day of my life, and I gotta say, I can't wait.

December 12th 2011