Before everything he was Connell Greyson. He grew up with just him and his dad on a farm. He worked every day of his life doing back breaking labor.

He didn't have to work though. He could easily skate by on life with his otherworldly good looks and charm. His father always thought his antics were endearing though.

Growing up Connell didn't have many friends but he always had his sienna brown Husky. Connell somehow always managed to get into trouble and his dog Max was always there with him whether it be jumping trees, swimming in lakes or stealing from the nearby market.

Connell was a troublemaker and Max was merely his accomplice.

At school that's what people saw it that town, a troublemaker. But his dad knew better. Connell spent as much time as he could helping out his father and worked harder than anyone else. Most of the time Connell wore his farmer's shirt and jeans that fit him nicely. He rarely got cold and preferred to be barefoot.

He had a worn pair of shoes his father bought and the town's cobbler had given Connell a nice pair of leather shoes.

He roamed around as he pleased and attended school whenever it pleased him.

So Connell easily earned the title "Wolfman".

His best friend was his dog that resembled a wolf, he did as he pleased, caused trouble and had that wolfish smile. He constantly played with or scratched at his disheveled shaggy light ash brown hair. He was easily the tallest man at six foot four and was so strong and fit.

Connell was the town heartthrob.

He was Connell "Wolfman" Greyson and knew exactly how he effected people.

He always knew when he pissed off someone and when girls swooned at his feet.

And he always used that to his advantage.

By the ripe age of 21 Connell had slept with enough girls and caused enough trouble that he desired more than what he usually got.

So when a new teacher moved to town with her husband he was smitten.

The woman, Delilah Jameson, had all the right curves. She was a tall woman too and just had the most inviting look to her. Connell had to have her.

Her husband Jack Jameson didn't seem like much of a threat, he was tall too but not quite Connell's height and he wasn't nearly as strong as Connell. How much muscle could be gain from being a writer anyway?

So Connell went after Delilah Jameson. It took him time, but he didn't mind. Slowly but surely the 29 year old woman fell to his charms. She was instantly attracted to him. In all her years she had yet to seem anyone as gorgeous as Connell Greyson. He had so much charm that she couldn't resist. Not even a smart educated woman like her could resist. She didn't stand a chance.

One summer night Connell came to the schoolhouse to see Delilah. Connell was hot and sweaty from a day's work at the farm but that only made him look even more attractive. Delilah was pondering her marriage.

She just didn't feel the same way about her husband as she used to.

As Connell walked through the doorway it seemed like she got her answer.

Before she knew it Connell's lips were on hers and his strong hands were on her hips.

Connell loved her curves and how she wasn't quite beautiful physically but was confident and her confidence made her beautiful. Slowly his calloused and rough hands worked to undo her nice floral dress and Delilah Jameson didn't care.

A little more than a week had passed and Delilah was convinced she was in love with Connell after a few more sexual encounters.

He knew exactly how to please a woman.

But Connell was already growing tired. He never loved Delilah Jameson.

So Connell broke it off with the woman using her marital status as his excuse. The next day Connell bed another girl and Delilah walked in on them. She was heartbroken and in tears. She ran to her husband and ended things with him. She told him that he was the reason why she couldn't be with Connell and spilled every detail of the affair.

The next night Jack Jameson went to the Greyson farm. Max was with Connell by the water as the sun was nearly set.

Jack Jameson set the farm ablaze and shot Connell and Max.

Connell Greyson doesn't go by Connell Greyson anymore despite that he looks exactly the same yet somehow more handsome than before.

Connell Greyson goes by Jamie now except on occasions Devin will call him James.

After he had died Satan himself had given him a new name, a little surprise and a mission. He was James and he was supposed to gain as much points as he could to lay his soul to rest.

But the catch was that he was competing against two others and only one could win.

So he was stuck in a sort or purgatory so to speak.

He had to settle everything before he was allowed to pass on.

Jamie has the same personality as when he was Connell Greyson. He was still devious and a trouble maker. He was still a heartthrob who loved to play games.

His sudden new 'undead' status made him oddly bloodthirsty.

So when Jamie awoke in the middle of the forest with this new killing game implanted in his mind he couldn't resist plaything the game.

As Jamie peeked through the trees and bushes he couldn't help the urge to pounce on whoever was under the blood red hood that passed by him.

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