The moment I saw the most beautiful woman in the world lying underneath me I wanted nothing more than to kiss her senseless. She made me feel things I never even felt before I was alive.

But her beauty was only skin deep.

She embodied the whole concept of 'sit there and look pretty'.

And I told her that and she proceeded to bitch at me.

Which I guess sums up our relationship quite nicely. I tell her the truth and she bitches at me. She tells me the truth and I bitch at her.

When I was alive I never really had close friends, but I sure understood the concept of making and keeping friends. A lot of the time people would hide things and sugars coat their words. People always had an insatiable desire for people to like and accept them.

It could be because there's just the three of us and I don't feel the need to be accepted by them because we're the only ones each other has now.

Or maybe it's because we all rub each other the wrong way.

There's also the possibility that we just don't give a damn anymore.

Because we're dead and it that shit we dealt with before doesn't seem to matter.

"What are you two doing here?" I sneer-almost growling at the couple arm in arm.

I glance at their intertwined limbs and Devin notices.

"Didn't you hear? We're married." Her tone is so damn condescending and self-righteous I want to grab her and shake that expression off her face. But then I look at Hunter and want to rip the idiot limb from limb. He's got the most beautiful woman on his arm and he doesn't give a damn. He doesn't have any emotion like always and it pisses me off to no end.

"And how is this charade supposed to benefit you Devin? Because we all know you don't do anything without an ulterior motive." I glare at the woman who's a good foot shorter than me at least. Her peachy plump lips form a frown and she pokes at my chest.

"Don't be all high and mighty with me James. But if you must know we need your help."

I smirk.

Only Devin calls me James. Of course only Satan and Hunter know that I'm technically James and not Jamie. But still I find it cute that she calls me James when she's pissed.

But I also get a sick joy out of the fact that they need my help.

Usually with us it's every man for him-or her-self. And between us three only Devin makes such elaborate plans so when she decides to include not only one, but both of us then you know it's gotta be good.

"Pray tell then sweetheart."

I have a slight southern husky drawl but not too much unless I'm really jumbled. I still do look like a farmer while Hunter is apparently the exact same as when he was alive. Though she's got a voice like a temptress and every word seems laced with honey and sin. You'd never guess that she came from where she did. It seems like she wants to put her past behind her the most.

Devin gives me this evil yet oh-so-sexy smirk, "We're taking a page from your history book Jamie." She ends her sentence with a smile so malicious I can feel it to my core.

I cock a brow, "Lemme guess, I'm an adulterer and Hunt's the psychopath? Looks like we're taking a page from his history too."

Devin shrugs, "Problem?"

"Not at all." I smile. It's so evil and yet so brilliant. She really knows how to hit hard.

Only Devin and Hunter can make me feel anything. The living make me feel absolutely nothing. I mean I see, hear, smell, feel and taste everything but it's muddled. It's there but at the same time not really.

But then with Devin and Hunter I feel all my senses-so vividly and so real that it's hard to believe.

Especially Devin. When she touches me, when I get a good smell of her scent, when I hear her voice, it's otherworldly. It's sinful.

And the desire that I have to taste her, now that's down right damnable.

She's such a little thing that I could easily pick her up and have my way with her. But I don't and I'm sure she'd give me Hell for so much as thinking such a thought.

But I know she finds me sexy and I know that deep down she wants me too. And to think that we could never get a disease from each other nor could Devin get pregnant, so why wouldn't she take that opportunity to sleep with me?

Instead she sleeps with random living humans and I just imagine keep to myself and imagine sleeping with Devin.

Because honestly for me sex doesn't really matter-alive or dead. I mean sure I liked to have sex but it was more so the chase and the satisfaction of winning as opposed to the actual physical act of sex.

But damn with Devin I don't know if I could ever get enough of her.

Though it seems like I'll be getting a chance at getting into bed with her.

By sunset I had shown the happy couple around all around this small town.

My neighbor, this old woman named Mrs. Debrecht, had just gushed over the two. It was sickening. I think the two look rather ugly together if you ask me. Well sure they're both exceedingly more attractive than anyone in this town but as a couple they were ugly.

They just didn't match and I wasn't sure if they were acting or what but they were very tense and distanced.

Mrs. Debrecht had practically forced her cookies and lemonade down their throats leaving Devin currently in my bathroom coughing up the contents of her stomach.

We all could eat. I was perfectly fine with it despite that it had no real value or taste. Hunter preferred to not eat but he was capable of keeping it down. Devin though got sick whenever she ate something other than pomegranates.

I'm sure Hunter had managed to find himself a book and hid away somewhere.

I sat down, lit up a cigarette and took a nice long drag.

I used to smoke only casually before but now since I'm dead there isn't any reason why I shouldn't smoke more. It's one of those things that still gives me a feeling too.

I hear the evil sound of heels on wood but don't turn my head. I just sit and remain calm as always. I stretch my back and arms and feel my cigarette being plucked out from my fingertips.

I watch as her legs find their way next to mine and my eyes follow my cigarette slowly touching her lips.

You'd never even be able to tell that she was raped.

"What are you running away from so badly?" I look down at her.

"What?" She snaps. The peaceful moment has now gone and passed.

"I've known you for a very long time now Devin and you want to win so damn bad-"

She looks at me and narrows her eyes, "So? So what?"

"It's not like you're religious-it's not like you have something to look forward to after you're done. So why? Is it because you were raped-"

"Oh okay because I'm supposed to be angry about my murder and the events that led up to it. No it's not that. I'll admit that I would've slept with the boy if I wasn't already pregnant and in love. Hell I'd fuck him so hard he'd see stars in the morning."

She crosses a leg over the other and I put an arm behind her back, "So what then?"

"What, what? What exactly are you trying to get out of this whole conversation here Jamie?"

I put my other hand on her waist and position my face right by hers. My nose almost touching her cheek. She stuffs the cigarette between my lips and I suck in. I take my hand off her hip and remove the item and put it out on the ashtray next to me, but I return to my previous position.

Devin looks at me now waiting for whatever response I have to give her.

Her scent practically makes my mouth water.

"You want to put your soul to rest because you think you'd somehow be able to see that boy you fell in love with and that baby that died along with you." I nearly whisper.

I glance at her stomach. So flat and so thin. I slowly drag my hand up it until my palm rests on her ribcage.

Without a reply Devin lunges at me and captures my lips with hers. If my heart was still beating I'm sure it'd stop all over again.

I grab onto her and do whatever comes naturally.

Our lips move together and it leaves me breathless.

I can't tell if which is more sinful-her looks or her taste.

She grabs at my messy light brown hair and pulls. I groan and pull her on top of me. I hear a thump as her knees hit the wood of the steps and she grabs at my belt. I grip onto her thighs and then her hips. Devin lets out a ragged breath as she pulls away for air but her bottom lip is still touching my top one. Both her hands are in my hair and I fuse out lips back together again.

I don't know how long this session lasted but the sun was completely gone by now.

My lips are planted firmly on her neck as one of Devin's hands is in my pants. I moan as she touches me. It's deep and comes from the pit of my stomach and I can feel her evil smile. One of her arms is hooked around my neck and her whole torso is just up against me.

I know I'm dead, but maybe I'm really just in heaven.

"Jamie," Her tone is playful yet also very tricky.

I know she's happy too, but not as much as I am.

I'm under her complete control and she can do whatever she'd like with me. It's exactly how she likes things with me. When she has an upper hand and when I'm not speaking except to praise her.

Her hand inches lower down my shaft and my lips stop moving. She can't get her fingers to entirely enclose it but it doesn't faze her. Devin slowly and brilliantly gives me the best hand job I'd ever received.

My hips move and I'm squirming under her. I moan and groan and tell her how she's amazing.

I beg her to suck me off.

"I could do more than that." She replies.

"Please, oh fucking fuck Devin I need to be inside of you." I let out a staggered breath and clutch onto her hips for dear life-or lack thereof.

"You two are gross. At least do it inside." Hunter says with clear repulsion in his voice.

"Don't you ever have kinky sex?" Devin's tone is playful yet menacingly teasing.


Devin continues to jack me off while on hand if planted on the porch railing.

"Liar," I manage to say.

"I rarely do have sex and if I do it's on a bed." He deadpans.

"What about when you were alive?" Devin asks slightly preoccupied.

"I did some things I'm sure I'm sure you'd classify as kinky. I'm just not horny now. I can't seem to grasp how you two go fucking around like rabbits though." I can't see him but I can tell he makes a disgusted face.

"You can't grasp it like Devin can't fully grasp my dick?" I smile and she gives my shoulder a slap.

I let out loud moans and wails as I release a second load. I'm panting and my hands loosely stay on her hips. Devin's fingers touch the tip before she pulls her hand out of my pants. Slowly and sensually she licks my semen off her fingers causing me to moan again.

"I just like to have sex." Devin states simply and coldly.

"Why haven't you had sex with me then?" I ask.

"You're a jackass and insufferable." She gives me a look as her hands rest on my shoulders.

Damn she's beautiful.

"It's not like you weren't about to fuck me right now." I sass, "But that means you think I'm sexy."

"I never said that."

"But you never put 'ugly' as a reason."

"Fine. You're not ugly, but I'll be damned if I call you sexy."

I shrug, "Good enough…for now. And for both of y'all's knowledge I haven't had sex since I died."

Devin gives me a disbelieving look.

"It's true." I defend.

"Bullshit." Hunter says.

"It's true!" I say again.

"According to your history you seduced women and girls left and right."

"I still flirt and charm females, but like you said Hunt I'm just not horny. Except with my baby Devin here." I give her a wink and she gives my shoulder a punch. I'm surprised that she's still on me but I'm not going to complain and ruin it.

"I might be crazy but I don't this it's a totally ludicrous idea that you've yet to have sex. I think it's crazier that Hunter has."

"I was curious to see what it felt like in this state of being. And I'm not a bad guy…okay I am, but I respected the girl and she really liked me so I just humored her." He shrugs.

Devin and I look at each other thoroughly confused.

I never thought Hunter would humor anyone in anything.

"Anyway if you two decide to fuck then at least tell me where the alcohol is."

Devin gets off of me and fixes her dress. I sigh and get up too. I put a hand on her head and she swats me away so I give her ass a playful tap.

She's even got a beautiful ass.

"There's some in the den."

I close the door behind me and look for some rum.

A/n: Writing this helps me relieve stress and procrastinate my homework…