A New Love-

The fireworks would fill the night sky, painting their lights throughout the blackness as an artist spreads paint on a canvas. It would be the perfect night, the air chilly and crisp. Not too cold, but just cold enough for him to wrap his arm around her. "Beautiful" he would say, laughing lightly to himself. "There's nothing like this in the world."

"The night sky?" She would respond, confused. "I've seen many nights filled with fireworks, and each one seems to be the same."

A strong breeze will blow across their world, and she would flee from the cold into his embrace. For a while he would say nothing, nothing at all, leaving her to ponder to herself as to what he was thinking, but he would not leave her for long. "Not the sky, nor the fire works. No, what I refer to is much brighter than the brightest firework, and more unique than a snowflake."

Staring into his eyes her face would redden, and after a moment she would snap her gaze away, unable to look into the vast ocean of blue that stared back at her. "I never would have thought that one day I'd be sitting with you, like this, on New Year's Eve."

"Morgan," he would say, but to him it would represent so much more than just a name. It would be the gem in his life, the fire that pushes him out of bed each morning. She would turn to him, eyes locking. "I think..."

"Yes?" Her voice would be music to her ears.

He would say, "I think I love you." But not now. No, now as he looked at her the young boy felt angry; and would do anything to run away from her scratchy, ear-piercing voice.

"Sooooo, where are you going to take me on our very first date?" She chirped as they walked hand in hand down the sidewalk leading from their school, Saint Ellen Jr. High. She swung her arms back and forth, mimicking her legs as she bounded forward, dragging him behind her.

I swear, he thought to himself as she pulled him into his imminent doom. I am never playing truth or dare with those guys again! What kinda friend makes a dare to date someone you hate!

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