Matters of the Heart

by, Cassandra

Desire swears to me that
She knows what it is like.
That She knows the signs
and this… this is how it is.

It is painful and beautiful
and that vulnerable chord
that is struck deep down
inside, every single time.

It is the dreaded dawn
coming before you are ready,
and vintage ideology meaning
nothing to you anymore.

See, this whole idea is
promising regret, but would I
regret it more not to ever
attempt to try?

Spiritual context falls out
of focus, because this is a
matter of the heart and soul,
and not one of the mind.

So raise your eyes to the Skies
and wish upon another shooting
star, hoping that when it falls,
it will not burn your dreams to ashes.

"Your time will come,
soon enough, sweet child.
Just have a little patience